Lord of the Rings- T Fellowship set off with Ella

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Legolas has a walk be for the meeting starts. He find a human but she was really an elf.
She was wounded, she was going to die if she did not get help. She was the most beatuful thing
that he set eyes on. When the meeting was nearly the end she woke up. The meeting did not end
because she came in. She almost fell to the ground but Boromir grab her. When she was finally
woke up. The first person she sees is Legolas. She asked “where am I ?”
“You are in Rivendell. I am Legolas Prince of the Elven Kingdom of Mirkwood. May I ask,
what is your name.”
I am Ella. Did you save me.”
Thank you for saving me and I can do anything you want for saving me.”
“No, you don’t have to do anything.”
“Well come closer”
He does and she gives him a kiss. Boromir comes in and says “The meeting is going to finish,
Legolas”. Legolas says “Ok I will be right there”. After the meeting Boromir went to Ella’s room.
She was getting dressed and Boromir grabs her and starts kissing her. She yells help and Legolas
and Aragorn comes in and Aragorn pulles Boromir off her and pushes him out the door. While
Legolas goes to her side and lets her cry in his shoulders. Aragorn leaves to get Boromir. “Can
you stay in my room tonight so it wont happen again”, she asked Legolas. He said ” I will make
sure he wont do that again.”
The next morning Legolas tell her that he has to leave. She asked if she could come with but
he said he would ask. When they are about to leave he ask and Elrond said it would be ok but
Legolas has to make share she will be ok.
When legolas tells her she get her swords and bow with arrows.
(In Ella’s mind)
“Legolas I have to tell you something”
“Yes what is it”
“If I tell you would you still be friends with me”
Of course I would”
“I am Saruman’s daughter”
Then Legolas leaves and talk to her again
I will never tell any one.
(Out of Ella’s mind”
They fellowship sets off.


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