Lovelorn: Eowyn’s Tale – Chapter 3

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“How is the Lady, Aragorn?”

“Better. She should be up soon. I will let you know when she awakens.”

“Fine. We will be in the golden Hall if you need any of us – “

Eowyn awoke from her nightmare suddenly, with a groan. She had dreamt that she and the Lord Aragorn
had been sparring, and he had somehow beaten her. Soon after the bitter defeat, she had been swallowed alive by
never-ending blackness. Surly it had been a dream?

Her eyes fluttered open. Ah! yes, she thought. It was just a dream! See here, I’m in bed, and it’s dark outside, and over there I can see my dresser. It was all just a dream!

“Aragorn, look! The Lady awakens!”

Eowyn’s happiness soon subsided. Aragorn? In her room? Why?

Aragorn’s attractive face floated into her line of vision. “Lady Eowyn? `Tis me, Aragorn. How do you feel?”

She looked at him curiously. Why was he in her room? And why was he asking her such a silly question? She felt great!

“I feel fine…” she said, sitting up. As she sat, a sudden painful throbbing began above her eyes. Little
white dots swam before her and she started to swoon. What is wrong with me? she thought.

“Milady, you are still not well. Lie back down and rest,” Aragorn said gently, easing the covers back over her.

She noticed Legolas standing at the door. Aragorn turned to look at him and said something in Elvish. The tall Elf nodded then retreated from the room.

Eowyn crept back under the covers then reached up to touch her forehead. A damp cloth lay over her
sweat-soaked brow. “Wha… what happened to me?” she asked, still slightly reeling from the white dots in her eyes.

Aragorn sat in a chair that had been pulled up beside her bed, sighing. “Do you not remember milady? We
sparred after the feast. I defeated you and soon after, when Theoden was commenting on your weapon-wielding,
you blacked out. I carried you here so you could rest.”

So it wasn’t a dream! she thought wearily. She glanced at him. He does care about me, she realized, trying to smother a smile. Maybe he really was the one fated to be with her after all!

The calm expression on his beautiful face changed to one of concern. He sat up straight in his chair, eyes fixed on hers. “Lady Eowyn, why did you not tell me you were weary, or more importantly that you hadn’t eaten
before I challenged you? Had I known, you wouldn’t have to endure what you are enduring right now.”

She swallowed the lump that had just appeared in her throat. “I…I never thought of it, I guess.” she stammered, blinking back tears.

He reached out and took her hand in his, using the other to wipe away a renegade tear. “‘Tis all right
milady, just next time you are challenged, make sure you are already not tired, and that you’ve eaten a proper meal.
It takes a great amount of energy to fight, and to have that energy, you mustn’t eat like a bird. Gods know, you had
me quite scared Lady Eowyn.”

She looked into his clear, blue eyes with concern. “Scared? For what reason My Lord?”

He replied evenly in all seriousness, “Well, before Theoden told me you hadn’t eaten at the feast, I thought that perhaps I had accidentally stabbed you. You turned so dreadfully pale…” He let the words sink in.

She smiled despite her weariness. “That would never have happened My Lord; `tis impossible,” she said
jokingly. “I was far too fast for you to strike me.”

Aragorn laughed, a startlingly loud, deep rumble. He still held her hand in his. After he finished
laughing, he reached over to her bedside-table to produce a steaming mug of liquid.

“Drink this,” he said simply, passing her the cup. “It contains some medicine to help you sleep. When you
wake in the morning, you will feel refreshed.”

She took the mug and sniffed it’s contents. It smells well enough, the thought taking a sip. And it tastes good too. She drank the rest of the liquid, the settled back down for a rest. Aragorn gently kissed her forehead whispering, “Sweet dreams milady,” then he left the room to inform the King of her condition.

Eowyn awoke the next morning with her strength completely returned. After sitting up and stretching, she
rubbed the sleep out of her eyes to find Aragorn in the chair next to her bed. Stepping out onto the cold stone floor,
she realized that it was freezing in her chambers. Pulling off a blanket from her bed, she carefully laid it over-top
his sleeping body. He stirred for a moment, then fell back into his dream. Smiling inwardly, Eowyn donned a long
robe over-top of her plain cotton nightgown – which had mysteriously been exchanged for her velvet gown – slipped
into a pair of fluffy eider-down slippers and exited the room, roaming down the long corridor leading to the Dining

She had almost reached the Hall when she heard her name being called behind her. Turning to see who it
was, she recognized Theoden rushing towards her, arms outstretched. He was followed by Gandalf, Gimli and
Legolas. She too ran to meet him, embracing him tightly. He pulled her an arms-length away and looked her over.
“Eowyn, you look much better. I’m so very glad! You had us all so worried, especially me. I – I thought I was going
to lose you…”

“Now Uncle, there was no need to worry!” she said, concern on her fair face. “Look at me, I’m all better! I
would never leave you that easily.”

Theoden managed a laugh and embraced her once more. As they turned back to venture to the Dining
Hall he asked, “Where is Aragorn?”

“He is still asleep My Lord,” replied Legolas coming up beside the King. “He spent the night in Lady
Eowyn’s chambers in case her condition worsened.”

Theoden nodded his approval and they proceeded to the Hall. They sat down and talked while Eowyn ate –
and eat she did. After drinking the medical liquid the night before, her stomach was now completely void of any
nourishment. She had a large breakfast, and just as she was finishing, Aragorn sauntered into the room, looking
like he’d only gotten a few short hours of sleep.

He plopped down beside Gandalf and at length, he too ate. After he finished, he asked Eowyn how she
was feeling.

“I feel wonderful,” she said merrily, a jovial smile on her pretty face.

“Good,” he replied. “The tea worked. I’m glad.”

The others at the table nodded their agreement and as soon as everyone had had their fill, they departed
from the Hall. Eowyn, realizing that she was still a little sticky from sweating in her spar with the Lord Aragorn, decided to take a bath. Requesting hot water from a maid, she went to her chambers and cleaned up in her own privy.

She didn’t particularly feel like dressing up, so she simply braided her long golden hair and put on one of
her more simple dresses: a long, flowing, silken ivory gown with puffy sleeves that were slit open at the elbow to
allow more movement. Over-top of this, a rust-brown colored jacket-bustier that hugged her figure was pulled on
and laced up the front. To complete the ensemble, she slipped on a pair of rust-hued slipper-shoes. She was now
completely ready for a normal day with her Uncle and their new guests.

About an hour after their midday meal, Eowyn was challenged to a spar with none other then the Prince
Legolas. She wasn’t sure if she should do battle with him after what had happened the night before, but Aragorn
allowed it, saying with confidence that she was as good as new and that as long as she was careful not to over-tire
herself, she would be all right. Excited for the new challenge, she accepted.

News of the duel between Elf and Lady spread quickly and soon a large audience was assembled in the
Practice courts. This duel was to be different than the spar with Aragorn the night before: in this duel they were
allowed to use as many weapons as they wanted. Eowyn delighted in matches like these. Running to her chambers
to find her weapons, she found Star ready and sheathed on her freshly-made bed. Strapping her sword to her waist
and checking to make sure it was secure, she took off her slipper-shoes and put on her favorite pair of tall
soft-soled boots. Concealed in these boots were two, foot-long daggers, each with ebony hilts that matched her
sword. Her final weapon was her weapon of choice: her glaive. It was much similar to a pole-arm, standing up to
her shoulder, only instead of a small spear-tip on it’s end, there was a long, hooked six inch steel blade in its place.
The glaive, like all her other weapons had a long ebony arm extending to the base of the blade. Intricate patterns
were etched along its length: galloping steeds, some with riders, others just frolicking, and selected writings. She
checked all her weapons again then dashed to the Court. Halfway there she was stopped by the Lord Aragorn.

“I just wanted to warn you,” he said staring at the glaive in her hand. “Legolas is a formidable fighter.
He’s very swift and has a few tricks up his sleeves. Be careful milady – I don’t want you to get hurt.”

She grinned, adoring Aragorn for his heart-felt concern. “Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself;
plus – I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves too! If I can take you, then surely I can take an Elf.” She giggled.

A smile spread slowly across his face. “All right milady. Jut be sure to be extra careful with him.” He held
out his arm. “May I escort you and your walking-stick to the Court?”

She laughed then took the offer. Maybe he really does like me, she thought as adrenaline began pumping
throughout her system. The Court’s doors loomed ahead; laughter and talking could be heard outside. Taking a
deep breath, Aragorn opened the doors and brought her in, much to the tumultuous crowd’s pleasure. Walking her
to the center, he stopped and released her, bowing politely. He backed away to melt into the crowd as she faced the
tall slim Elf. He bowed and she curtsied, each showing the other that this would be a fair fight. Theoden approached them and declared the rules.

“This will be a match as if it were real, and in total battle. Each is able to use as many weapons as desired.
The first person to eliminate the other’s weapons and render them unable to fight wins. Ready?” They nodded. “BEGIN!”

Automatically they began circling each other. Legolas unsheathed two of his longswords from their
scabbards on his back. Each of the dagger-like weapons were two feet long – almost the length of her arm! She
glared at him, her glaive poised and ready. Suddenly he fell upon her, lightning-quick. She raised her glaive to
block, then swung it sharply to slice across his abdomen. He dodged the blow and twirled the blades over and over
in his hands to get a better grip. She could faintly hear the crowd cheer.

he was watching her closely now, studying her every movement. She feinted a jab and when he was trying
to block, she spun on her heels, thrusting the blade over his unprotected middle. He reacted quickly and brought
his blade up to meet her pole. They grated together creating a horrible sound. She jumped back and tried another
jab-swipe combo. This time it almost worked; especially when she stopped midway through to slash upward
against his chest. However, he saw through her trick and brought his longswords together near the end of the
glaive where the metal met the ebony. He twisted the blades violently against her pole-arm and it turned out of her
grasp, clattering to the floor. She glared at him. He wants to play that way? she thought grimly, let him come!

They began to circle one another again, her heart pounding wildly in her chest. What should she do for
her next move? Should I use Star against his longswords? she thought. Her hand reached for the hilt of her
sheathed sword, gripping it tightly as the two stared each other down.

Legolas saw her reach for the sword and he immediately struck, not realizing her ploy. As he lunged for
her, she ducked under him and rolled, reaching into her boots for the daggers. Jumping up behind the confused Elf,
she held the weapons out in the typical “stabbing” position.

Legolas spun on his heels, facing her. Now they both held equally deadly weapons. Eowyn grimaced,
looking at him in disgust; his blades were a foot longer than hers. They’ll just have to do, she thought.

The Elf stared at her, obviously surprised to see the new weapons. Eowyn saw her chance as he goggled.
Rushing for him, she slashed wildly, over and over, spinning, jabbing and darting as he tried to ward off her
nimble attacks. On she came at him, harder and faster still, until her hands and blades were only a blur against his
blocks. Finally she saw an opening. With the blunt side of one of her daggers, she smacked his right hand, causing
him to drop the blade. She quickly parried his weak attempt to attack, then fell on the other arm with the remaining blade. Pulling the same trick he’d used earlier on her glaive, she forced her daggers on either side of his
longsword, then twisted, forcing him to drop it. Now he too had lost his favorite weapons.

Legolas groped blindly in a small sheath on the belt across his chest and brought out a small dagger,
much like hers. Seeing her advantage, she attacked him again and managed to knock the small weapon from his

Things are beginning to look good for me, she thought. Two of his weapons down and only his sword left to go! Backing off, she saw the Elf prince reach down and pull out a magnificent blade from it’s sheath. Holding it
in his own personal attack position, he squinted at her, challenging her to attack, a thin smile on his fair face. She
took the offer and lunged for him, stabbing viciously. He blocked high, then swiftly brought his blade down upon
her. She darted out of the way just in time, the wind of the sword blowing over her face. Wow, she thought,
surprised. He’s superb with the sword.

He came rushing at her now, sword descending in a slash. She blocked hopelessly, knowing that he was
much stronger than herself. He bore down on her, slowly pushing her to the floor. She held on, knowing that she
was going to lose her daggers. Gritting her teeth, she tried to push back, to no avail. She looked up into his face to
see that his baby-blue eyes were sparkling dangerously. He pushed on her once more and she fell to the floor, her
daggers abandoned as she braced herself. She hit the floor with a thud, but then was up again, quick as a snake.
The crowd roared around them, they were not happy with his attack.

She quickly unsheathed Star and brought it up into attack position. He charged at her again, only this time
she was ready. She blocked, then brought the blade down to swipe across his belly. He jumped back, then darted
forward again, slashing down low. She moved out of the way, but she wasn’t fast enough; his sword caught the
side hem of her dress and it ripped a long gash down its length as she move out of the way. Now he had gone too
far. She looked at him, fury in her clear, blue eyes. To Legolas, they seemed to turn a shade darker, a sudden flame
bursting to life.

She rushed at him, slashing and thrusting like a maddened animal. He managed to block most of her
attacks, but once she got going, there was no way to stop her. She fell upon him, revealing a hidden talent not
shown in her spar with Aragorn: she was ambidextrous. She switched sword arms every few attacks, coming onto
the Elf hard and heavy. She had now managed to push him near to the wall on the opposite side of the room. He
was starting to tire from all the rapid blocks, and her sword-switching was confusing him. She quickly changed the
routine at the moment when he couldn’t see through all the confusion, and brought her blade behind his snapping
it hard and jerking it from his grasp. He fell to the floor from the force of the jar and she brought the edge of her
sword tip to his unprotected throat. She let it stay there for a moment, watching his slim body heave as he tried to
get air, then she brought it away, offering him a petite hand. He looked her over carefully, seeing that the anger in
her eyes was now gone, then took her hand as she pulled him to his feet.

The crowd burst into cheers as the Elf stood. Theoden, Aragorn, Gimli and Gandalf rushed forward to
congratulate Eowyn on her win. “Eowyn, that was fabulous!” exclaimed Theoden, embracing her in a tight hug. He
turned to look at Legolas. “Good fight Master Elf. You gave my niece quite a battle!”

The Elf chuckled. “Not a problem My Lord.”

Aragorn came to stand next to Eowyn, a warm hand on her back. “How do you feel milady?”

She glanced at him, smiling form ear-to-ear. “I feel wonderful. I’m not even tired.”

He grinned and congratulated her on her win, then slapped Legolas on the back for a good battle. The
crowd converged on them for a few moments, then soon dispersed, leaving them with the after-effects of the
harrowing duel. They talked for a moment about the spar, then Lady and Elf picked up their weapons, putting
them back into their sheaths. After the weapons were collected, the group left the Court, all in good spirits and not
knowing what was to come in the days to follow.


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