Love Among the Wars – Chapter Six

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Chapter six: The Rescue
A/N sorry the chapters are real short!

“Get away from my daughter!” warned Elrond, aiming another arrow as the one who had Rain fell dead to the ground.

“Ada!” she explained, running to her father, “I was so afraid!” Rain clung tightly to him.

Elrond kissed the top of his daughters head, “I’m here my child. Your safe,” Without warning, Saruman levitated Elrond with his staff and threw him against the wall. At the same time, drew Rain to him. He locked her, again, in with Haldir.

“Rain!” Haldir wrapped her in his arms.

“Haldir my father is in great danger!”

“We’ll save him,” he cooed, rocking her, “I promise.”

A few minutes later, Haldir had found a loose stone, “Maybe I can get through the wall. If-I-could-just-get-this-stone-out!” he said, tugging hard on the stone.

“Or…” began Rain, “we could use those keys.”

Haldir turned around, looking slightly annoyed, “What ke…” he spotted the set of keys that hung on a hook. Haldir put his hands on his hips and looked at the ground with an expression of embarrassment, “I feel very stupid right now.”

Rain laughed and unlocked the door. They found Elrond chained to a wall.

“Father!” Rain went to him, “He’s unconscious.” the tower started to shake, “Haldir, free my father while I see what’s happening.” Rain ran to the balcony. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, “Ents!” A second later Haldir was by her side.

“Haldir! What are you doing here?” shouted to familiar voices. There, clinging to an Ent, was Merry and Pippin of the Shire.


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