Lord of the Rings 3000 – Chapter 1-The History of The One Ring

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It all started, this mess, in 2000 where Sauron, black lord, wanted what everyone dreamed of. To rule the lands of Middle-earth. He gave out Rings to the highest races Elves, Men and Dwarves. Three to the Elves, who found the little tracking pads on the Rings destroyed them and hid away. The Dwarves took the seven, four were lost and three were taken by force to Sauron. The nine to Men changed them into what they did not want to be, robots who would do every command Sauron commanded.

But, the races of Elves and Men would not stand their tall towers and large cities destroyed so they battled against him. Leading the Elves Gil-galad, fought with all his might but failed, as he did what all elves do, turned into a tree and Sauron set him on fire.
Leading the men Elendil was also killed, but his son Isildur took up his father’s gun, and shoot Sauron in the hand, aiming for his heart, and his finger with The All-mighty Ring on fell off. And Sauron vanished from sight, when he climbed up to his tall tower, and his body was destroyed. Isildur took up the Ring.
Elrond told him to follow, to with he did. Elrond took him up Mount and down the other side then around the mountain and up halfway to where a factory door was. They opened it and went in. To see a large pit of acid Sauron was going to pour over the nature of Middle-earth, to destroy it. Elrond looked down into the bubbly acid below.
“Destroy it!” he shouted, Isildur disobeyed and he left with The Ring in his hand. Saying he would take as his own for the line of Kings of Gondor to keep, to keep off evil.

Some so later he was riding with a pack of men for hunting and they were attacked, by the newest of cloning orcs. He placed on his Ring and jumped in the river. The Ring slipped off his finger down to the bottom of the watery bed. Two orcs shoot Isildur and that was when the Ring was lost.
It was lost and forgotten until 500 years later Sméagol and Déagol were speeding down the river in the new speedboat Déagol got for him. Déagol saw something in the water, at the very bottom and fell in. He sank down right to the very bottom. To get what he saw, using an oxygen tank to help him breathe. He put his goggles on and saw the Ring. He grabbed it and swam up to the water surface. He took his goggles and the oxygen tank off and wanted to look at what he found. He moved away the mud and saw the broken tracker pad on the side.
Then his true friend saw him, up out of the speedboat, and went to see how he was. Then Sméagol saw the Ring in his hand. And asked for it, for a Christmas present. Déagol said no and the two of them got in a fight ending in Déagol being killed.
Sméagol took the Ring and ran from home as they would already know. He ran under the mountains to escape his life. He stayed there for 500 years without seeing the Sun.
When he saw Bilbo Baggins from the Shire at the same time he lost the Ring, which Bilbo discovered. He took the Rings which made him invisible home to the Shire. Out in the country-side in the west. Unlike the large cities which have been destroyed.


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