Lovelorn: Eowyn’s Tale – Chapter 9

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Eowyn stopped before the large stone slabs that were the doors to the Glittereing caves. Two guards stood before the great doors, obvious worry – or was it terror? – in their eyes. Openeing her mouth to speak, she closed it and stopped, listening with all her might. The thunderous footfalls of the orcs had stopped, leaving only an errie silence that made her very skin crawl beneath its layers of clothes and armour.

Above the silence, the all-to-unmistakeable voice of Aragorn rose in a shout. Eowyn wasn’t sure just what he said, it was in Elvish. Turning around, she saw all the Elves in their strange armour pick up bows and nock and arrow on the string from the quivers on their backs. Pulling the string back, the multitude brought up their bows, ready to let the arrows fly on Aragorn’s order.

Fearing for what was to come, Eowyn turned back to the terrified guards and ordered them to let her in. The two men scambled for the locks on the granite slabs, then pushed te doors open. She slipped in, thanking them, and having her thanks returned with the grating of the doors being closed behind her. Now she was left in total darkness.

After her eyes adjusted to the darkness that enveloped her, she realized that she could see a dim flicker of light around the bend of the wall before her. Shedding her armour, she stuffed it in a pile and put it in a recess in the cave floor. However, she kept Star around her waist, just in case she needed to use it.

Carefully making her way around the corner, she could now hear the muffled whispers of women and the occasional cry of a baby. Rounding yet another corner, she converged upon the group of women and children. People were sitting everywhere. Here was a mother clutching her small child protectively in her arms; over there was a young woman, her arms around her mother, and another woman that only had to be her grandmother. An elderly man lay on a makeshift litter, his wife sitting beside him, holding his hand and crying silent tears. Many others were just sitting, keeping quiet or mumbling prayers.

Eowyn walked around the people, trying to console them, but nothing she did worked. As she was talking to an elderly woman, the calm silence was shattered as the earth around them began to rumble. Outside a steady blam, blam, blam could be heard. If none of the women had been scared before, the certainly were now.

Eowyn was trying to calm as many as she could when the noise stopped. There were a few moments of stunned silence, then a blood-curdling howl peirced the night; it could only be an orc. Suddenly there was pandemonium. Half-animal and human screams were intermingled with the clash of swords and the distant whiz of arrows. Eowyn cringed as the clamour sent shivers up her spine; the battle had begun.

A wail escaped from the mouths of the women and resonated through the caverns of the caves. Eowyn listened closely as the battle raged. Thunder boomed around them and the cries of dying men permeated the thick cavern walls. A sudden pain shot through her arm. Looking down, she found that her left hand was clutching the hilt of her sword so hard that her entire fist was ghostly-white.

“Lady! Lady! Over here Lady!”

Releasing her grip on the sword, she turned to face in the direction where the voice had come from. Looking around, she saw a small girl waving her hand enthusiastically. Beside her sat a boy not much older than herself; and on her other side was a middle-aged woman. A grin formed in the corners of her mouth. They found her! Thank the gods above; she made it through the attack!

Eowyn stode over, arms outstretched. The children got up from their mother and ran to meet her, embracing her warmly.

“Lady! Ma came, just as she said she would! See?”

The little girl took her by the hand and pulled her over to her mother. “Ma, this it the Lady we was tellin’ ya about. Lady, this is our Ma.”

Eowyn offered her hand and it was recieved warmly. “Thank you so much,” said the woman, a kind expression on her face despite what was going on around them. “Thank you for taking care of my little ones. I never thought I would see them again – “

Here words were cut off from a huge explosion that rocked the very earth they stood on. Pieces of rubble fell down upon them from the rock celing above and the ground spasmed as if in pain. Eowyn gulped and sat down heavily. The sounds of battle were coming closer to their refuge. The little girl crawled up on her lap, whimpering softly as Eowyn stroked her hair, trying to comfort both the child and herself.

The group sat in stunned silence as the cries and screams of war crept ever closer. Soon the enemy would converge on the granite doors. Hugging the small child tightly, she listened intently, trying to gauge how close the army was. Suddenly the silence was broken by a shrill blow of a horn. Eowyn’s worst fears had come true: the men were pulling back and surrendering the Deeping Wall. The gutteral howls of orcs could be heard ringing high above the horn’s blast.

Trying to look inconspicuous, Eowyn leaned over close to the child’s mother adn whispered, “I’m going to the entrance; if I call for help, get as many women as you can together and come quickly.”

The woman looked at her with horror in her eyes, but it quickly vanished and she nodded gravely. “We may need to barricade the entrance. If so, when I call, bring whatever you can.” Another small nod. Eowyn tried to smile, but it came out as a worried frown. She stood, patting the children’s heads, then swiftly picked her way around the multitiude to creep into the black tunnel that lead to the entrance.

Silent as a cat, she slunk around corners until she came to the last bend. Hiding around it’s corner, she unsheathed her sword and brought it up into the “attack” position. Outside the doors she could clearly hear the rasping voices of a band of at least four or perhaps five orcs. It sounded as if they were arguing, but she knew better; they were only contemplating on how to enter and begin their ruthless slaughter.

Adrenalin began pumping throughout her system as she got ready for the onslaught. You were right Aragorn, she thought bitterly, The worst has happened. I love you, and I hope that I live long enough to see you again. But after that thought, another different, bitter-sweet memory and feeling followed. “Legolas…” she whispered, letting the letters trail off as she reminisced, remembering the wonderful kiss. She blinked back tears as she realized that she loved him as well. How I wish I were in your arms again! If only…

Her reverie was suddenly shattered as an ear-splitting clang rang through the long tunnel; they had broken the lock! Here it comes, she said inwardly. Gods above, help me!

Slowly, as if in a dream, the huge granite slabs began to grate open. The sound sent goosbumps to creep along her flesh. She held Star with an iron grip, teeth clenched, as the sound of shuffling feet advanced to her hiding place. The foul beasts spoke to each other in their crude language, unaware of Eowyn. Ok, this is it Eowyn, on three. One…Two……THREE!

She juped out from her haven, sword at the ready. Shouting triumphaintly, she felled one orc as he gaped at her in surprise, then she swung around, slicing another’s head off it’s shoulders. Jabbing wildly, she gutted another and dismembered the last, finally putting it out of its misery a few moments later.

Gasping, she looked down at herself and had to contain herself from vomiting. Her once clean dress was now covered in red-black orc blood. Getting her bearings, she shoved the dead corpses out of the way and ran to close the doors. Shoving with all her might, she jammed them shut, then yelled for help. Within a few momnts – ones that felt like hours – a large group of women appeared carrying pieces of boulders that had fallen in the explosion, wooden litters and other various materials that they used to barricade the slabs. Once this was done, Eowyn picked a couple of women from the group that had somehow managed to find some weapons, mostly axes and daggers, and asked them to stay with her. They agreed and she sent the others back into the caves. Gods above, please don’t let any more come, she thought.

Eowyn and the small band of women sat behind the bend of the wall listening to the clamour outside for what seemed like an eternity, but no new attacks were staged. Then finally, as the women were beginning to worry about the silence, the horn high atop the Keep rang out gloriously and proud cries issued forth from the men. Terrified howls from the orcs could be heard resonating in the tunnel and the women immediatly bristled, ready for another attack.

Soon the cries died down to elated cheering, and after a few more tense moments, there came a thudding on the granite doors. Eowyn, fearing a trick, readied her group and waited until an entourage of tired, but happy men broke their barricade and entered the cave. Springing out from the shadows, Eowyn brandished her sword, pointing the end at none other than Aragorn!

When she saw his face she nearly started to cry. Dropping her sword, she rushed to him, jumping into his arms. The barely-contained tears now started to flow down her cheeks; but these were tears of joy as she embraced him tightly. “Thank the gods above!” she cried. “We’re alive! We made it!”

Aragorn smiled brightly as he hugged her back. “Yes, it’s a miracle.”

Eowyn pulled away, laughing and crying at the same time. “Come on everyone! The battle is over. We made it!”

Joyus shouts issued forth from deep within the caves. Bending down to grab her sword, she and all the others followed the group of men out of the caves and onto the battlefield were men and orcs alike were strewn about, dead and bloated. Running up to Aragorn, Eowyn asked him where she could find her Uncle. “In the Keep,” he answered. She squeezed his hand in thanks and made her way towards the Keep. However, she was stopped on the way.

Finding her way into the entrance, she was navigating around in one of the many hallways when she spotted Legolas. “Legolas!!!” she yelled enthusiastically, running to meet him. Hearing her sweet voice, he turned and a huge smile spread across his handsome face. She fell into his arms, wrapping hers around his neck.

“Thank the Valar!” he said happily. “You’re alive!”

“Yes, and you too,” she replied as they booth stood there, embracing each other tightly. She looked up to him, her eyes welling with tears; his own were sparkling with both love and wonderment. Finally he bent down, and they shared a passionate kiss. Eowyn’s heart fluttered crazily as she gave into the kiss, letting it over take her. She embelished in the wonderous feeling, not caring who saw her and completly forgetting about her Uncle. The only thing that mattered now was that she was alive and in love – but she would worry about the latter in due time…

*Author’s Note* I’ve seen many different pictures and previews where they show Eowyn in the caves with her sword and an orc coming around a corner. However, this little snippit was never in the movie (I’m assuming it will be on the extended DVD version). Either way, I’m only speculating for this part of the story what ACTUALLY happens in the caves. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to see what they had going on in the movie. Hope you like the chapter and as always, feedback is both welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!


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