Lovelorn: Eowyn’s Tale – Chapter 11

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Recap: Aragorn and his group have returned to Edoras and plan to ride the Paths of the Dead. Eowyn and Aragorn have a fight over his decision and Eowyn flees from his presence only to find comfort in Legolas.

Lovelorn: Eowyn’s Tale
Chapter 11

Legolas knelt on the cold stone in one of the Golden Hall’s many corridors, holding the shaking frame of Eowyn as she sobbed into his tunic. He wanted to comfort her, to ease her pain, but he was unsure as of what to do. He wasn’t completely certain what had caused her tears, but he had a feeling that he could guess and a knot formed in his throat. If only I could calm her, he thought. He felt terrible when she cried, especially now; it made him feel guilty for what he was going to have to tell her.

He pulled her closer at the thought and ran his fingers through her golden waves. How could he tell her? Surely it would break her heart…

His ears caught the sound of silent footfalls and instictively he looked in the direction they were coming from to see a man standing just far enought away down the dimly-lit hall to as not be seen by the human eye. But Legolas’s eyes were better, much sharper than the normal eye, and he could clearly see that the man was Aragorn. He stood there for a moment, staring at Legolas, then he pulled his gaze away to fall on the shaking form of Eowyn in his arms. A look of pain crossed over his face and he quickly stepped back into the shadows and dissapeared down the hallway.

Legolas listened as Aragorn’s steps grew fainter and fainter. When they were gone he turned back to Eowyn. So it is what I thought. She knows of our departure…

She was still crying, yet not as hard as a few moments before. He sighed and brought his head down to nuzzle into her hair. It smelled of wildflowers and sping rain. How was he to apporach Aragorn now? He had saw him with Eowyn…

Legolas knew Aragorn’s heart belonged with the Evenstar, but there were times he thought he caught the Ranger weakening; days where he thought maybe he loved the King’s niece more. Legolas had never told his friend of his love for the woman; the way she made his heart race with only a smile, or how her touch set his flesh on fire.

His hands tingled pleasantly as he stroked her back, trying to calm her. How could he leave her behind? Could he go without her touch for eternity? He pushed the thoughts out of his mind and whispered, “Dina, melamin.” {Be silent, my love}

He loosed his hold on her reluctantly and she looked into his face. Her beautiful blue eyes were now red and puffy from crying, and tears had blazed trails as they ran down her cheeks. She looked up at him expectantly and he smiled, brushing his fingers along her cheek and tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Quiet now Eowyn, mela en’ coiamin.” {love of my life} He wiped away her tears with his thumb and she brought her own hand up to catch his as it cupped her cheek. She turned into his palm, clasping her hand around his. Her face was cool to the touch even though she had been nestled next to him. His heart began to race in his chest, the blood pounded loudly in his ears. Her look was so intense – the pain in her eyes so evident. He wanted to embrace her again, to hold her close to him for one last time – one last fleeting moment – but he knew he shouldn’t.

“Lady,” he asked quietly. “What troubles you?”

In the dimness, the firelight danced on her eyes like two precious moonstones, but they clouded over at his question. She hesitated, then answered, “I fear that Lord Aragorn has made the wrong decision.” Then, more fearfully, she continued, “And I fear that you will too.” Fresh tears began to well up in her eyes.

Legolas swallowed, trying to get rid of the Valar-cursed lump in his throat. “Eowyn…” he began, “I – I do not want you to worry for me, or Aragorn. He knows of what he must do. This is his fate and neither you nor I can change that.”

The tears she had been holding back began to flow again. Sorrow lined her face. “Then you will go with him?” she asked as hot tears rolled over his fingers.

“Yes, I must,” he answered reluctantly. “I pledged my bow to the fellowship – to Aragorn – and now I will follow him, though my heart wishes me to stay.”

She looked up at him, blinking back her tears. “Then stay! You do not need to go. Lord Aragorn said that the men go only of their free will. If you wish to stay, so be it!” She squeezed his hand as an incentive.

He had to avert her gaze for a moment. Her tears were stirring up emotions of his own. He blinked back his own tears and turned back to her, shaking his head. “No Eowyn, I must go. For the sake of Middle-earth! Amin hiraetha. I’m sorry.”

He noticed a flicker of determination cross her face. “Then I will come with you. Accompany you on your journey.” Her mouth was now set in a stubborn frown.

Legolas wasn’t sure what to say. He knew she did well with a sword in her hand, but yet, in his heart, he knew it was not her path to choose. “No Eowyn, you must not come. This is your path, your destiny. You must stay with your people.” Her frown faltered and her lips began to tremble. She knew what he said was true.

She looked into his clear blue eyes, pleading silently with him, but his level gaze never faltered. Finally she gave in and threw herself against his chest as he embraced her again.

“Please Legolas,” she gasped between sobs. “Please…don’t leave me!”

He stiffened at her words. Guilt built up in his chest. How could he do this to her? How could he be so cruel?

“I…I need you here. I can’t bare to lose you…” There was a pause, then she finally managed to whisper, “I love you.”

Legolas held her tighter and looked to the heavens as his own tears began to stream down his face. If only he could stay! But he knew better than to think such thoughts. Steeling himself, he waited until Eowyn’s crying quieted.

When she had stopped, he released his hold around her and took her hands in his. “My Lady, I am deeply sorry for the pain and heartache I have caused you, but I wish only for your safety. I could not bare to see you get hurt. Please, take heed to my words this time. Do not worry yourself of Aragorn or me. I will come back for you. Amin vesta. I promise.”

He brushed against her cheek again to make it plain that he ment what he said. She gazed at him, then attempted a weak smile. “I know what you say is true Legolas, and I will keep your promise forever in my heart. I’m sorry for the trouble I have caused you.”

“‘Tis alright My Lady. You have troubled me naught as of late. I wish only for your hapiness.”

“Thank you,” she said and cast her eyes downward.

Legolas reached down and tilted her chin upwards. A surprised look flashed across her face before he bent down and kissed her. Her lips were like satin against his and he relished in the feeling it gave him. After a few moments they reluctantly parted and when he looked at her, a small smile spread across her face.

“Vanimle sila tiri, Eowyn,” {Your beauty shines bright} he said, squeezing her hand.

She blushed as if understanding his words and murmered, “Thank you.”

He in turn smiled brightly, then turned serious. “The hour is late My Lady. You need your rest.”

Her smile faded at his words and reluctantly she nodded. “Yes, it is.”

He began to stand, helping her to her feet. She wobbled, stiff fron kneeling on the floor for that long length of time, but he nimbly caught her and braced her against him, his arms around her waist. “I will accompany you back to your room, if you wish?”

She looked up to him, the firelight playing across her skin, and answered, “Yes, please.”

He nodded and they began to walk down the many corridors that would eventually lead to her chambers. After a short stroll they converged on her room and each stood there, not wanting to leave the other’s company. Eowyn turned to face Legolas. “Thank you for your help Legolas,” she said, then slowly turned to open the door. She opened it a crack, then spun to face him again. She took his hand in hers and looked up to him. What she said came as a shock.

“Stay with me tonight. Just one last time before you must leave?”

Legolas was at a loss for words. Stay with me tonight?

“Please Legolas,” she gripped his hand tighter, a pleading look on her face. “Just until I fall asleep.”

He gazed into that beautiful face, and even though he knew he shouldn’t do it, at that moment all commen-sense left him and he relented. “As you wish Milady.”

She smiled – Oh, how beautiful her smile was! – and then pulled him into her room, shutting the door quickly behind them. She let go of his hand, then dimmed the few lights in the room before crawling into bed. She moved over enough to allow room for a second person and looked at him expectantly.

At that moment, Legolas’s emotions ran rampant. What was he doing here? He should not be in her room! But a voice in the back of his mind told him different. He wanted this – he WANTED to be in that bed with HER. He wanted to hold her close, to feel her cool touch, to smell her essence. Oh, how he wanted HER!

Her melodious voice broke his thoughts. “Please Legolas. Come and join me, only until I fall asleep, if it pleases you.” She was clutching the blankets, her eyes bright in the pale moonlight.

He gazed upon her, entranced in her stare. A part of his mind screamed for him to flee, but that part had long lost the battle between the two ego’s and he took a step forward, then another, and another, all caution thrown to the wind, until he finally was beside the bed. Reaching down, he slipped off his boots then gracefully slipped into the bed beside her.

She glanced up at him and grinned, nuzzling close to him as he pulled the covers around him. “Hold me,” she whispered softly, almost to low to hear. He surrendered to the moment and pulled her close to him, entwining a hand in her hair.

She lay so close to him, close enought to feel her heart beat, to feel her breath on his skin. Her hand on his chest was warm and her body seemed so fragile that he thought he might break her if he held her too tightly. A sigh escaped her lips and she snuggled closer to him. His heart began pounding so furiously that he was afraid that she would hear it. But she said nothing, only breathed.

He watched her sleep for a long time; watched her slim figure move up and down with the steady rhythm of sleep. Finally, when he truly knew that she was asleep, he breathed wordlessly, whispering softly into her silky hair, ” Cormille naa tanya tel’raa ar’ lee naa vanima, melamin.” {Your heart is that of a lion and you are beautiful, my love.} He gently lifed a reluctant hand from around her and unclasped the leaf brooch that the Lady Galadriel had given him. He reached down into the covers until he found her hand on his chest and ever so tenderly he put the brooch in her palm and curled her fingers around its smoothe surface.

“Tessa sina ten ‘amin.” {Hold onto this for me} He smiled while he looked upon her. Quietly he leaned down and kissed her forehead and murmered “Cormamin niuve tenna’ ta elea lle au. Amin mela lle. Quel kaima, melamin.” {My heart shall weep until it sees thee again. I love you. Sleep well, my love.}

With that, he slipped out of the bed without rousing her, wrote a quick note, laid it beside her on the pillow and exited the chambers. It might be the last time I see her, he thought. But at least I can cherish this night forever in my heart…

Eowyn groaned and woke, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She had just had the most wonderous dream; Legolas had stayed the night with her, his strong embrace warming her very soul as they both slept in each other’s arms. She shivered as a chill ran down her spine. Had it only been a dream? she mused. If only it were real; if only I could feel that contented for all eternity…

Glancing to the window she saw that it was still dark outside. On the horizon, shades of lavender and rose mixed with crimson and orange were slowly painting their way along the line of darkness.

We will stay here but tonight, for I ride on an errand very urgent with the first light of the morrow…

Panic rose in Eowyn’s chest. Aragorn and Legolas were leaving with the coming dawn! Getting up, she scrambled out of bed, but stopped short when she felt something in her hand. Looking down she slowly opened her palm and saw that she had been unknowingly clutching a beautiful, green, leaf-shaped brooch. “Who?” she whispered to no one, then something on the floor caught her eye.

She bent down and gingerly lifted a small, folded peace of parchment from the cold stone. Opening it, she found a note with the graceful script that could only be Legolas’s work.


‘Quel amrun, my love. {Good morning} When you read this, it will be very likely that I have already left. Please do not be saddened as I will keep my promise, this I vow to you. Also, I wish for you to have my brooch. It was a gift from the Lady Galadriel to me, but now I wish for you to keep it. Hold onto it, and think of me, for I will think of you every waking moment. Namarie sweet one. Amin mela lle.

Tenna’ ento lye omenta. {Until next we meet}

~ Legolas

Eowyn’s hands shook as she finished reading the note. “So it wasn’t a dream…” she murmered and suddenly the reverie of the past night flooded her senses. His firm, yet loving embrace as she cried, the way he had so tenderly wiped away her tears, and his warmth on her skin as he slept next to her in bed…

A shout from a man outside snapped her from her thoughts and she realized that she had to hurry. She bathed quickly, then nearly jumped into her riding clothes. She then went to work, strapping on her riding armor. Finally she stuck her hair in an unruly bun, sheathed star and put her daggers into her boots. The sun was just beginning to peek overtop of the hills and she hoped she was not too late. There was no way she was going to miss riding with them!

Fastening her cloak about her shoulders, she clasped the ends together with Legolas’s brooch and raced down the hall to the garrison. Before she got there, she stopped abruptly and turned back for the kitchen. She had a desperate idea that she hoped would work. Quickly grabbing a goblet, she filled it with wine, then turned and fled back to the gates.

As she heaved open the huge doors leading out to the steps, she could clearly see that the men were ready. All were mounted, save Aragorn, and at the moment he was about to mount, the saw her, and a surprised look crossed his face.

She walked toward the group, noticing that Legolas was close at hand to Aragorn. His stern gaze caught her own, but she broke free and came to stand before Aragorn.

She stood still for a moment, then she brought the cup of wine she had so cleverly taken to her lips and she took a sip of the warm liquid. “I wish you and all of your riders good speed,” she said warmly, with a smile. She passed the cup to Aragorn and he took it, taking a drink himself.

“Farewell, Lady of Rohan! I drink to the fortunes of your House, and of you, and of your people. Tell your brother: beyond the shadows we may meet again!”

The hold over her emotions faltered and she shed a few tears before she could regain her composure. Steeling herself once again she asked, “Aragorn, wilt thou go?”

“I will,” he said without hesitation.

Her lower lip trembled, but she would not let herself break down. Not now! “Then will you not let me ride with this company, as I have asked?”

His gaze was hard and determined as he looked upon her, clad as a rider. “I will not, Lady,” he said calmly. “I could not grant that without leave of the King or your brother; and they will not return until tomorrow. But I now count every hour, indeed every minute. Farewell!”

Eowyn couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t hold up like this forever! She fell to her knees, crying, “I beg thee!”

“Nay, Lady,” he said and took her by the hands, raising her to her feet. He then kissed her hand and sprang into the saddle and rode off, not glancing back. The others sullenly followed him, but Legolas and Gimli, who were very close to him, saw the pain on his face.

Once Legolas looked back and she still stood there, looking upon them, her hands clenched to her sides and a grim line on her face. He turned away then and stared ahead; he did not want to remember her memory in that manner.

Eowyn stood on the steps where the group had left her, as still and rigid as a statue. Long after the group had left her sight did she stand there, looking out upon the rolling plains of Rohan until finally she gathered herself and fled to her room to cherish the thoughts of the previous night and brood over the happenings of the morn.


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