Legolas’s Training – Chapter # 5 (Last chapter) Broken Hearts

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“Put your hood up. I know that you are the Prince of Mirkwood, but I want to see how well you can control the gaurds, without them knowing who you are”. Sally said, as she wraped a scarf around her mouth, and pulled her hood over her head, casting a shadow over her face.

Legolas did as he was told. He couldn’t wait to show his father how much he’d grown in the mind, wisdom, spirit, and body.

But there was something else. He wanted his father’s advise on something. He would have asked his mother, Lindarian, if she were still alive. But her star fell a long time ago. The birth of his little brother had been too much for her. She had died in his fathers arms.

Legolas remembered that day so well. He had been so excited adout getting a younger brother. But when he saw the state that his mother was in, it was just too much for him. She had said her final goodbye to him in tears. She had said that she would not be the last woman in his life. She had spoken of someone with long purple hair, crystal green eyes, and a scar upon the right side of her face.

Legolas was so deep in thought that it statled him when a group of gaurds jumped out in front of them. “What business do you have”, the Leader demanded.

Quickily, Legolas regained his cool. “me, and my friend, are heading to Lord Thranduil’s city. We have important business with Lord Thranduil”.

“Sorry, but Lord Thranduil is in the middle of an important meeting with Lady Celebrain, of Imladris, and the Leader of the Dale”. The Leader said.

“Lady Celebrain is hear? You can show them who you are now”. Sally said, in a Manish tone.

Legolas pulled his hood back.

“Prince Legolas”! The gaurds fell to their knees. “You have returned. After nearly tren years, our Prince has returned”.

“Yes, I have returned. Send word to my father. Tell him to prepare a banquet in honuor of Lady Sally, Daughter of the Stars”.

A messenger was immediately sent. “Prince Legolas, allow us to escort you to the city”? The Leader asked. Legolas nodded, and the gaurds began to lead them to the city.

“So it’s over? My training has finally ended”. Legolas suddenly said.

“Not completely. You have but one more lesson to learn from me”. Sally corrected.

“What do you mean? I thought that my training was finished”?

“Almost finished”. Sally looked ahead. They were reaching the city. “I think you should prepare to get greeted”.

By the time they reached the palace, the roads were filled with elves, from all over Mirkwood. Thranduil came running down to his son, and embraced him. He pulled away, held Legolas at arms length, and felt his arm muscle. “My, you have grown greatly in strength. Looks like Lady Sally’s training has payed off”.

“Yes, it has”. Legolas smiled.

Thranduil turned to Lady Sally. “Thank you for bringing my son home safe, an in one peice”.

“You’re welcome, Lord Thranduil. Your son was a fine student”. Sally said. “Is Lady Celebrain here”?

“No, she left shortly before we recieved word of your arrivel. Come, we have prepared a banquet in your honuor. you should wash up”.

“Father, may I speak with you”?

“Sure”. Thranduil and Legolas went up to Legolas’s room.

“Father, I need your advise on something”. Legolas said as he change into something more suitable for the Banquet. “Lately I have had strange feelings towards a High Elven Maiden. I believe the feeling is love. I just don’t know how to tell her”.

Thranduil sighed. “My son has grown up tooo fast. He is already speaking of love. What is this maidens name”?

“Ian’t it ovious? I’m in love with the very woman who taught me pain. I’m in love with the very woman who broke my arms and legs five separate times. She is Lady Sally. I wish to court her, but I don’t know how to. Her parents have already sailed accross the sea, so I can’t ask for their promission”.

Thranduil sighed again. “If you wish to court her, than do it tonight, at the banquet. You can use this”. He handed Legolas a golden ring that had colorful jewels surrowding the band. “I used it when I courted your mother. Maybe you can use it too, when you court Sally”.

“Thank you, father”. Legolas took the ring.

“i just want to see my son happy”. Thranduil hugged his son, then left.

Later that night, Legolas and Sally told everyone of their adventures. Sally, who was wearing her plain old Ranger clothing, sat on Thranduil’s right. On Sally’s right sat Legolas’s brother, Thranolas, who was very interested in their tales. Legolas sat on Thranduil’s left.

The banquet passed quickily. Near the end, Legolas stood, walked over to Sally, got down on one knee, and handed her the ring his father had given to him. “What’s this”? Sally asked.

Legolas gulped. “Lady Sally, Daughter of the Stars, Princess of Lothlorien, I ask your hand in marriage. Will you become the Princess of Mirkwood, by my side”?

He looked up, hoping that the silence was from how stunned she was. Instead, her face was expressionless.

Slowly, Sally picked up his hand, and placed the ring back into it. “Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood, I cannot accept. If you had asked me long after you had learned your last lesson, I might have accepted. Now I must teach you the hardest lesson of all. And that’s how to say goodbye”. She stood, and began to leave.

“Sally”! Thranduil yelled, outraged.

Sally turned, and faced him. “What”? She knew all eyes were on her.

“If you walk though that door, I’ll exile you from Mirkwood”.

Sally shrugged. “If that is the price I must pay to complete your son’s training, then so be it”. She walked out the door, and fetched her horse, Earelen.

Sally was about to leave when Legolas rushed out to try to stop her. “Sally! Please don’t go. I won’t be able to live without you”.

Sally sighed. “Legolas, I don’t know how you were able to hide the very thing that I was hiding from you”. She looked at him, and, for the first time, sense they’d meet; Legolas saw tears in her eyes. He hadn’t relized how much pain she was in. “I love you. You’re the person to have stolen my heart. But I must go”. And with that, Sally leaped onto Earelen, and began to ride out of Mirkwood.

As she drew further away, she bagan to shine, as though she herself were a star. Then she disappeared into the gloom of Mirkwood. Leaving behind a broken hearted Prince. The only questions are would he ever meet here again? Would she still love him? Would he still love her? And so, that ends this tail, both the Prince of Mirkwood, and the Princess of Lothlorien leaves each other with broked hearts. Legolas’s training has finally ended.


I thank all of you who have read from the begining of my story. I kinda skipped the areas where Legolas was getting trained because I didn’t know how I wanted it to go. I hope you enjoyed the story.

And I’d like to thank The Eavenstar for all her help. Hope you all enjoyed the story


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