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The darkness was eager for my reply. It seemed ridiculous for the absence of light to have feelings, but this was like a living cloud that waited for my reply. But I was still wondering about what the voice had said.
Give my life? Whoa, my brain was thinking, isn’t that a bit harsh? I’m not
going to die here am I? How serious can a broken leg be?
Questions were speeding through my brain, one after the other, then the voice rang out again.
-Look, and see-
I glared hard into the darkness, but that was exactly what I saw. Then, two points of light began twinkling off in the distance. Filled with curiosity, I ran towards them. The two point grew bigger, and gained colors, then shapes. As I neared them, the realization came to me that they were two screens, showing scenes from my lives. One screen was right in the middle of showing my high school graduation, and the other was a view of Gandalf fighting the Balrog. With shame, I watched as I didn’t even stop to see Gandalf fall. I ran, not waiting for any of the Fellowship, till I collapsed sobbing outside the mine.
-Which life will you choose?– The voice was speaking again, and the scenes changed. I saw my boy friend Rick cruising in his bright red car, and I saw Boromir carrying a load of wood in his arms. Like a moth to flame, I hungrily watched Boromir, for my mind still refused to believe he was dead. But this wasn’t one of my memories.
“None of us should wander alone. You least of all.” Boromir began to convince Frodo to give him the ring! I grew more horrified as I saw Boromir attack the hobbit. How could Boromir do that? He must not have been the great man I thought he was.
” So Cammy, where should we head tonight?” I turned my head towards Rick. Rick never lied to me, or tried to attack innocent hobbits.
The orcs were after me, and I ran as fast as I could. An arrow hit me in the back of the knee, but I was so full of adrenaline my feet kept running. Coward, my brain said, Coward.
Boromir was fighting, and I screamed as he was hit by a third arrow. Trying to fight my way towards him, a wounded orc fell on top of me, and I was crushed to the ground.
The scenes passed by faster and faster, and I realized how my real life was so much better than middle earth. Who needs broken legs? I thought, I want to go back to collage after Christmas break! I want to drive again!
– Yes, Middle Earth is not the best place for you is it? But, I conclude you have made you choice. Jump back into your world! Leave behind all of the trials you have been through!–
“But what will happen to the me in Middle Earth?”
-You will still be there, but the you at home will not remember any thing about Middle Earth. You will forget the deaths of Boromir and Gandalf, forget the Balrog and the watcher in the lake. You will not remember any of the terrible experiences you have seen-
“And if I stay in Middle Earth?”
– Your family and friends will fade from your memory-
Oh yeah, I was most definitely going home. But, as I walked towards the portal home, my eye was caught by a veiw of Lothlorien. I headed towards the other portal.
-What are you doing!?– The voice demanded
“Just one last look at Lothlorien”, I said ” Then I’m headed home.”
Galadriel was speaking to the fellowship, after we had first arrived in Lothlorien.
“The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true.”
She was staring at me. I was sure she didn’t stare at me this way before But her eyes bored into mine, and I could not tear my gaze away. I could hear her voice inside of my mind.
Camille, you cannot desert your friends so easily. The quest is not over yet, and you shy away from it. You have felt yourself a coward for running whenever there was danger, but you must begin running the other way. Fight for Middle Earth!
“Yes m’am” I whispered. The voice howled
-Galadriel! Leave her to me!–
“Saruman, your power over this girl is ended! Forsake your lies, snake, and let her go!”
The Galadriel on the screen held out her hand to me.
“Jump!” she commanded.
Summoning all of my courage, to face the world ahead, I dived through the screen, hearing the voice scream after me.

-You will never see your family again! I will make sure you die in Middle Earth!–

“Lady, I fear we are facing a dilemma.” Aragorn was staring deep into Cammy’s eyes.
“We have to pursue the orcs that have taken Merry and Pippin captive, but I fear you cannot travel with us. If you had one of the boats, do you reckon you could make your way back to Lothlorien?”
Cammy nodded, but she had other things in mind than heading towards Lorien.

Ok, for future reference, the rest of the story will be written in 3rd person.


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