Lord of the rings: Step by step

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Chapter 1: Sure, Daddy!

As I always have to say" My name is Chloe Senon Reigns." Legolas of the Woodland Elven Realm adopted me at the age of 5 and my parents died when I was very young,  along with my twin brother and sister. I can’t really remember their names, though. For many years I’ve been taught the right way to fire a bow and arrow, and whenever I would have failed to do so, it would be my last stand for the day. *sigh* As for my birthday and age, I was born on February 14th of 3005. Now I guess you could say I’m with the Reign’s for an eternity! Faramir, son of Denthor, and Eowyn, shield-maiden of Rohan. My uncle, Eomer, always wants to steal me and it’s quite funny, and my grandparents died when I was young. I didn’t even get a chance to know them, except for King Theoden because when I was 4 he came into the orphanage and gave us each tiny daggers signed by him. There was nothing more that could have put a smile on our faces.

Today is the date of, March 11, 3019. I am 14 years old, and am drawing a picture with an ink pen on my bedroom wall. True, I get in trouble for it, or at least you’d think so, but these parents are the coolest and best one’s you could ever think of. I just hate it when I get grounded for swearing or calling-names. So, my goal is to not name-call today at all, and if I do, I haven’t come up with if that happens yet. I finally finished drawing my picture of Faramir and Eowyn holding hands and smiling, and then their spare hands around my shoulders as I sat on the ground holding an arrow, with my bow on the ground beside me. I never knew I’d be the artist most say I was. I always thought it was a lie.
"CHLOE! YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE TO PAGEN’S APPOINTMENT!" Faramir yelled. Oh yeah, by the way, Pagen is my horse; she’s my baby, as I love to call her. "COMING!" I hollered as I ran down the stairs, tripped, and landed on the soft pillow I had set there. "Where is she? Pagen." I asked. "She’s out back where you left her, no worries." Eowyn said, and then stared out the window at the neighing horse. "GOOD! IN A MINUTE, PAGEN!" I yelled, and then hugged Eowyn. "We shouldn’t be long, Mother. And I’m terribly sorry if I am." I told her. "No worries, my young, you’ll return when the Earth’s say you must. Love you, be careful!" "I will, Mom!" I yelled, and then hopped onto Faramir’s back and we headed out towards Pagen and his horse.
We made it to the Animal Doctor, she was an elf with healing powers which was probably why she was a Doctor, Doctor Galadheir. "Is this patient Pagen, Chloe?" She asked. I stared at Faramir, about to laugh, and then turned to Galadheir and nodded. "OK, right this way please," she said and then led us to an awesome elven room. Galadheir looked at Pagen and did a few X-rays, it looked really awesome, seeming the elven realms were the only places that had special updated technology like that.
We were now free to go and Pagen was 100% healthy. I began to cry because next week Pagen’s getting fixed. We headed off, and Faramir wanted to stop some place to get stuff to eat and drink, because he was always so hungry. "Father, I think I am going to go home to Mother," I told him, looking down at the dirt and the rocks. "Very well, why do you want to do that?" Faramir asked. "Well, I don’t feel like hanging around food at the moment, and also because the gravel is hurting poor Pagen’s hooves. Sorry, Dad," I told him, trying to yield my trembling horse. "No worries, go on now." He told me, his eyes saddening, but he didn’t care one way or the other. I was always getting bored of Eowyn and Faramir’s favorite phrase these days to me" no worries", it was sort of annoying, but oh well!


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