Love Among the Wars – Chapter Three: Captives

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Chapter Three: Captives


Rain awoke in a dark dungeon. The walls were moist with mold, water dripped from the lime-stone ceiling. Next to her was a fresh corpse, rats and cockroaches crawled all over it. She let out a high scream. An old man clothed in white came in.

“Good evening, Lady Rainasthin. I see you have been reunited with your darling Haldir.” he sneered. “That worthless Elf. Such beauty wasted on a pathetic, foolish…”

Rain wouldn’t stand for this, “You don’t know anything, Saruman, you half -witted traitor! Haldir is the most polite, intelligent, loyal, most protective elf there is. And I know deep in my heart he’s somewhere still alive!”

Saruman slapped her, “Foolish Elven child. How do you think he is alive when he lies dead before you?”

A voice came from the dungeon door, “Because I stand before you!” Haldir stood tall and brave before the White Wizard. His hands were tied behind him and a had a gash on his forehead.

“Haldir!” cried Rain, trying to get to him, but tripped from the chain around her ankle. Saruman left locking them inside.

“Are you hurt?” asked Haldir as Rain untied him.

“I’m fine.” said Rain, barely above a whisper. She pulled him into a hug. Haldir was shocked by her touch, but also glad to have her in his arms. Rain didn’t want to let go of him. Afraid that if she did they would be separated again. “I’m sorry that I ran off. I wasn’t thinking.” she sobbed.

“It’s alright. I’m sorry to I shouldn’t have force you to go back to Rivendell. You wanted to see the world. Not be crammed in a single city” replied Haldir. *Did they say `city’ in M.E.?*

Rain kissed him. His lips tasted so sweet. “I love you Haldir.” she gazed into his gentle blue eyes.

Haldir stroked him soft cheek and returned her kiss, “I guess that stupid dwarf was right.” he whispered laughing.


The sun was beginning to set as the three horses drew to a halt.

“We will rest here tonight.” announced Gandalf.

They made themselves as comfortable as they could on the grass. Artholien loved spending the night outside. Often she would go with Haldir when Rain ran off. Usually they spent the night in the woods. Artholien sat alone as her friends settled themselves for the night. She watched Aragorn while he sat himself comfortably to keep watch. She could see why Arwen liked him so. He was so gentle and kind. His voice never had force in it and his eyes never threatened. She wished that she had gotten to spend more time with him when he lived in Rivendell. But her father had kept her busy. This wasn’t the first time they had spoken. Though they had both changed much since he left. When Aragorn had last been in Imladris her father had forbidden her to speak to him. Why she didn’t know. Artholien suspected it was because of Arwen. Artholien felt something brush against her shoulder. It was Legolas, he had put his cloak around her.

“Thank you, Prince Legolas.” said Artholien as she drifted of to sleep on his shoulder.

“I guess Haldir and Rain aren’t the only love birds.” commented Gimli. Legolas smile and laid down on the grass, still holding Artholien in his arms, letting her use his chest as a pillow. Aragorn smiled at the two elves. Artholien was so much like her older sister.

Artholien woke before the sun had risen. She was still wrapped in Legolas’s arms and cloak. She felt protected from everything as she laid there in his strong arms.


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