Love Denied – Two Drabbles

by Mar 28, 2005Stories

We have been compared as the morning and evening. I am the morning. He is the evening. I love him more than life itself. And he loves me. We were so happy. People would watch us as we walked together. They nodded and said, “Yes, they will make a fine couple.” And then Bilbo left. And everything changed. He went away. And when he came back, he was different. There was emptiness in his eyes. I longed to help him, but there was nothing I could do. And then he went away forever to Valinor for healing. Love Denied.

She was as beautiful as her name jewel. I could not believe such a lass could love me. But when she smiled at me, I knew it. I had it all planned. Once I came of age, I would marry her and we would fill the halls of Bag End with children. But then It came. I left to save the Shire, to save her. But then It haunted me and I could not marry her. And so I sailed away to receive healing. But there was one wound the elves could not heal: the memory of her. Love Denied.

Well, there are my first pair. Please tell me what you think.


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