Little Forest – Chapter 1: More Hobbits

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So Tauri grew in the House of Elrond; taught, treated and acted as a daughter of Elrond. She was much like Arwen in appearance, long black hair, green eyes, and a soft completion. Also like Arwen she enjoyed reading, singing, and traveling. But only a few times was Tauri allowed to visit Lothlorien with her sister. She was mostly raised in Rivendell, rarely did she leave the boarders. Until the Great Years when her kind showed their strength…


Tauri stood and stretched, she just finished rereading one of her favorite books. Slowly she started walking out of her room, suddenly the dinner bell rang. Wide eyed Tauri started to run, only to crash in to some one, “Sorry!”

“Tauri,” Elrond’s voice sounded, “you really must watch were you are going.”

“Sorry, Ada,” she grabbed her father’s hand, “Are you coming with me to dinner?”

Elrond laughed, “I’d be honored.”

The two walked in to the hall hand in hand, talking of each other’s day. “Ada!” Arwen walked up to them, kissed Elrond on the cheek. “How is Rivendell?” She had just returned from Lothlorien.

“Arwen!” Tauri threw herself into a hug.

Arwen laughed, “Ahh Tauri, my little forest. How are you?”

“Good, but hungry.”

A light laugh came from the lord, “Well, we’d better get you some dinner than.”

Dinner went smooth, Elladan and Elrohir talked with Arwen almost the entire time. Elrond looked at his family; Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen and little Tauri, they were talking and laughing, unconcerned about anything going on around them. After dinner Elrond disappeared in to his study for almost three hours, before bursting our, very panicked.

Tauri at that moment was running down the hall to her own room, crashing again in to her father. “Sorry, Ada.”

“Tauri, quick, get your sister, Lord Glorfindel, and Lindir. Your brothers as well.” Elrond pushed Tauri off, “Hurry.”

Nodding the girl rushed off, crashing in to Arwen first, “Slow, Tauri, slow down.”

“Ada needs you, he said to hurry,” Tauri kept on running, Arwen started the other way.

It took a bit longer for Tauri to find Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel, and Lindir, but thankfully they were all together. Elladan and Glorfindel were working on Elladan’s sword work and Elrohir was working with Lindir on archery.

“Elladan!” Tauri tried to get his attention above the racket of clashing swords on the field. It took a few more minutes of shouting before Tauri gave up on that approach and decided to go to Elladan. Quickly she weaved in and out of other groups practicing then came upon Glorfindel.

Both were moving fast and Tauri couldn’t nab either’s gaze, finally she jumped to Elladan and grabbed his arm. Glorfindel had been attacking, so when Elladan lost his balance Glorfindel accidentally hit Elladan’s leg.

“Elladan are you alright?” Glorfindel dropped to the young lord’s side.

“Yes, I’m fine,” He turn to Tauri, a little mad, “What were you thinking?”

“Father wants you, Lord Glorfindel, Elrohir, and Lindir. I couldn’t get your attention.

Elladan stood up, “What’s wrong?”

“He only told me to hurry.”

“Elrohir! Lindir!” Glorfindel’s voice was much louder than Tauri’s causing everyone to stop what they were doing; Elrohir and Lindir came over.

“Come, Father wants us,” The group was off in a dash as soon as the words past Elladan’s mouth.

“Wait,” Tauri called, “Wait for me.”

Elrohir smiled as he came past her, falling behind on her short legs. Quickly he swooped down and picked her up, “Now you can keep up.”

It didn’t take long for the group to reach Elrond and watch Arwen ride away. “Were is Arwen going, Ada?” Elrohir asked as he set Tauri down.

“In my study,” Elrond showed them all in, all that is but Tauri. She waited out side the door for five minutes before four of the elves burst out and headed for the stable. Two minutes after that they were riding out of Rivendell.

“Ada, were are they going in such a hurry?” Tauri turned to the lord, who stood in his study door way watching them leave.

“Do you remember your lessons on Melkor?”

“Yes, isn’t he the one who tried destroying Middle-earth?”

“Correct. There is more, of what he created and what his creation created and did,” Elrond showed his daughter in to his study were he told her of Sauron and the One Ring.

The next four days were filled with worry, Tauri and Elrond daily, hourly searched the horizon for any sign of Glorfindel, Elladan, Elrohir, Lindir, and Arwen. Elrohir came back on the third day, with no luck; he had found tracks of Nazgul, but couldn’t find the Ring bearer. Lindir and Elladan came back the same day much later, stating the same findings and Elrohir.

The next day at early dawn Arwen came riding through Rivendell, a hobbit sat in front of her badly wounded. Elrond immediately took him to the House of Healing and began extracting the Morgal blade piece that was lodged in his shoulder.

Late at night the same day Glorfindel appeared with Aragorn, and three hobbits intact. Tauri, who had been helping her father with the first hobbit, was given charge of the three; she meet them moments after they arrived.

“Greetings, I welcome you to Rivendell,” Tauri smiled warmly at the obviously scared hobbits. Slowly she turned to Aragorn and Glorfindel, “Lords Aragorn and Glorfindel, my father needs your help in the House of Healing as soon as possible.”

Both nodded and walked bristly toward the house; the three hobbits stared after them before speaking. “Is Mr. Frodo alright?” the one in the center asked timidly.

Tauri thought about her answer, “The blade has been removed, but I can say no more.” She saw fear creep in to their eye and tried to put on a hopeful smile, “Come, Masters, I shall show you to your rooms, as you tell me your names.”

The littlest of them stepped forward, “I’m Peregrin Took, but call me Pippin.”

“My names is Meridoc Brandybuck, please call me Merry.” He was slightly taller than Pippin and looked like a leader of the group.

The last one was shorter than Merry and stouter as well, he was also the one who asked about Frodo. “I’m Samwise Gamgee, most folk call me Sam.”

Tauri smiled, “I’m pleased to meet you all,”

At that moment an old bent figure totter around the corner, “Is that you, Tauri, who have you got with you, ehh?”

“Hello, Bilbo, this are some friends of yours and Master Baggins.” Tauri said stepping aside so Bilbo could see them.

“If it isn’t Sam Gamgee, how’s my garden doing, Sam. And Pip and Merry, how did you get here youngsters?”

“Bilbo!” Pippin shouted running toward the old hobbit. “It is good to see you again.”

“Bilbo, our guests are tired after their travels here,”

“Ohh, yes, yes. Come, come we’ll take you to a sitting room.” Bilbo hobbled off surrounded by the other hobbits helping him along.

I’m sorry it took so long, I lost all my docs due to a broken disk and had to retype it all. I’m also sorry it’s so short, it would be longer, but then it would be too long.
Thanks for reading, now review. I also like creative critisiom.


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