Looks like morning – ~awakening~

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~However, suddenly I felt like I got stinged by a bee only a hundred times worse but before I had the time to check how badly the wound was, I fainted and while I was surrounded by the mists I drifted away from my world to another place…~

Chapter 1

” So you’re finally awake.”
I looked around me to see where that voice was coming from, but I didn’t see anyone.
” Who are you”, I asked, ” and where are you?”
” Don’t be frightened, I won’t harm you. Your safe now. But be patient little one for we shall soon meet.”

At that moment the door opened and a lady, who would be counted till one of the most beautiful people in my world, came in smiling at me. She was carrying a dumb-waiter with some food and drink on it. She also brought a dress in, so I could change myself. The bread was nothing like the bread I knew so I tried a little piece first and when she saw I liked it she laughed, which broke the ice between us.
“How are you feeling?”, she asked me. “I feel a lot better now, though it still hurts. It is like a great burden has fallen of me,” and when I answered I knew that I was telling the truth. Before she helped me with my dress, she took a look at my wound and gladly she told me that it wasn’t as bad anymore as in the beginning.

When we were done, I asked her where I was and she grabbed mine hand, not talking, and lead me to the window and pointed outside. The sight was beautiful everywhere you looked you saw trees with silver trunks and golden leaves which were unfortunately slowly falling down and the ground was covered with those leaves and here and there you saw a flower rising from the earth or heard a bird singing his song. And if you looked well you could see other houses in the trees just like the one I was in now.
” It’s beautiful”, I sighed, ” it really is.”
” I know, I love it very much and sometimes I could just stand on my balcony and look outside for hours.”
” I can imagine that”, and we were both standing there for a few minutes when a man came in.

The woman walked to him and they both started talking to each other in a language, which I couldn’t understand, but it was different than the last strange one I heard. This one was more pleasant to listen to and although I didn’t understand it I listened to the sounds of it while I went sitting on the end of my bed. A few minutes later they both asked me if I would follow them which, of course, I did.

While I followed them, the girl and I were talking and I found out that her name was Elena, which means from the stars. When I told her my name, Tamara, she asked me what the meaning of the name was, so I told her that it means palm-tree. And by the strange look she gave me I knew that she had never heard of a palm-tree before. ” It’s a tree which grows in warm countries and it is a very thin tree, but this palm-tree is a symbol of justice where I come from. I think that justice is a better word for the meaning than palm-tree.” And she nodded. Suddenly she started whispering in my ear, ” The grumpy man who’s walking in front of us is Haldir, the march-warden of this forest. You need to get to know him better before you understand him and I think he needs too, for most of the time he isn’t that fond of strangers and keeps silent than.” ” Thank you for telling me,” I whispered back and I had a feeling that Elena and I would become good friends and maybe with Haldir too.

After walking for about twenty minutes we arrived at a tree, which was bigger than the other ones and we stopped for a moment. Haldir shouted something to above and a few people came down to lead us from there. But before Haldir could turn around to walk back to his post I thanked him and he was astonished, but he took back control very soon and said, “You are welcome, my lady,” and walked away. Then we started to climb the stairs and I felt like if I just made the stupidest mistake of my live, but Elena smiled at me so that gave me some hope.

After we climbed past a couple of flats we arrived at a talan, which was as huge as the deck of a ship. In the middle of the talan were two people, both dressed in white, standing up and they came walking to me, and while they were passing by people were bowing or kneeling. And as respect to them, I knelt too. Suddenly I knew that she was the woman who was talking in my head too.
” Please stand up, Tamara”, which I did.
” You look much better now, you are lucky that we found you on the riverside for we were just in time.”
” Thank you milord”, I said.
“Your coming here was expected although you didn’t know it.”
That sentence startled me, but I didn’t had much time to think about it for the lady spoke softly:
” Yet you’re here and I welcome you in the forest of Lothlorièn, where the elves are yet still living and roaming, a place which only a few strangers have been allowed to see. I hope I have answered one of your many questions now, and I will also answer your second question…”


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