Little Knight – CH.3.-Questions Without answers part 2

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Merry fought as hard as he could,keeping the orcs off him.Already he was covered in sweat,blood,and dirt.His skin and clothes tattered.No matter how hard he fought they kept coming.Suddenly,the orcs withdrew,shrieking back into the gates.

Behind Aragorn.

Merry stood,mouth agape.Was his eyes decieving him?He turned around.All the Men forces-Gondor and Rohan-we ready for battle.But who was that leading them?

Both forces charges at each other,Merry in the middle.Sudenly,something pierced his hannd,and he cried out.He looked up and saw Eowyn towering above him.He looked past her,at the strange person.Who was he?


Pippin rose from the ground,his head throbbing.He groaned and rubbed his forehead,which was bleeding.”Wh-what happened?”he murmered.
Then he heard Gandalf shouting in some strange tongue-Elvish,most likely-and other shouts were heard,too.

“The King of Gondor is gone!”

Gone,Pippin thought.

He turned around,and nearly fainted.A huge army of green ghosts,with Legolas and Gimli-stood before them.

“Where is he?He swore to release us,curse him!”

“Aragorn?”Gandalf called.”What has happened,Legolas?”

Legolas took a deep breath.”We were fighting,”he said.”Then the-the-the-“

“Those winged,screaming monsters kidnapped him,”Gimli finished.

Gandalf gasped.”The nazgul took him?”

Legolas nodded.

“Well,go find him,and bring him back,so we can Go!”screamed the ghosts.

“I’m afraid that will be very difficult.”


Later that day, all five of them stood in the ruins of Minas Tirith.”Aragorn kidnapped,”was all Gandalf said for some time.

Aragorn was kidnapped,and the Dead Army extremely angry,and dozens of soldiers dead.They were in deep trouble in deed!

“What will they do to Aragorn, Grand Dad?”Pippin asked.

“Kill him most likely,”muttered Gimli.

Pippin shook his head helplessly.This was turning into a nightmare!How he wished Merry was here with him!He wished he knew where Frodo and Sam was.Was ther any hope?

“So what are we going to do?”he piped up.

Gandalf spun on him.”Fool of a Took!Be quiet,and let me think!”

Frightened,Pippin fell back,but quickly scrambled to his feet.Murmering,Gandalf sat on a boulder to think.A few minutes later,he came over to Pippin.”Didn’t Faramir say he dreamed about this?”

Horror came over Pippin.He nodded.

“Well,come with me then.”Gandalf said.

The two hurried into the courtyard,where Faramir was lying on a bench.He looked up in surprise.”What’s wrong?”he asked.

“Faramir,your dream is coming true.”


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