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part one

Boromir was dead, and there was nothing I could do to change that. That fact did not stop the pain from seeping out of my eyes, nor did it stop the broken pieces of my heart tearing out through my sobs. It was a struggle to try and hold it in.
The coin I grasped in my hand bit into the sides of my palm. The warmth of the metal seemed very cold indeed compared to the warmth of the way his hand used to hold mine. But I would not think of that now.
“Camille?” Aragorn turned away from the river, and gently sat me down so he could set the breaks in my leg.
Strider, or so the Hobbits used to call him, warned me it would hurt. I nodded as I grabbed a stick off of the ground to grip in my teeth. With trepidation, I watched as his hands carefully sought the fractured bone. Quicky, I cast my mind about to find something else to think of than the pain.
Lothlorien. Why would my mind go there, when I had told it firmly moments before to not think of Boromir?
The farewell feast played itself out before my unwilling eyes, and I saw him laughing at the Hobbits voracious eating. There was music and laughter passed all around as joy pervailed every heart sorry to leave the next day. I was just about to imagine Boromir asking me to sing for the company around us, just about to hear my self grudgingly give into his request, when a sharp stab brought me momentarily back to reality. Think of the gifts, I told myself, don’t think about your leg. Or was the stab from my heart?
Lady Galadriel was holding out a small golden chain, from which was dangling a single azure pearl.
“I cannot give you a greater gift, except this praise. These past few weeks have been hard for you, and you have doubted your courage, and bravery. You see yourself imperfect compared to all of the Fellowship, and even more so to the Elves, but this pearl is a reminder you are a rare being, and are perfect in the most unique way. Never forget, you are not alone in this world. Do not try to change.”
I must have seemed a sight trying to curtsey in pants. Lady Galadriel smiled down at what I was sure was a clumsy attempt.
The boats were being readied, and I wandered over to see if I could be of any help. Boromir was trying his hardest to not tip his boat
over, as he leaned precariously over the side to reach the small piece of leather sticking up from a nearby patch of reeds.
“Come on” he growled, “I have not carried you this far to lose you to a plant.”
“Can I be of service?” With a wry grin, I watched as he realized I was watching him. With a small cough, he hurriedly withdrew his hand into the boat.
“It’s nothing” he murmured, “Just a trinket.”
“It must be a very valuable trinket for an honorable man such as yourself to risk a humiliating dunking to get it back.”
“My younger brother gave it to me. It is a coin from our city of Gondor. He asked me to keep it always as a reminder that a bit of our home could be with me always.”
“Is it just me, or do the people in your world always use jewelry as a reminder?”
Laughing at his puzzled look, I explained what Lady Galadriel’s about the gift she gave me. He laughed, and replied,
“Well, I for one will make sure her statement is true. I promise never to leave you alone, for how could one leave such a beautiful girl alone in this jewelry-giver filled world?” I was sure he was mocking me, so I played along.
“But how will I know you can keep your promise? Things can change Master Boromir. You may have to go some where far away where I cannot follow.”
“Well than,” he said, “If we ever are going to be separated, You can have my coin, and I would ask you to give me your necklace, so you too can follow the Middle Earth fashion!” We both grinned as we joked back and forth.
“Well than sir, we shall have to get your coin back so you could give it to me!” Carefully, I clambered into the boat with him.
“Don’t let me fall” I sternly instructed. He grasped my hand, and I leaned over to the little bit of brown poking through the lush roots growing in the water. With a deft snag, I pulled a golden coin tied onto a leather thong out of the water. I passed it back, and with a small shout of joy, Boromir reached for it, unwittingly letting go of my hand. With a shriek, I fell into the water. It was not very deep, yet as I hauled myself up right, I could feel the water streaming down my clothes. Boromir looked very shocked, but his countenance immideatly changed to laughter as I swiftly reached into the boat and pulled his startled figure over the side

With a final jab of pain, my leg was splinted and bound. I spat out the wood. The stick fell to the ground, bitten almost in three peices.
“Lady, I fear we are facing a dilemma.” Aragorn was staring deep into my eyes. “We have to pursue the orcs that have taken Merry and Pippin captive, but I fear you cannot travel with us. If you had one of the boats, do you reckon you could make your way back to Lothlorien?”

His grey eyes faded, as did everything around me, and the sun went black.

Everything was quiet and dark. I was not in the hospital room, for my head felt no ache, neither was I in Middle Earth, for I was standing tall on two legs.
–You have a choice Cammy– a deep voice rang from all sides.
“Who is that?” I called “Who is there?”
–I am not a who, or a what, but more rather a reason WHY– This answer so confused me, all questions in my brain fell silent.
–I am the reason WHY your car spun off the road. I am the reason WHY you have been sent here. I am the reason WHY your heart has felt such anguish and trials. And, I am the reason WHY you are given a choice–
This was the second time the voice had mentioned a choice.
“And what is my choice?”
–Will you go home, and live with the happiness of your family, or will you choose to perhaps give your life to the Peoples of Middle Earth?–


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