Lessian and the return of the thing – An Interfering Enemy

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Legolas looked up into Aragorn’s concerned face. Legolas sighed and sat down on his bed, Aragorn came and sat next to him.
” Is it true what she just said?” Aragorn asked looking at Legolas who did not look back at him.
” Yes, I was told when I got back to Mirkwood after the war of the ring,” Legolas admitted.
” I was too afraid to go and find Lessian for I believed she may have been dead,”
” But Legolas what if she had been dead and you never got to tell her goodbye?” Aragorn asked not taking his eyes off of Legolas’s face.
” Do you believe I did not think of that?, the thought has haunted many of my dreams,” Legolas said looking Aragorn in the eye,
” I just wonder what Frantra wants with her,” Aragorn thought out loud.
” What do you mean by that?” Legolas asked.
” Well she said he seemed very happy that she was here when he came in,” Aragorn reminded Legolas.
Legolas suddenly looked up at Aragorn, a look of dawning came over him.
” Aragorn we have to find her and fast!” he said jumping up.
Lessian ran through the forest crying. She stopped and sat underneath an ancient oak tree and just cried silently. Suddenly she heard faint footsteps walking her way. They where definitely heading toward her. She stood up and hurriedly climbed up the tree. She sat there waiting staring down at the clearing where she had been sitting. A man came into the clearing, she knew straight away who it was. It was Frantra.
“Lessian!” he called out.
” I know that you are around here somewhere I saw you,” Frantra was looking around then he looked straight up to the top of the tree where she was hiding.
” I can see you Lessian,” he called to her. She knew she had been sprung so peered over the top and climbed down onto the highest bow of the tree.
” What do you want Frantra, why will you not leave me alone?” she asked.
” I know what you are,” he said.
” How?” she simply asked.
” I have my ways, and the reason I will not leave you alone is I need you to fulfil my revenge on the King of Mirkwood,” Frantra said starting to climb the oak.
” I will never help you to gain revenge on Legolas,” Lessian said standing up reading incase Frantra got too near to her.
” Decent of you,” came a voice that diminished all of Lessian’s fears. It was Legolas and Aragorn. Frantra looked at them and jumped down from the tree and once more disappeared.
Lessian climbed down from the tree and faced Legolas.
” I am grateful my Lord,” she said this very coldly. Aragorn had a quick look of shock on his face, but it soon left.
” Lessian, I am sorry for what I did and I have no good excuse for what I did as there is no excuse, but I am sorry and I beg your forgiveness,” said Legolas. There was definitely desperation in his voice.
” Why should the King of Mirkwood beg the forgiveness of an ordinary elf?” said Lessian still standing at the base of the tree.
” I do not ask your forgiveness as the King of Mirkwood, but as your friend,” Legolas said walking slowly towards her. There was no doubt that Lessian was surprised at what Legolas had just said.
” Legolas, I forgive you as the King of Mirkwood, but you must understand that I do not yet forgive you as a friend,” Lessian said walking up to Legolas. He looked into her bright green eyes. He sighed and nodded.
” I apologies for my interruption, but Lessian what did Frantra mean when he said I know what you are?” Aragorn asked stepping toward them. Lessian and Legolas quickly looked at each other, not in panic more in question of whether they should tell him.
” Well Aragorn, The simplest way for me to put it is that I am not an elf,” Lessian said quietly. Her head was slightly hung as she spoke.
” Forgive the rudeness of this question , but if you are not an elf then what are you?” Aragorn asked going toward them both.
” Well the elves call my kind Anailya,” said Lessian looking up again.
” Anailya’s are creatures with many powers, not many know that I am one of them,” she added.
” I have only heard of Anailya’s in old stories, but I never believed them to be true,” Aragorn said bewildered.
” Not many believed us to be real not even the elves, but now some believe us,” Lessian said smiling.
” Amazing, but I still have one more question,” Aragorn said.
” How does Frantra know that you are Anailyan?” Legolas asked turning back to Lessian.
” I do not know,” she admitted.
” I have just one more question if you are an Anailya how could you have nearly died from a broken heart when Legolas left?” Aragorn asked.
” Well Anailya’s and elves are extremely alike the only difference is our powers and that Anailya’s can only die from one thing, which is broken heart,” Lessian explained.
” I do hate to interrupt, but we have a serious issue, if Frantra knows what you are then you are in danger,” Legolas said seriously. Just as Legolas had finished this they heard a rustle I the bush behind them. Legolas raised his bow and Aragorn loosened his sword from it’s sheath.
” Show yourself,” Aragorn commanded. Then a figure came out from behind the tall bush and it was only Tarain.
” Tarain what are you doing here?” Lessian asked running up and hugging her brother.
” I saw that man I shot in the arm,” Tarain said looking at his sister’s face with concern.
” He knows what I am” Lessian told him.
” That can not be true, how could he?” Tarain asked suddenly looking scared.
” We do not know,”
” All we know is that if he really does know then neither of you are safe,” Aragorn said.
” I do not mean to be rude but who are you?” Tarain asked.
” Forgive me brother, this is Aragorn the King of Gondor,” Lessian said quickly. Tarain bowed slightly.
” Pleasure,” Tarain simply said turning back to Lessian.
” Well then we must leave,” Tarain said hurriedly. He grabbed her arm and made to run, but Lessian pulled her arm away from her brothers grip.
” No, all of you are telling me what I must do and I will not stand for it!” Lessian yelled.
” Lessian, it is for your safety,” Tarain told her shocked at her sudden outburst.
” For how long Tarain?” she asked angrily.
” How long until someone comes and tries to harm us again?”
” I am not going to run away from this!” Lessian said firmly. Everyone looked shocked except for Legolas.
” If you do not wish to leave you are welcome to stay at the castle of Gondor,” Aragorn told her calmly. Lessian excepted , but Tarain left that day saying that his sister was out of her mind.


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