Love Among the Wars – Chapter 1: Meetings and Partings

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My dates of events may be a bit off in this story. I’m to lazy to look them up in the book. And again I’m saying that I wrote this with a friend.

Chapter One: Meetings and Partings

“Great we’re lost!” Artholien groaned.

“At least we’re away from Rivendell. I can’t wait to see Lothlorien. It’s so beautiful. And we’re not lost!”

“Then why have we been out here a month? And knowing you sense of direction…”

Unknown to them, a creature of darkness lurked in the shadows, ready to attack. Artholien and Rain began to loose control of their horse. The orc circled them, its blade raise to slash the horse. Thinking it best the two elves jumped lightly to the ground. They clung tightly to each other as they tried to escape.

Unexpectedly, an arrow shot through in between the she-elves, barely missing their heads. An elf with icy blue eyes and golden blonde hair stepped out of the trees, him bow drawn.

“Are you two maiden alright?” he asked kindly as he approached them.

Rain look strangely at Artholien, “Why are you hold me?”

Artholien released her sister and answered the elf, “We’re fine now, Prince Legolas.”

Rain shot an arrow right above Legolas. Skinning the top of his hair, causing a few golden locks to fall in front of his eyes.

Legolas starred wide-eyed at Rain, “What did I do?”

Rain took the arrow out from the tree. An apple now was stuck on it then said to him, “What? I was hungry and it was about to hit you. I didn’t want it to get bruised.” She began to munch on the juicy red apple.

“What about me getting bruised.” muttered the elf.

“She didn’t hurt you, did she, Prince Legolas?”

Gimli, who had by that time had appeared with Aragorn, smirked, “Prince Legolas? Even I don’t call you that. Maybe the like you.” he nudged Legolas with his elbow. CLUNK! The apple hit Gilmli’s forehead, causing him to tumble down the steep him in which they just came up.

“Great aim, Miss.” commented Aragorn.

“My name is Rain.” she said turning to him, “and thank you.”

For a mere moment Aragorn thought he was dreaming, “Rainasthin?”

Rain backed away, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Artholien starred at Aragorn curiously, “Your Aragorn, aren’t you, my sister Arwen’s beloved.” Aragorn nodded.

“That’s Aragorn, you’re the reason my sisters giving up her immortality?” Rain straitened herself up, “Well, I don’t think your all that great. Arwen’s a fool for wanting to marry you!”

Artholien gasped and marched over to her sister, “How dare you speak that way to the Lord of Gondor! And if our sister wants to give up her immortality to be with the one she loves then so be it!”

Aragorn laid a hand on Artholien’s shoulder, who looked as if she was going to attack her sibling. “ha thlind.”

Rain snapped at her sister, “Well excuse me for trying to protect Arwen from getting hurt! While your gushing over Legolas!”

“I am not gushing over Legolas!”

Haldir, who had been listening form behind the trees, came up silently behind Rain and covered her eyes. Scaring her to death.

“WHO’S THERE!” she screamed. Haldir stepped in front of her. “Haldir! You idiot!” She lightly hit him on the chest several times until he took hold of her.

Gimli grinned, “So its Haldir…” Aragorn covered his mouth before he could say more.

“Unless you want to come up that hill again, I suggest you keep quiet!”

Rain struggled to get out of Haldirs grasp, “Haldir, let me go!” Her plea didn’t work.

“No, I don’t think so.” He just held her closer.

The other s began to laugh hysterically. “Oh, shut up!” yelled Rain. They just laughed harder.

Legolas turned to Artholien, his blue eyes full of curiosity, “So how is it you know me? We have never meet, I am sure of that.”

Artholien blushed slightly, “I saw you when you were in Rivendell. Though we did not have a chance to speak to one another.”

Legolas smiled *I’m thinking of the smile he gives Gimli when the dwarf tells him what Lady Galadriel gift was*, “I wish we had.” Artholien knew not what to say, so she remained silent.

“Artholien was spying on you during the council.” blurted Rain.

“I was not!” she snapped back.

“You were too, and saying `oh Prince Legolas is so handsome’ I could go on forever on the things you said about him.” retorted Rain.

“Do you really think that?” asked Legolas.

Artholien blushed, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Rain still struggled to get out of Haldirs grip, “Haldir! An orc!” she screamed.

He released her and drew his bow, “Where?” he searched the trees, “Rain, there’s no orc. Now where has she gotten to?” An apple hit Haldir in the shoulder. And there was Rain. Sitting in the tree.

“I can’t believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book.” she threw another apple, this time hitting his chest.

“Come down at once!” ordered Haldir.

“Why? So you can capture me again?” She threw yet another apple.

Gimli was currently amused, “So you do like him.” CLUNK! Gimli went tumbling down the hill again.

“Rain, if you won’t come down I’ll come up and get you!” He began to climbed the tree and when he was half way up she jump to another tree. Haldir sighed, “Oh I give up!”

“Why do you want to catch me for anyhow?”

Haldir stood under the tree Rain was now in, “I’m your guardian. It’s my duty to keep you safe and to do that I need to know where you are.”

“Maybe that dwarfs right. Perhaps you do like me.”

Haldir shook his head, “The only reason I spend any time with you at all is because you father asked me to!”

Rain looked her by his harsh words, “And to think I wanted your advise on a problem I have!” she shouted, holding back tears.

Artholien leaned against a tree beside Legolas and muttered, “Here we go again.”

Legolas grinned, “Do they do this often?”

“You have no idea.”

Haldir shook the branch Rain was on, knocking her out of the tree and into his arms, “Look like I’ve caught you again, Miss Rain. Now your going back to Rivendell whether you like it or not!” said Haldir, lifting her on her fathers white horse.

“I will not go back! If Father wants me he’ll have to come get me himself!” exclaimed Rain, nudging Hawkwing. The horse took off at full speed, with that Rain vanished.

“Rain! Come back! Rain..” Haldir collapsed on the ground in defeat, “I wish she wouldn’t do this.” He glanced over at Artholien, “Are you getting as tired of this as I am?”

“Yes.” answered Artholien.

“Then why don’t try and stop her? Your older.”

“She doesn’t listen to me and you know it.”

“You mean she doesn’t listen to anyone.”

“Haldir, your beloved is getting away. You’d better go after her.” teased Gimli.

“She’s not my beloved! I’m her guardian, its my oath and duty to protect her with my life! I care for her, yes, but I don’t love her got that!” replied Haldir. Gimli nodded.

Legolas snickered, “Haldir, out of all the Elves has fallen in love with the youngest daughter of Elrond.”

“How many times do I have to say it?! I DO NOT LOVE RAIN!!” shouted Haldir, then in a lower voice continued, “but whether I like her or not I must go after her.” he raised himself from the ground, “Come Artholien.” he extended his arm as she came to him and laid it around her shoulders.

“Lady Artholien may stay with us.” said Legolas, hardly knowing what he had just said.

“I couldn’t..”

“It’s no trouble,” added Aragorn, “Now that we now that Merry and Pippin are safe. And Gandalf will be returning shortly, he just left a little while ago. Than we’re off to Rohan. We could meet you there.”

Haldir nodded, “I suppose that could work” Artholien returned to Legolas’s side. “Then I guess I’ll see you later.” He gave her a soft kiss on the top of her head and jumped back on his horse and rode off.


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