LoTR: The Dark Elf. Chapter Thirteen of many . . . – The Dark Elf series.

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Haldir approached the group and led them towards Galadriel and Celeborn, who stood waiting for them to come. The nine walkers were all given gifts by Galadriel, before they left. The walkers watched as Solaris kissed the cheek of both Galadriel and Celeborn before she turned and resumed her place with Boromir.

“My lord Celeborn, my lady Galadriel…I wish to ask for the hand of your daughter Solaris in marriage when this quest is over.” spoke Boromir, to the complete shock of the others beyond Solaris.

“What right do you have to request the hand of our daughter?” asked Celeborn, his voice showing his anger.

“None…save that I love her with all my heart and would shower her with all my love for the rest of our lives,” replied Boromir, as he held Solaris’s hand tightly in his.

Celeborn and Galadriel whispered to each other before they turned back to Boromir and Solaris. They were now smiling instead of the frown that they held on their faces. “When this quest is done and if you two survive it, return here and we shall see about making the union between the two of you complete. We accept your offer of union with our daughter.”

“Ada! * Hantale! Hantale! **” cried Solaris, as she leapt from her place and hugged Celeborn tightly as she kissed his cheek before she turned back to Boromir and went into his arms.

The four Hobbits smiled as they walked towards the river where their next part of the journey would go. Pippin counted the boats and then counted everyone who was going. He looked puzzled as he scratched his head as he recounted everyone over again.

“Pippin, what’s wrong?” asked Solaris, as she fitted her bow over her back.

“There are only three boats for nine people and items needed for the long river journey. I don’t think we can fit all of us in the boats.” Pippin said, as he looked at them.

“That’s easily figured out. Legolas will have Gimli and you sitting in his boat. That boat shall have Sam, Frodo and Aragorn,” spoke Solaris. She had pointed to one boat where Legolas was standing at and then another boat.

“Then, who will take the last one?” asked Merry, looking up at her.

“We shall along with Boromir, Merry.” smiled Solaris, as they started to move towards the boat putting in their bedding and several food packets that the elves had given to them.

They quickly started off knowing that they needed to move quickly. Aragorn and Legolas had to match Solaris’s boat’s speed as that boat had two oars moving together. Aragorn finally caught up with them as did Legolas.

“Are you two trying to get out of our sight so you two can kiss in private?” smirked Aragorn, looking at Boromir and Solaris.

“What with Merry in the boat…are you joking, Aragorn? No, we’re just making up for lost time with me being ill in Lothlorien. Besides look where we are nearing!” yelled Solaris, as she pointed towards the two large statues in the distance.

* Father!
** Thank you!”


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