Lovelorn: Eowyn’s Tale – Chapter 6

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*Author’s note*: Sorry this has taken so long to get posted! I just started second semester 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been super busy with my studies. Plus, on top of all that, I came down with a bad bout of the flu and have been so sick that all I could do was sleep. However, I’m feeling much better and I finally had enough time to put up the latest chapter(s). Hope you enjoy them as much as the first ones. Thanks for everything, especially your time. Feedback is greatly welcomed and appreciated.


She was running through Helm’s Deep, a feat that was almost impossible for the crowds of people in the hallways. Pushing some people out of her way and in turn getting nasty looks, she tried to find a place where she wouldn’t be seen.

Finally she found a small niche in a wall and crawled inside. There, in that dark, forlorn little hovel, she let her emotions overtake her. Sobs wracked her body, making her shake uncontrollably, and her tender heart, once so filled with happiness that it threatened to burst, had been broken and torn to shreds.

Eowyn didn’t want to live anymore. Who cared about a stupid war when the one man she loved more dearly than even her brother and Uncle was dead? And the most daunting fact that forever came back to haunt her was that she could do nothing to bring him back to her.

If only Uncle would have let me come, she thought bitterly, tasting the salty tears that silently traced their way over her pale cheeks to sting parched lips. I could have saved him! I could have helped him! No one deserved to die the way he did.

She buried her face in her hands and wept terribly. Why did her life have to be this way? A soft wail escaped her dry lips.

A young mother, her two small children in tow, one in her arms, one attached to her skirt, was passing by a wall when a muffled cry reached her ears. Puzzled, she sat the basket and the small child that she was carrying to the cold stone floor and cautiously peeked inside the black crag to see what had made the dreadful noise. What she found surprised her.

Inside the dank hole sat the King’s niece, crying steadily. “Milady?” she asked tenderly, as if she was speaking to a child. “Why are you crying?”

A tear-stained Eowyn looked up, her face red and puffy. “You wouldn’t understand,” she said through broken sobs.

“Oh, but I think I would,” the woman said gently, coaxingly. “Come out and tell me of your troubles.”

Eowyn didn’t know what to think. Should she tell the woman, or stay here and let her emotions run rampant? Shakily, almost hesitantly, she took the woman’s delicate hand and stepped out of the shadows.

The woman led her over to a small bench near her hiding-place and sat her down. Her children clung to their mother’s soft woollen skirt.

Eowyn realized that the mother was not much older than herself. Taking one look at the children, she remembered that she would never have any by her love, and began to cry again.

The young woman pulled her close in a loving embrace, stoking her lovely golden tresses and rocking as Eowyn sobbed into her shoulder.

“Shhhhhh, now. ‘Tis alright milady. Tell me what happened and you’ll feel better.”

“The…man…I…love…has…died,” she said, gasping after each word.

Now the woman began to pity the young niece of the King. “You poor girl,” she cooed as she hugged her tight. “Losing somone special to you is truly hard, but you must learn to let him go. Surely you will find another as special as him? What was his name, love.”

Eowyn managed to squeak, “Aragorn.”

The woman gasped. She had heard of this great man back at Edoras. He and his three companions had come to the Golden Hall only a few short days before. She absently stroked Eowyn’s back as her sobs began to cease. When her crying subsided, leaving only hiccuppy breaths, she gently pulled her away and looked Eowyn in the eyes.

“Milady, I am dreadfully sorry for your loss, he was a good man…but you must never lose hope. Maybe he simply strayed from the party? Either way, let’s get you back to your Uncle. I’m sure he’s worried sick about you.”

Eowyn nodded, and the woman took her hand, as well as the children’s. She was then led away with only a shred of hope to sustain her.


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