Liberty’s spring break in Middle Earth-part Un – This is a repost, but it has been a very long time, and i am know going to proceed with the story.

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Chapter 1

The planes decent sent a jolt of nausea through Liberty’s stomach as it soared closer to Gatwick Airport, London. In a few hours she would be attempting to make small talk with a bunch of Skelton High School social elite, while taking in the great towns many historical sites and gaining `culture’; well that is what her Aunt said anyway. The only reason she had agreed to go along was to go to the country Tolkien lived in and modeled his Middle Earth after. For now though she was stuck with a bunch of rich and popular kids, who didn’t know the difference between a kumquat and a grapefruit.
After a jolted landing the severe looking Ms. Prudence and the chubby Dr,. Monroe lead the cramped, travel worn, but unusually fresh looking teens from the plane, through customs, and baggage claim, and as the finally into the giant tour bus that would be our coach. After settling down in the sleek silver bus Liberty took a look at the other species aboard. These people spent all the time at the mall, clubs, and beauty parlors, even the male of the species. From the dyed, painted, and plucked parts of the prodigious came a aura of plastic, and flakiness. Bit who was she to judge yes it was hard but she tried not to since it was what every ne of the upper society did, and she didn’t want anything to do with them.
Her mom used to be one of California top socialites, and loved the life. But much to the chagrin of her pompous parents had a change of heart when she met Liberty’s dad at a fundraiser banquet. He was a doctor to one of those that worked in minuscule villages in far away countries. Dr. James had come to make a stand to all the overbearing patrons. His passions and kindness for the sick and unfortunate had touched Serena McCloud’s heart. After introducing herself to him, she joined him on his next excursion, and they were soon married. Though Serena parents cut her off after hearing of it. When Liberty was five her parents had caught a virus in Africa, and died shortly after, leaving her to Serena family, who found it in the iron hearts to take in there only grandchild. So she had been sent to be raised by her Aunt; a multiply divorcee and as unhappy a person as anyone is ever going to meet.
But Liberty was fine, Though she hated school, she got excellent grades, and was already accepted to Yale. She really didn’t have any friends but one. Charlie Sweeney. Like her he was a bit of an outcast. A scholarship student, and there for quiet undeserving to many of his peers there. He also loved Lord of the Rings like Liberty, who had it read to her since she could remember. Besides only a few more months and she would be gone.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” said a chipper voice.
Liberty was jerked form her thoughts as a tall blond girl stood by her seats. Great, she thought Analis was the queen bee of the SKH socialites. She was the one who started everything, and was friendly to all one minute, the ditching them the next. She was once lib’s friend, the first year she came back, then quickly learned to stay away. Like everyone else.
“Hmm..” racking her brains for an excuse she came up empty.”Sure”
” Yah Great,’ thought liberty, I would love to have the ditsiest person sit by me.
“Great” Analis replied, again to chipper.
Liberty turned back o her copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, and didn’t emerge till they reached the hotel.
As everyone reached the lobby Ms. Prudence gathered the group around, and began rooms assignment. Liberty awaited the bad news. She would hate the match up, because no one liked or knew her or wanted to and vise versa. Then it came the finale push of the dagger.
“James, Liberty; Plackets, Analis” the shrill voice sounded Lib’s doom. For surely all the bubbliness would cause massive brain damage. Looking over Liberty Grimaced as Anaise flashed her a movie star smile.
As the group piled in to the elevator, she headed up the stairs dragging her bag behind. Being trapped in a confined space with people who would make Darwin believe evolution was regressing wasn’t an idea of a great time. Liberty slid the key card into the door, then headed inside, and Quickly claimed the bed on the far side of the room by a little chair. It had a cozy feel to it.
Now to many it may seem that Liberty is a tad overacting, bit after two years in high school, no including grade school and elementary of trying to be friends and fit in and being shut our you got a bit sarcastic and harsh. Analis came and went in a flurry of speed unpacking that would wow anyone and headed down to the lobby. Liberty didn’t feel like going anywhere today. It was already five and all she wanted was a relaxing soak in the tub.
As she quickly undressed in the chilly bathroom she look at picture Analis had set up of her and her friends at what looked like a luau. Maybe she was just a bit jealous of Anias’s life. She had good parents, sibling, friends.
” Everything I don’t.” She thought aloud.
Not to mention the physical differences. Anaise was tall, slender, large in all the right places if you know what I mean. Then of course she and her beautiful bland hair and clear blue eyes.
” Not like me.” Liberty remarked to the mirror, as she stared at her shorter, frame, dark red, hair, and green eyes. She and never disliked the way she looked, unlike most girls her age. As far as she was concerned it was all she and left of her parents. She had always loved her eyes. Bright emerald green, and gold flecks running through them.
Quickly climbing into the full tub she sand into the hot water and pulled out the trips itinerary. Today was Friday, the others were going shopping tonight, and out to eat. Tomorrow was the great Windsor Castle, followed by free time and then onto London great night life. The rest of the trip was the same with another trip to oxford, and then sightseeing around London. Liberty, looked at it again trying to find the best time to go to To Tolkiens old house. After the soak., she climbed into the changed and climbed into the chair, opening another book and began to read. After a while the door opened and closed as the infamous roommate returned from her nightly ritual of Lobby Socializing. Looking at the book Anaise asked.
“It good?”
“Mhhhm.” Lib replied not looking up.
“You know you might not want to read so much, might cause premature wrinkles.” Analis warned in all seriousness.
“Good, tired and haggard is the look I was going for.”
Anaise let it slide, and disappeared into the bathroom. Sighing heavily. Liberty crawled into bed.
“This is going to be a long week.” She said to the popcorn ceiling.


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