Love Among the Wars – Chapter Four: The Call to Elrond

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Chapter Four: The Call to Elrond

Thunder rumbled and lightening clashed in Isengard. Saruman unlocked the door and walked in unchaining Rain.

“What do want with her?” asked Haldir.

“I have business with her that is none of your concern.” He threw Haldir against the wall and the elf fell unconscious. Taking Rain with him, he strode out of the dungeon.

A/N: In this scene Elrond and Saruman speak the same way Elrond and Galadriel spoke in the Two Towers.

“Elrond I need to speak with you.” said Saruman, looking out across the lands.

“What business do you want with me, Saruman?” replied Elrond.

“Hand over Rivendell or say good-bye to your precious little Rainasthin.”

“Prove that she’s there.” commanded Elrond, a slight quiver in his voice.

“Speak to your father girl!” sneered Saruman.

“Ada…” whimpered Rain.

“There you know she’s here! Now give me Imladris or you’ll never see her again!”

“Leave my daughter out of this!” roared Elrond, “Rain is of no use to you, she’s the youngest…”

“I have sent Orcs to capture Artholien. Come to Isengard to discuss. I’m waiting…” he broke the vision with Elrond.

Rain was imprisoned within a separate chamber.


Aragorn gazed into the distanced, seeing Elrond coming toward them.

“What is it?” asked Legolas, sitting up. Artholien slipped off him on to the ground,

“I was comfortable, why did you move, Prince Legolas.” said Artholien sleepily.

“I’m sorry, Lady Artholien. Your so light I forgot you were there.” he smiled, “and you may call me Legolas, there is no reason to be formal out here.”
“Then you may call me Artholien.” she replied as he helped her up.

“Come here.” said Aragorn, “Your father is coming.” Sure enough, Elrond rode up to them and stopped before them.

“Daughter, your safe.” he said out of breath.

“Ada, what has come of Rain?”

“She has been captured by Saruman.”

“Haldir…he went for…” she began.

“I don not know what has happened to him. Saruman sent me a vision and all I know is that he has her.” Elrond turned to Legolas, “Keep Artholien safe, please.”

Legolas nodded, “I will not let them touch her.”

“Thank you.” With that he rode off.


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