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I jumped up off the ground to rescue the man who had just been shot by a third arrow, ignoring the biting pain of the arrow in my leg. Then, I realized I could not jump up, nor was there the wounded man I had seen moments earlier. A white glowing room surrounded me, filled with
My family.

I could have cried for joy, for I thought I would never see them again. There was my dad my mother, my little sister and my two older brothers, all standing around me.
“Cammy, your awake!” My mom gave me a hug, and several people began cheering. Just than, a doctor came in.
“I’m afraid you all need to leave for a few minutes, as I am sure that Cammy is still very tired.”
One by one, my family drifted out the door, each saying how glad they were I was alright. I leaned back, and closed my eyes, only to open them almost right away, for someone was shaking my shoulders.
“Cammy, don’t be dead, please, wake up!”
I heavily gasped, for my leg seemed to be on fire. Aragorn was hovering over me, and Legolas stood with Gimli some ways off.
I choked out a large mouthful of something salty. All of my clothes were damp with blood, either orcish or my own I had no idea. The panic in Aragorn’s eyes lessened slightly, as I asked him where my family went. Struggling to sit up, he pushed me back down.
“Don’t speak. Hold still while I look at your leg.”
“NO!” I screamed. It was getting harder to talk. “Do you remember when I first met you, just outside Rivendell?” he absentmindedly nodded, while he tried to stop the bleeding.
“I told you, the last thing I remember was my car flipping over. I decided I was dead in the other world, and came to live in this one, but I’m not dead! I was in a coma!”
“She is delusional” I heard Legolas whisper. “Aragorn, perhaps the orc arrow was poisoned?”
“It is not poison that worries me.” Aragorn was also talking in a whisper, as if I should not hear them.
“The dead orc she was under was very large, and the already wounded leg was broken in two places. There is no possible way she can continue traveling with us”
“You don’t understand! I’m not dead!” I cried.
“Hush mellon nin. I know you are not dead. I merely pray you stay like that for a long time.”
Aragorn’s eyes seemed pained, as I coughed out more blood. Then, I realized my greatest friend in the Fellowship was not standing by me.
“Where is Boromir?”The tear that fell down Aragorn’s face was the last thing I saw before I fainted again
The beeping noise of a hospital room was all I heard when I awoke. Had I been dreaming? Surely not, for the pain had been real. My family came to visit me later that day, and several doctors came in for tests, but nothing could drive my mind off of Middle Earth. Lunch consisted of rice-pudding and gelitian, and I imagined how happy the Hobbits would be just to taste the sweet food from my world. Later that afternoon, I was feeling lonely. All of my family were either at work or school, and there was no one to talk to. I was laid back on my bed, and staring out the window, the the lake in front of the Hospital.
The sun created beaming diamonds as the river flowed along.
“Ah, I see you are awake. Wonderful!” Gimli, who I had always thought of as such a gruff person, was openly smiling at me. Legolas and Aragorn were singing some distance off, about the winds. I did not pay much attention to their song, until they pushed a boat out into the water. By the way it floated so low in the water, I knew.
“Wait!” at the sound of my voice, man and elf turned after snagging the boat from floating away. In vain I tried to stand, but failed. Then, Gimli helped me to my feet, and assisted me in hopping on one foot over to the water side.
Boromir lay in the elvish vessel, looking only as if he were sleeping. Reaching up to my neck, I pulled off the pearl neclace I had recived in Lothlorien. Before I dropped it into the boat with him, I very carefully reached into his glove, and pulled out the Gondorian coin tied to a leather thong. I gave a small nod, and the boat floated away out of sight, and over the large waterfall. Tears were pouring freely down my face, to mingle with the river that was my Friend’s last resting place.


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