LoTR: The Dark Elf. Chapter Eleven of many . . . – The Dark Elf series.

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The Truth about Solaris.

Later that night, the hobbits and the two Men and the dwarf just sat under the tent as Legolas walked down from the platform wearing his silver tunic that he wore under his moss green outer wear, holding a silver pitcher to his chest. His face looked mournful and yet had a wistful look to it. Legolas turned towards the voices that were singing in the distance.

“Legolas, what are they saying or are they singing?” asked Pippin, walking up to him. “I really can’t tell.”

Legolas turned away from the voices towards Pippin. He spoke, but his voice gave away his grief, “I can not say. For the grief is still too close to me.”

Frodo spoke up, “They sing a lament to Gandalf. If I understand the words correct,”

“Indeed they are,” said a voice from the shadow. They all turned towards the voice as they reached for their weapons. “You need not them. I’m not an enemy.”

The voice emerged from the shadows to reveal Solaris and behind her were Haldir and Rumil. The two male elves smiled briefly and then left the platform.

“Solaris!” cried the hobbits as they rushed towards her and hugged what body part they could. Aragorn tried his best to catch up to the two elves but they moved faster than he could and by the time he reached the spot where they were – they were long gone.

She knelt down to their level and returned their hugs. “I’m sorry if I frightened you.”

“We were so worried about you! They refused to allow us to even see you or even if you were all right from the wound!” Merry made his anger clear by the tone in his voice.

“I was very ill, Meriadoc. Your concern about my welfare does my heart great. The Orc arrow that entered my body was poisoned. They were able to get the poison out of my body fast, but I am well now,” Solaris said, as she sat down on the rock step near them. “I also know about the questions you been trying to ask of Haldir about me. So I say to thee ask them of me and I shall tell all that I can.”

“When we first encountered them, one of the elves yelled to Haldir that his sister was injured and then you were taken from us. Are you Haldir’s sister?” asked Pippin.

“I am his adopted sister, Pippin. I never knew my real parents. Celeborn and Galadriel are his parents by blood but mine by adoption,” spoke Solaris.

“But he’s just a simple border guard…isn’t he?” asked Boromir, not realizing that the elf they encountered was more than just a simple border guard.

“No, beyond me…he has the best aim with his bow than anyone in Lothlorien and he’s highly protective of his homeland. If we were to compete in a tourney together, he would outshine me in archery skills. But that was before I left to find my real parents.” said Solaris.

“Who were your parents, Solaris?” asked Pippin, looking at her.

“I never knew who they were like. I didn’t even know them, Pippin, they left me here soon after my birth,” spoke Solaris.

Legolas was shocked. Abandoning a child was unforgivable crime in the eyes of the all the Elves on Middle Earth. The parents would be shunned forever. “They left you here?”

“Yes, my mother Carulmawen, who was a mortal woman, it is she who had the red hair that I have. She took an elven name after she married my father Nurrant. They arrived here at Lothlorien at dusk with my mother in the last stage of labor. She gave birth to me soon after they arrived here. Galadriel helped her deliver me. She left me with my parents for the night after she made sure that we were all settled in for the night. The next morning, everyone woke to hearing my hungry cries for milk and they all feared my mortal mother was dead. Galadriel came to my family’s tent only to see Orophin, her eldest son coming out of the tent with me in his arms. He told his mother that Nurrant and Carulmawen were gone and they left me behind.” said Solaris.

“How did you get the name of Solaris?” asked Frodo.

“My mother gave me that name. I do not know why but she told Galadriel that I will be the light in the darkness,” stated Solaris.

“So how did you become…um…an assassin elf?” asked Gimli, looking at her.

“That didn’t come till I was one thousand and five hundred years old, Gimli. I was bored with being the perfect little princess to my father Celeborn…to me he will always be my father if not by blood but by how I feel towards him. He refused to allow me to even learn how to do any archery. But I convinced my brothers to teach me how. I was forced to reveal my skills when our camp was attacked. My father was knocked down and I was the only one who could do anything to help him. I shot my arrows at the Orc and killed him, then proceeded to go into battle with my brothers which shocked my father. He almost banished me for what I did. I told him I wasn’t his daughter only out of my own anger.” Solaris looked up towards the sky as she spoke.

“What happened after that?” asked Boromir.

“He was hurt by my statement and told me where to find my real parents in his own anger at being yelled at by me. I really deserved it. I left that night to find my real parents if they by chance were still alive but that journey proved to be fruitless as all trace of my family even the clan of my parents vanished from Middle Earth to live in the undying lands. I spent about a hundred years wandering Middle Earth till one day I got attacked by the Orcs. I came out of that fight injured but I was alive and the Orcs lay dead around me,” spoke Solaris.

Aragorn requested, “But when did you decide to become a Man, well, portray one at least?”

“I realized that I was not capable of really fighting Orcs without getting injured and so I went to the Rangers to learn how to fight but learned that female gender was not really allowed, well they did allow the women to stay as cooks and learn how to lightly weild a sword. But never to truely fight with the sword. I left in disgust but later returned posing as a male elf. My long red hair was chopped shorter than it was. I had hair down to my waist and so I cut it till it was shoulder length. I wore a very male tunic but I had to strap my breasts down tight against my chest to hide them and also wore another layer of tunic than the normal elf and I learned how to deepen my voice to the point where I could pass as a male,” spoke Solaris.

“You learned how to fight by the Rangers. Then, what did you do after you were forced out of the Rangers, Solaris?” asked Merry.

“I returned home to Lorien. But my lust for wandering made me venture out into Mid Earth once again. This time I didn’t wander too far from my own home. I went to Mirkwood where I learned of a group of Assassin elves lived. I stayed there for the rest of my time before I got kidnapped from a town of elves which I called home. I know that they knew when I started to take action against the Ringwraiths…they must have as well.” spoke Solaris. “But we shall never know unless we venture to the far north of Lothlorien.”

Aragorn was shocked by what Solaris said about her family. He never knew. He had always considered her to have the normal elf upbringing. He watched as Solaris sat with the Hobbits who refused to let go of any part of her body. Aragorn started to doubt his own thoughts about Solaris; maybe she did deserve to be in the ranks of the Rangers and maybe he needs to apologize to her when she got alone. Solaris’s hands were held by Pippin and Merry as Frodo and Sam had their hands on her knees. Aragorn and Boromir knew that they loved her like a dear friend.


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