Little Knight – Chapter 1-Capture

by Jan 7, 2004Stories

The Orcs stood waiting at the dock for the boats to arrive.
An hour had passed already and they had not seen them yet.

“Where are they?”the orc commander growled.Several other orcs were also grumbling and whispering.Finally they saw the black ships come sailing in.

“IT’S ABOUT TIME!”the orc leader yelled.”You’re always late!”

No one said a word,nothing moved.”Well,what are you waiting for?Get out here,you sea-rats!”His smile nearly reached to his ears.But suddenly,a man,an elf,and a dwarf jumped out of the boat.His grin vanished.Several orcs gasped and looked around at each other.

Slowly,the tall man stepped forward toward them,his allies following.Suddenly,the man raised his hand and yelled.
Out of the boat rushed an army of green ghosts.The Orcs yelled and turned to flee,but the ghosts were too many and too fast.They overtook the first of the orcs quickly.

The orc leader was about to call ranks,but suddenly the man jumped in front of him.The orc growled and held his sword out in front of him.

“You’re going down,human,”he snarled.

“Not if I take you down first,”came the reply.

The orc roared and came on.

From afar,another was watching the fight.He burned with anger as he saw the Army of the Dead come out of them from the ships.He also saw the man,the elf,and the swarf.He paused,thinking.The Army of the Dead was banished into the Paths of the Dead by Isildur.Only,the king could command them to fight.Then this must be Isildur’s Heir.

The King of Gondor.

An evil thought came into his mind.

Aragorn almost lost his balance when the orc head butted him.Dazed,he twisted nearly landing on the ground.Before he hit,he caught his balance and brought his sword up in time to block the blow sailing for his head.

Suddenly,a high pitched shriek pierced the air.He looked sky ward,and saw a nazgul.


The fell beast landed right in front of him
“Hello,my King.”
Fear filled him.”I’m no king.”

Ugly laughter filled the air.”You cannot fool me,”he hissed.”Only the King can command the Army of the Dead to do his will.”

“Who are you.”

“I am the witch-king.”

“You will die!”

More laughter.”No man can slay me,not even the king.”

Suddenly,the beast charged forward,screaming.Aragorn brought his sword to bear.”Leave,”he said.

“And indeed I will,after I have you.”

Suddenly,the Nazgul screamed.The sound made his ears nearly fall off.The sound seemed to have some kind of hold on him.Somehow it seemed trancy.

“Blackness take you,and come with me.”

Then darkness came but the sound never left him.

The witch-king smiled evilly.Sauron would be pleased.

Legolas stood from afar as the Nazgul rose into the air,screaming.But someone was on there with him.


He quickly took an arrow from his quiver and shot at the Nazgul.It missed.

The Nazgul turned at him and shrieked.Legolas covered his ears,and cried out but of course it was drowned out.

“I’ve got your king!I’ve got him!”

Laughter filled the air,as the Nazgul turned toward the tower.

But Legolas had already fainted.


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