LoTR: The Dark Elf. The last chapter. – The Dark Elf series.

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“The Gates of the Argonath, the Pillars of the Kings! We’re so close now!” cried Aragorn, his voice showing his joy and sadness all at once. “We shall pass them soon. Keep the boats in line and as far apart as you can! Hold the middle of the stream!”

They passed them only ten minutes later, the Hobbits and one Man couldn’t bear to look up at the giant pillars. The two elves, Aragorn and the dwarf gazed at the two gigantic statues. Aragorn yelled over to them to keep the boats going slow as they paddled towards Tol Brandir’s shore where they pulled the boats against and made camp knowing that they had a huge decision ahead for them all. As they nibbled on fish that Solaris and Legolas caught in the river, they were wondering about which way to journey forth now.

Solaris turned from the river with another fish in hand when she dropped it as it flopped around the ground and then it found the river once again.

Pippin knew something was wrong as did Aragorn as he stood up. “Solaris, what is it?”

“I don’t know. Something is not right here. The animals are way too quiet. I sense danger looming close to us. Frodo, are there any Orcs around?” asked Solaris, turning to the young hobbit. Frodo removed Sting from the sheath to see a light blue glow wrapped around it. He looked up a little scared.

“Be not afraid, they are far away for now. We may have to move on tonight.” spoke Aragorn, looking at them all.

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to go and think alone about my choice in this.” said Frodo, as he stood up and walked into the forest.

Aragorn watched as Frodo vanished into the woods. “I’ll be on Amon Hen, if anyone comes looking for me. I’ll see where the enemy is at this moment.”

Then, he left without another word or hearing from the others if it was all right. Several minutes went by as Merry and Pippin sat looking at the river before they decided to go and find Frodo. Solaris gazed around the camp and noticed that Boromir’s shield was propped against a tree. She figured he set it down to go relieve his needs but then wouldn’t his sword lay with his shield. But then the sound of the horn was heard.

“No! Boromir’s horn! He’s in need!” cried Solaris, as she raced over the ground rushing towards the sound. She saw several Orcs fighting Gimli and Legolas. Solaris took aim and fired off four arrows all at once at the Orc who was coming behind Legolas. She then continued on with her run towards where the sound of the horn of her beloved was heard coming from.

Then she saw Boromir fighting a huge Orc as Aragorn was charging towards them but what shocked her; the most was the black arrow that was in his chest. Boromir was wounded.

“No, Boromir!” screamed Solaris, as she saw Boromir get hit with a fifth arrow to his chest. She went charging towards the huge Orc, who then turned towards Aragorn. Solaris used her bow like a knife and slashed the Orc’s back giving him another fatal wound as his head was chopped off by Aragorn’s blade.

Aragorn saw Solaris’ fiery red hair behind the huge Orc and knew she must have seen Boromir get shot as he quickly turned to their fallen member. He got to Boromir’s side and started to speak to him.

Boromir spoke in a low whisper, “Please tell me where’s Solaris? Is she safe? Unharmed?”

“She’s safe, Boromir. I’ll get her for you, my brother,” Aragorn quickly looked for Solaris only to see her standing there still shocked and stunned. He quickly pulled Solaris to his side as she knelt next to him.

“Just hold on, my love. I’ll get you back to Lothlorien and to the healers.” spoke Solaris, as she started to pull something out of her pouch.

Boromir’s hand reached for hers and he whispered, “Too late…for them…my fiery elf. I’m…dying and…will be dead…soon.”

“Solaris, listen, he’s dying. By the time, you and he reach Lothlorien…he will be dead. Even, you can not run that fast to get him there in time.” Aragorn pleaded with her. He knew the truth about the wounds on Boromir were indeed fatal.

“I know I am dying Aragorn, my brother, my captain, my king. Please take care of her…” whispered Boromir, as he grabbed his hand.

“No! Boromir, what about us! Our life together! We’re to get married…” cried Solaris, as she realized that Boromir was telling her the truth.

He reached his hand up and silenced her. “I know…my love. I shall…love…you…for…”

“Boromir? Boromir, please don’t die! I love you!” cried Solaris, as she placed her head against his neck as her eyes began to weep.

Gimli and Legolas raced into view to see Solaris burying her face in Boromir’s hair crying out his name. Aragorn had just kissed Boromir’s forehead and closed his eyes. He placed his hand on Solaris’s shoulder and then stood up to walk over to the other two members of the Fellowship.

“Let us gather all the shields and weapons on the field and lay them around Boromir so whoever may see his boat know that he slew many Orcs,” spoke Aragorn, as they went around gathering shields and weapons and hauled them to where the boats were.

“But what about…?” asked Gimli, looking towards Solaris who was now crying hard against Boromir’s body.

“Bother her not for now. Let her have time with her beloved.” whispered Aragorn, as he picked up some swords from the ground and started to pile them in his arms.

Soon, Boromir’s funeral boat was done. Aragorn went to collect Boromir’s body to find Solaris kneeling next to him removing the arrows that the Orc had fired into his body. Aragorn lifted him up and carried him to the boat where he was placed; his sword was on his side as well as his shield. His horn was at his side. Aragorn and Legolas push the boat into the river as the current takes the boat away. Gimli watches as the boat vanish from sight; he turned around to see Aragorn pulling on Boromir’s vambraces in his honor.

Legolas yelled out as he grabbed the other boat and starts to push it into the river. “Hurry, we can still catch Frodo and Sam!”

Aragorn refused to move from his spot. Legolas and Gimli looked shocked towards him as the boat Legolas was pushing into the water drifted out of his hand and now floating down the river unoccupied.

Solaris asked looking shocked at him “You mean not to follow them?”

Aragorn spoke, “Frodo’s fate is no longer in our hands.”

Gimli moans, his hands going to his face. “Then it has all been in vain! The Fellowship has failed.”

Aragorn turned towards Gimli, Solaris and Legolas, “Not if we hold true to each other. We will not abandon Merry and Pippin to torment to death. Not while we have strength left. Leave all that can be spared behind. We travel light. Let’s hunt some Orc!”

“Vengeance will be mine against all Orcs! They will pay for what they did to my Boromir!” snapped Solaris, as they gathered food pouches and water jugs.

Aragorn smiled as they got all the food that they could carry on their bodies when he saw two small swords on the ground. “Our two missing Hobbits’ swords…I’ll carry them to return them to them when and if we find them alive. If they are dead, bury them with them in their hands.”

Then, he darted off into the woods following the heavy iron prints of the Orcs as they fled the area with their two hostages in tow.

Is this the end or not?
The next story is already posted on this site.


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