Lovelorn: Eowyn’s Tale – Chapter 7

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After she was led to her Uncle, Eowyn thanked the kind woman, then was shown where she could bathe and dress. After cleaning up, she went to see Theoden, who was presently talking to some of his men. They all seemed dispirited.

Deciding against talking to him at the moment, she went out into the open areas to see if there was anyone she could help. It didn’t take her long to realize that the whole of Helm’s Deep was cheerless.

It seemed news of Aragorn’s, as well as many other men’s deaths had made the multitude desolate. Seeing that there was nothing that she could do, and that being around these people would only once again throw her emotions out of whack, she retreated back to the Hall where her Uncle was housed.

Seeing that he was still conversing with his subjects, she asked a chamberlain where she could go to rest. The young man showed her to a small room with an extremly uncomfortable bed. There she waited, sorting through her thoughts until dusk.

Soon after, a maid entered her room and informed her that the evening meal was ready. She went to the meal and ate with the others, but it was certainly far from a happy gathering. Not a soul spoke, or even dared a glance at each other. The losses earlier had dampened everyone’s spirit.

After the meal, everyone got up and went their separate ways. Eowyn saw Legolas and Gimli walk off together, true misery on their faces. Not wanting to talk to anyone, Eowyn retired early and slept the rest of the night with only broken dreams of what could have been to guide her.

The next day was much the same as the previous. People milled about in Helm’s Deep’s many crowded hallways and the King had a constant stream of people wanting to converse with him.

Eowyn decided to roam the vast halls like so many others, and after a solemn breakfast she changed into her more common clothes and ventured fourth.

Round and round she walked, greeting people here, patting a child’s head there, but always moving. The maze that was Helm’s Deep was confusing, but eventually Eowyn made it back to the main entrance. From here she could walk straight up to her Uncle’s hall, or find out what was happeneing on the ground levels.

High above on the look-out post was Legolas, his clear Elven eyes scanning the horizon. From the shadows cast on the high walls, Eowyn decided that is was close to midday and was about to ascend the satirs to the hall when a cry came from above.

Looking up, she saw Legolas dart and jump from level to level as men clamoured to open the large gate in front of her. Stepping back to hide behind a pillar, she saw the Elf run down the set of stairs opposite her and arrive on the stone floor in time to meet a steed and it’s rider.

When the light fell on the rider’s face, Eowyn gasped in disbelief, joy and utter happiness. Aragorn, although dirty and sweat-streaked, slowly dismounted and came to stand in front of the Elf.

“You’re late,” Legolas said as a thin smile spread over his fair face.

Aragorn looked at him, then a big grin appeared on his face. The two embraced, then Legolas produced a beautiful silver pendant from a hidden pocket. He passed it to Aragorn who took it, admiring it’s everlasting beauty as tears welled up in his clear, blue eyes. Legolas laid a hand on Aragorn’s shoulder and the two ascended the stairs to see the King as onlookers goggled.

Finally Eowyn stepped out from her hiding place, silent tears slipping down her cheeks. He’s alive! she thought giddily. He came back to me. This must be a sign; one that he is fated for me!

Getting her bearings, she raced up the stairs behind them. Now that her love was back, she was never going to let him get out of her sight again, ever!


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