LoTR: The Dark Elf. Chapter Twelve of many . . . – The Dark Elf series.

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Mil hiritha te*

It was later after the Hobbits finally fell asleep around Solaris, was the chance she could slip away from the tent and found that she was not the only member of the Fellowship who couldn’t sleep to find Boromir standing by a tree. She looked at him as he looked at her.

“Couldn’t sleep, Boromir?” asked Solaris, as she went towards him.

“Yes, I’m still up to take watches with the other Lothian elves but they have plenty of eyes to watch out for the Orcs…” whispered Boromir.

“Meaning you couldn’t sleep?” whispered Solaris.

“Truth be known…I couldn’t even if I tried right now. I’m just not ready to close my eyes and see Gandalf falling to his death,” whispered Boromir.

“I know…I had to turn my head when I realized that he was going to fall. I couldn’t bear watching him fall,” Solaris stated quietly.

“They like you a lot, Solaris.” whispered Boromir, turning from her to look towards the tent and its sleeping occupants.

“Yes, they do. I like them as well.” whispered Solaris, as she looked back at the tent with the sleeping Hobbits and the other Man who slept with his hand on the hilt of his sword. Legolas was asleep with his gray eyes were open but with a blank look within them.

Boromir’s hand reached out and gently pulled Solaris’s face to look at him. “I never thought I would fall for a beautiful elf on this journey, Solaris.”

“Don’t. We live forever. Man doesn’t.” spoke Solaris, putting her finger to his lips.

“I can not deny what my heart feels, Solaris. My heart has been lost to you and to you alone,” whispered Boromir, as he bent down and kissed her lips.

The kiss was very passionate and it awakened Solaris’s real feelings for the Man of Gondor. Her heart began to race like crazy as he pulled away from her lips to see her gasping for breath and trying her best to recover herself.

“You feel your heart, Solaris? It feels like mine. Beating like a bowstring’s pulse so strong so sweet. I know your heart, Solaris.” Boromir whispered, as he placed her hand on his chest to feel his heart racing with the beat of love. Solaris could feel the rhythmic beat of his heart and her breathing started to get stronger. “You can not deny what’s in your heart, Solaris. I know you have feelings for Aragorn. I see it in your eyes. You desire to please him with valor but he despises you for your past. He will never trust you. He’ll never love you. But I can. I may be a Man but I know I can shower you with all my love that I have in my heart! Please say you’ll be mine when this quest is over? I’ll even ask Celeborn and Galadriel for your hand if you say yes?”

Solaris knew he was trying to win her heart, she knew that Aragorn still felt contempt against her for her past even though she saved his life. “When this quest is over, we’ll unite and I’ll forsake my immortality to live one lifetime with you, Boromir.”

Boromir heard it and knew he got his elf as he bent down and claimed her lips with his. Solaris took his hand and lead him away from the tent. They didn’t see Aragorn’s eyes flicker open as he quickly but quietly started to follow them to where they were heading. Aragorn stopped where he was when he noticed that Boromir’s dark colored shirt, his chain mail undershirt and his dark colored pants; along with Solaris’s forest green outer tunic and then her silver tunic were carelessly placed on the floor of the forest. Aragorn figured that they must be in a rush to get somewhere to be so hasty. He heard the sound of a waterfall nearby as he crept towards the water of the waterfall to find Boromir and Solaris on the side of the spring. They were kissing quite passionately as Boromir kissed Solaris’s neck as he started to move down her body.

Aragorn watched as the lovers gave a piece of themselves to each other by the spring before they ventured into the waters. Before they were finished there and would come past his hiding place, he slipped away knowing if Solaris saw him watching them she may have her adopted brother slay him before he even gets out of the forest.

The next morning, Aragorn looked at them with a knowing look when they were having breakfast with the Hobbits, but before they left Lothlorien he pulled the walkers aside.

“I think I owe someone a debt,” said Aragorn. They were all shocked because they knew Aragorn disliked Solaris heavily. “I owe Solaris, my sincerest thanks for taking the arrow in Moria. Maybe one day I shall repay that debt.”

Solaris went to his side and spoke, “That debt is paid, Aragorn, I refuse to accept that debt. We are now even.”

“I know but what you did has a life debt on it. I am bound now to aid you when the time comes, Solaris.” said Aragorn, as he looked at her. He had refused to let the debt be paid.

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* Love will find a way.


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