Lords of the Rings:Three for the Elven Lords – Chapter 1

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Elanor Gamgee, daughter of Sam Gamgee the famous explorer, smiled to herself as she walked towards the door thinking that it would be her darling Merry calling for her to take her on a picnic, as there hadn’t been such a fine day for weeks and it was just the sort of day to be running barefoot around the big party tree while the other children dabbled their feet in the lake and screamed in delight when they were splashed with the icy cold water by one of their friends. But as she opened the door she realised that even though her Merry was taller than all of the other hobbits he had never managed to block out all of the light that normally came flooding into Bag End whenever she opened the door to invite him in, but this is exactly what happened. She slammed the door shut and stood with her back to it, from all of her father’s stories Elanor knew that tall dark strange men were never welcome in the Shire. The man whom this alarm concerned was stood outside banging on the door telling Elanor that he had come to see her Father.

The door started to open, as Elanor was no match for this man’s unbelievable strength. He came in with his sword drawn pointing it straight at Elanor’s throat.
“Do you know who exactly you are trying to stop seeing your Father?”
He asked her with an amused look on his weather-beaten face. He was wearing a green cloak which clung to his broad shoulders and was held in place with a leaf that if Elanor had paid more attention in her lessons with her Father, who as the Mayor, taught all of the children in their part of the Shire, she would’ve know that it was a leaf that could only have come from Lorien.
“No”, she answered while backing away from his sword, “But I do know that normally people who greet the daughter of a friend with a sword are not normally the sort of people who I would wish to welcome into the house.”
Then in one swift movement she grabbed a sword out of the umbrella stand behind her and presented it to the man’s throat with a flourish. The stranger leaned forward a little and stared so relentlessly at her that she felt like he could see all of her thoughts and all of the secrets she kept hidden deep inside her soul.
“There is a lot more to you than meets the eye”, he pronounced, “You remind me of my wife when she too was young and naive” he said quietly.
Before Elanor had a chance to answer her Father came walking into the room and was faced with the sight of his daughter, whose brown hair had escaped from its clips and was now tumbling down the back of her green dress, she still had her cleaning apron on even though that too was partly undone now, facing a tall dark man whose face was extremely familiar. They both had swords too each others throat’s even though the stranger was smiling.

Suddenly it all came rushing back to Sam, all of his adventures welled up in his brain and he couldn’t believe that he had forgotten his friends face, but he was getting old now and couldn’t cope with these sorts of situations, he already felt weary from standing up for so long and his brain felt exhausted from all of the thinking he had had to do just to put a name to the face of an old friend.
“Elanor, is this the way you greet a guest”, he said looking disapprovingly at his daughter and then turning to the man he said ” and could you please remove your sword from my daughter’s neck, Aragorn.”


Elanor sat staring at Aragorn, her king. She couldn’t believe that the man who was sat before her was the same King Elessar who governed most of Middle Earth. Sam and Aragorn were deep a conversation that sounded very important. She was shook out of this trance by the request that she should go and get some water for afternoon tea and that she should go and fetch Merry and Pippin from their cosy little hole across the field. She ran outside to the well and was just lowering the water bucket into its cavernous depths, when she heard a horse ride up behind her and as horses were not often seen in the Shire she instantly felt a rush of fear shoot down her spine making her knees nearly unable to hold her body up.

She slowly turned round and was faced with a tall, dark stallion with a tall, dark rider. He had a long black beard streaked with grey, but strangely it looked like it had been a grey beard that was going black, instead of the other way round. His face was covered with a dark hood but she could see two sharp points of light searching her face for clues to who she was. He was dressed in a long black cloak covering long black robes. There was a resounding ambience of evil coming from him that made Elanor want to turn round and hide in the well.
“Are you Goldilocks Gamgee?” asked the man.
Elanor didn’t bother to answer; instead she just looked pointedly at the brown hair tumbling over her shoulder.
“Ah, I see, are you any relation to Sam Gamgee?”
“I am Goldilocks’ sister, Elanor daughter of Sam Gamgee” Elanor pronounced this smugly as she was very proud of the fact that she was related to such a famous hobbit.
” What is your business in the Shire?” she queried.
Ignoring the young girl’s question, the man persisted in asking her more questions.
“Have you seen the King Elessar pass this way any time recently” the outsider asked.
Without thinking Elanor replied,”Oh, Aragorn.”
Then seeing the smile on the stranger’s face, she quickly changed her tone and said
“Yes, my dad has told me about him but I have never seen him.”
The strangers face fell, leaving him looking even more old and ragged than before.
“Oh, well if you do see him then don’t let him into the house as he is dangerous.”
Elanor nearly burst out that he was in their house right at that moment in time but she stopped herself by realising that this is exactly what he wanted her to say so instead she just hoped that Aragorn wouldn’t emerge from the house to see where she was.
The rider stayed staring at her for a while but then turned around and shouting, “Ride to Gondor with speed Shadowfax, and ride as fast as you can!”



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