Lord of the Rings 3000 – Chapter 2- The long-expected party and to Rivendell.

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Along the stone path road Gandalf the Wise sat on his wooden cart, pony driven. As his car was destroyed by Sauron, but that was not the reason for his visit an old friend was celebrating his 111st birthday, with his nephew. Frodo was who Gandalf met up with on the way to Bag End. Who had many a question for Gandalf who did short answers. Getting annoyed of the pony, he told it to hurry as hobbit children were running after them, shouting “Gandalf! Fireworks!” Who had lots of Fireworks which didn’t blow up when Sauron destroyed the place they were stored. Gandalf was searching in his bag for the remote for them, which he failed. He shouted out:
“Wait for the party!” he shouted out at them.
“Meanie!” one of the boys shouted, Gandalf found the remote, not hearing the kid, and pushed it. The firework blasted to the kid and hit him, when it exploded the other shouted out with joy. Frodo left Gandalf to his travel to Bag End.

Gandalf arrived at Bag End and got out of his cart and pushed the gate open and went to the mental door and whacked it.
“Go away! Family or not; leave! Or I’ll shoot you with a number of guns I have!” A voice shouted in answer.
“What about a wizard who could blow your door down!” Gandalf shouted in answer.
“I would like to see you try!” Bilbo had not seen that it was Gandalf.
“Fair enough!” He went searching for the gem off blowing things down. “Look you stupid hobbit open up off I’ll blow your house down!”
“Okay you stupid old wolf!” There were some sounds of locks being undone, behind the door. He opened the door to see Gandalf. “Gandalf! Speaking of wolves you saved me from many of them. Come in, come in.” Leading the wizard in the low door, he bent down, and searched in his bag for his shrinking gem, lost again. Bilbo took his hat and useless staff and hanged them in the hall. And asked what he wanted. They had a long talk of mountains and the adventure with the cyber dwarves. Until late when the party was waiting.

The party was in the large field where many parties were held with the mutated Party Tree Samwise Gamgee mutated. Gandalf’s fireworks going off when he found the remote. Pippin, drunk as he always is, he’s known for being drunk and making homemade beer, and Merry, smoker of the year as he smokes all the time there’s a rumour he smokes while he sleeps, went to get a firework to set off, they got the firework, and put it in a tent, and the remote and drunken Pippin, while Merry was thinking when to set it off, pushed the big red button in the middle and the firework went off.
A while after that Bilbo was pushed onto the hovering pad, so he could his speech.
“My dear Bagginses and Boffins, and my dear Tooks and Brandybucks, and Grubbs and Chubbs, and Burrowses, and Hornblowers, and Bolgers, Bracegirdles, Goodbodies, Brockhousses and Proudfoots. Today is my Eleventy-first birthday today! Eleventy-one years is far too short to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. I wish to make an announcement.” He pulled the Ring from his pocket behind his back, “This is the end, I going I wish you all a fond farewell. Goodbye!” And he vanished in a blink of an eye.
Gandalf ran up to Bag End to see Bilbo off.

Years past Gandalf popped up sometimes then Frodo was told to leave the Shire to go to Rivendell with the Ring. With him he took Sam, Pippin and Merry they left the Shire with trouble from some Black riders. They bumped into some, they hid in a hole they heard it sniffing and nuts and blots clicking inside the black cloak.
They also meant Aragorn with the robotic arms, can’t tell from real arms, with super-strength in them. When they reached Rivendell, after Weather top. Frodo had a council to hear, he went with Gandalf and Bilbo.
They sat at the long table with different people from different places were there. Aragorn was there, Legolas an elf in greens and brown with a machine gun on his back, the dwarf Gimli was there, well a cyber one was, Boromir a man from Gondor, but was wearing Rohan armour, a leather jacket, a load of tattoos down his arms, with large rings down both of his ears. Elrond the leader of Rivendell was there.
“Friends of elves,” he started, “or others from Middle-earth,” looking to the cyber dwarves, “welcome, to Rivendell. Now, we know why we are here.”
“Not me,” said Boromir standing up, “I came looking for a gas station. And you say I should be here.”
“You are the steward’s son, you should be.”
“Well, I have been stuck in Rohan for twenty years, I forgot.”
“As I was saying. We are here because His Ring has been found.”
“You stupid flesh elf,” stood up Cyber Gimli, “why don’t call him Sauron?” As quick a lightening Legolas pulled out his machine gun and shoot Cyber Gimli with arrows. He fell flat on the floor.
“Thank you.” Elrond said, showing on care for Cyber Gimli’s death. “Now-“
“Wait,” Cyber Gimli flashed away and appeared again, standing up “You silly twit!” Pointing his axe at Legolas.
“Oh, for crying out loud!” Elrond stood angry, “Let’s continue.”
“But, he shot me.”
“And, I wished you died, sit and shut up!” which he did, “Now He is moving growing again. Because the Ring has been found. We must do something about it! Now, before anyone says anything; we cannot use it.”
“Then it must be destroyed!” Shouted Aragorn, banging his fist on the table, splitting it in half, with his robotic arm.
“Then you must take it deep to the heart of Mordor, making of TVs that destroy your brain, if you have any. To be thrown into the acid of doom, inside the mountain of Doom, Mount Doom for short.”
“You cannot just walk into Mordor and destroy it, not with every army of Middle-earth could you do this, even if they are all clones but it is folly.” Boromir said.
“Nevertheless, one of you must do this.” Elrond said the room went silent.
“I’ve got the Ring so I’ll guess I’ll do it.” Said Frodo, “Though I do not know the way.”
“I know my way round here, so I’ll help you there Frodo.” Gandalf stated.
“By life or death, I will protect you.” Aragorn said.
“You have my gun.” Legolas said, stroking his machine gun.
“And, my axe.” Gimli said.
“If this be the will of the Council,” Boromir said, “Then Ro- Gondor will see it done.”
“Mr Frodo ain’t going anywhere without me!” Sam popped up from behind a giggling bush, which he mutated.
“What about us?” Pippin hiccupped from behind Sam.
“Yeah.” Merry said, sitting on a seat in the corner, eating an apple and smoking.
“Then so be it.” Elrond stood before them, “Nine people against nine robots of Him. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.”


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