Looks like morning – ~Practice makes perfect~

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~”Your coming here was expected although you didn’t know it.”
That sentence startled me, but I didn’t had much time to think about it for the lady spoke softly:
” Yet you’re here and I welcome you in the forest of Lothlorièn, where the elves are yet still living and roaming, a place which only a few strangers have been allowed to see. I hope I have answered one of your many questions now, and I will also answer your second question…”~

Chapter 2

A small stroke of light was coming between the curtains and it was doing his best to wake me up. When I was finally ready, I slowly opened my eyes when suddenly I saw Haldir standing near the door.
” What are you doing here!”, I yelled at him, which I immediately regretted and I blushed. Gladly he didn’t see it or did not show that he noticed it.
” I have a message from Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel,” he simply told me.
” I wonder if that message couldn’t wait 10 minutes longer,” I said sarcastic, because he was getting on my nerves. ” No.” ” They wish that I will teach you some things about archery and fighting with swords.”
” But why?” ” Your question will be answered soon, but not by me. I expect you outside over half an hour.” And with that he nodded and left.

For the first seconds I was too shocked to even think, but than I no longer wasted my time and got dressed. I brushed my hair fast and bound it together so it couldn’t get in front of my eyes during the training. Although I was mad at Haldir for sneaking into my room, I was very excited since I finally was going to learn how to wield a bow and a sword. When I was sixteen I had a couple of lessons about sword fighting, but you learned almost nothing. Before half an hour had passed I already stood outside, waiting for Haldir.

Haldir looked very surprised to see me waiting outside and laughed. ” I don’t think you are still that mad anymore, are you?” ” No my Lord, I am not. I hope you can only find forgiveness for my hard and folly words. As for me, I can only say that I don’t like people sneaking into my room when I am asleep.” ” Well I sure can say that I noticed that”, and we both laughed. ” For our practise field we will have to go in that direction”, he was saying while he pointed the direction with his hand. While he was leading us to the field, I was only following and looking around me. Suddenly we took a turn to the left and left the city, Caras Galadhon. After walking for a minute or five we arrived at a open field in the forest, with a hill in it, on top of the hill there were two circles of trees, the second one has a snow-white trunk and the first circle were high mallorntrees with golden leaves, in the middle of the circles was a high tree, shining like an white flat.
” The hill you’re looking at is Cerin Amroth, the heart of the old kingdom. But we will not climb the hill now, for now I’m going to teach you the basic rules of archery and sword-fighting.”
” The first lesson is that you should never attack out of anger, for that will lessen your concentration. You can compare with a circle which decrease himself to a smaller circle, till you are in the same circle as your enemy. Then you’re ready to challenge the enemy. For now we will first start with archery. The whole point about archery is to give the arrow enough speed to hit the target. Like this.” And he slowly grabbed an arrow and showed me how to place it on the bow. Then he fitted the string and shot the arrow, which of course hit the target. “Now let me see how you are doing,” and he gave his bow and an arrow. I did exactly all the steps Haldir took and fitted the string, then I let the bow sing and he sang. Just one thing went wrong, the arrow wasn’t even near the target. I was almost to let the courage get down and whispered sadly: ” I really don’t think that archery is something for me, I mean I don’t even get near.” My only problem was that I forgot about Haldir, so he gave me friendly clap on my shoulder and grinned. At that moment I was thinking by myself that I was being silly and I took another arrow to try again. I practised till the afternoon, while Haldir corrected me whenever I was doing something wrong. In the end I even managed to come near the target, which made me happy.

” You did a great job today, you’re a fast learner,” Haldir told me when we parted, ” I hope I will see you tomorrow at the same time here.”
” That’s a promise,” and I went up the flat, where I rested myself on the bed remembering every lesson I learned today. And with the knowledge that I was going to learn how to fight with a sword by someone I even started to like I fell in sleep.

The next day I woke up early, restless I started wandering down the flat to the river where I sat down till I had to go back to meet Haldir. The sound of the water was very relaxing and I let my thought wander away, thinking about everything what happened the last few days. But then I started to get restless for I wanted to explore more of Middle-earth and most of all I wanted to know where I came from and who my parents were. After sitting for I while I realized that it was about time to go back for Haldir would probably be waiting for me. And it is not nice to let people wait.

Author’s comment: Sorry I didn’t post sooner, but school has been keeping me. Hope you don’t mind.
But I try to work on it!


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