Lessian and the Return of the Thing – Chapter 1. Why do they always come back?

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” Legolas, what do we do now?” Gimli asked. Gimli and Aragorn were very tired from riding for two days straight. Legolas however was looking quite awake.
” I do not know Gimli,” Legolas admitted. Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli had all been riding around looking for Frantra. An elf had reported sighting him when he was out hunting 2 days ago. So the 3 of then had been out looking for him.
” This to me is getting far to familiar for comfort,” said Aragorn.
” I must ask Aragorn what do you mean this has never happened,” said Gimli rolling his eyes.
Legolas gave a small smile, but it soon left his face.
” I understand Aragorn, but never in all of the ages I have lived have I ever let someone who did no deserve to live walk free and I never shall,” said Legolas seriously.
” Of course you are right Legolas,” said Aragorn smiling.
” Also give that madman another chance and he will surely create another creature,” said Gimli.
” Let us go before it becomes the night,” said Aragorn.
They searched for many more days, but found no trace of Frantra or of anything unusual. So they had ridden back to Aragorn’s castle.
” Did you find him?” Arwen asked as they came in to the dinning area. They all shook their heads.
” We found nothing,” said Aragorn walking over to Arwen and giving her a kiss. Aragorn sat down in his throne to have his breakfast.

As days passed Legolas looked more and more worried. So much in fact that Aragorn could not sit by and watch it any longer.
“Legolas, I know that you are troubled, but I do not know why,” said Aragorn sitting next to Legolas when he was outside in the courtyard, (he could always be found out there!). Legolas smiled.
” I am sorry Aragorn, but I can not help but feel disturbed by the news of Frantra, even more so that I do not know where he is,” Legolas admitted.
” I understand Legolas, I feel it too,” said Aragorn putting a hand on Legolas’s shoulder. Legolas looked at Aragorn and smiled again, but his smile soon faded. He was no longer looking at Aragorn but just past his ear. His face suddenly had a look of horror on it. Aragorn saw the look on his friend’s face and spun around and saw what Legolas’s was staring at. Fantra was on the other side of the thin black fence, created by Gimli, surrounding the courtyard. He smiled when he saw the man and the elf. He climbed over the small fence and walked toward them. Aragorn turned and was just about to yell for his guards.
” No, Aragorn wait!” Legolas insisted.
” Why?!” Aragorn asked bewildered.
” Let us just see what he wishes to see us for,” said Legolas seriously as Frantra approached them.
” Well, I must say I have not seen either of you in a very long time,” said Frantra. He had not changed he still looked the same( slightly taller maybe….).
” Hello,” said Aragorn stiffly.
” Aragorn, it is a pleasure to see you again,” said Frantra. Though it was extremely obvious he did not mean it!
” It is a surprise to be seeing you again Frantra,” said Legolas.
” Yes, it was hard to drag my half dead body back to my hut and fix myself,” he said casually as though he was asked this everyday. Legolas sighed lightly.
” What are you doing here?” Aragorn asked.
” I just thought I should make sure that you both knew that I was back,” said Frantra in a not so happy voice.
” Believe me I will get my revenge on the both of you,” he said pointing to them in turn. Then he clicked his fingers and he vanished in a puff of smoke.
” Well, we best be on our guard,” sighed Legolas turning to go back inside the castle.
” Wait, Legolas how can you be this way?” Aragorn asked.
” I do not understand Aragorn,” said Legolas turning back.
” We have just been threatened by a mad man, why are you just turning your back on this?”.
Legolas had a slightly shocked look on his face, but it soon left.
” Aragorn, there is nothing we can do at the moment about him so why worry, just make sure you have yourself ready for when he does try to get his revenge,” Legolas answered.
” So I take it you have both met that man before?.”
A strange female voice had just sounded from the tree behind Aragorn.


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