Legolas’s Training – Chapter #4 The Sons of Elrond

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Whack, Whack, and Whack again. Sally began to slump to the floor, but the two Orcs, one on both sides, held her up, by her weak arms.

“That’s enough”, the Leader said. The Orc, who had been punching Sally, stepped back. “Tell me what I wish to know, and you shall feel no more pain”.

Sally remained silent.

“Tell me now! What are you doing here? How did you get out of your cell? And who are you”? The Leader was getting impatient.

The Leader nodded to the Orc, that had been punching Sally. The Orc stepped forward, and began to punch Sally, hitting her several more times.

After a while, the Orc stepped back. Sally’s face was covered in blood, and her legs had no strength in them.

“This one is too adapted to pain. Bring forth the child” The Leader ordered.

“My name is Sally”! Sally cried, not wanting Legolas to suffer the same tortire she had endured.

The Leader turned back to her. “What did you say”?

“My name is Sally. I am an elf of Lothlorien. I came to help a group of people that you captured”.

“Lothlorein? Seems likea long ways to travel in just two days”?

“I just happened to be in the area”.

“Now tell me how you got out of your cell”?

“It’s called brains, idiot. I knew you Orcs were stupid, so I used your weakness to my advantage. I knew that you wouldn’t check my boots for weapons, so I put my knife in there. After that all I had to do was calculate my attack. It worked wonderfully, until you disarmed me and my student, here”.

The Orc grinned evilly. “Your student? He looks more like an Elven swine then you do”.

“That’s because I’ve had a long time to train. And I took him as my student five days ago, idiot”.

The Orc nodded. “Put them back in the cell”! He ordered, as he walked away.

Sally was dragged back into the cell. Legolas, and Mica, who had been force to watch Sally’s torture, were carried in behind. The two Orcs let go of Sally’s arms. She was too weak to stand on her own. She fell to the floor.

The Orcs left, and Legolas rushed to Sally’s side. “You disobeyed me”. She said, looking at him weakly. This was the first time that they had really had a chance to talk.

“I’m sorry. If I’d known I wou-“

“You should have gone. I would have found a way out of that mess on my own”. Sally said a little too harshly. “I have roamed these lands for over a thousand years. I can do things on my own. But you stayed, and I was forced to give away information. Now go and help Mica”.

“I’m sorry”. Legolas made his way to Mica, amd began to tend her wounds, while Sally fell into a deep sleep.

Two more days went by, and each day, Sally was bet for no reason, what so ever. The afternoon of the sixth day, sense they had been re-captured, Sally felt someone shaking her. “Wake up Sally”, Legolas called to her. Sally rolled over, and looked at him. “I think someone is here to rescue us”.

Sally sat up, and heard, from somewhere in the Orc den, voices, yelling in elvish. “Elladan? Elrohir? What are they doing here”?

Within minutes, two elven boys, no older then Legolas, burst into the cell, swords held high. they looked around. Legolas stepped forward.

“What are you doing in this Orc den”, one of them asked?

“My teacher, and I, came here to rescue a group of people, that had been catured by these foul Orcs. We freed most of them, but me and my teacher were captured again”.

“Who’s you’re teacher”?

“This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but my teacher name is Sally”.

“Sally? Our cousin Sally”? The two elven boys exchanged a glance.

“Yes, your cousin Sally. What are you doing here”?

“Father sent us to help you. He had a vision, and thought that this would be a good training excersize for us. What are you doing here”? One of them said.

“Well, Elrohir, my student, and I, heard that Mica was leading a group of people to Thranduil’s city, but was captured by Orcs. We free most of them, like my student has already told you, but my student decided to stay, putting, not only his life, but also Mica’s life, at risk. She’s over there”. Sally pointed to the corner. “She needs help getting out of here. I also will be needing help. Elladan, can you carry me out of here? I’m too weak to walk”?

Elladan answered by walking up to her, and scooping her up in his arms, allowing her to lie her head on his shoulder. Elrohir picked Mica up. “Lets get out of here”, he said.

“Legolas, make sure to pick up our weapons on the way out. They were sat back where they were. Stupid Orcs”. Sally laughed, weakly.

They quickly made their way to the surface. Legolas picked up their weapons at the exit, then they made their way away from the Orc den, and torwards Thranduil’s city. They soon came to a stream, they stopped there. Elrohir began to tend to Mica’s wounds, whil Elladan sat Sally down by the stream, and began to tend to her wounds.

Legolas sat by the stream, and stared into it’s crystally depts. Elladan finished tending to Sally’s wounds. Sally, who, now, was full of energy, stood and walked over to legolas. Legolas looked up at her, she had an ugly wound, that wound become a future scar, running from just above her right eye, and ending near the right side of her mouth.

Legolas looked away. “I’m sorry for the pains I caused you. I was only doing what I thought best”.

Sally put a hand on Legolas’s shoulder. “You are forgiven. But, next time, I expect you to listen to me”. Sally walked over to where Elrohir, and Elladan, were tending to Mica’s wounds. “Well, cousins, tomorrow we shall split up. I’m taking Legolas to Rohan, and Gondor”.

“But you need to heal yourself. We’re taking Mica to Lord Thranduil’s city. Why don’t you come with us”? Elrohir asked

“No, Elrohir. Legolas’s treining must continue. I can not, and will not, stop his training, so I can heal. It might teach him to continue, even when in great pain”.

“As you wish”, Elrohir said.

“Elladan, I need you to inform Lord Thranduil that is son is alright. Elrohir, I need you to get Mica to Lothlorien, after she has healed. Can you two do that for me”?

“Yes”, the twins said.

Sally walked to a nearby tree, jumped up, and climbed into the tree. Legolas stood, and strolled up to the tree. He climbed up into it, and saw Sally sitting on a nearby branch, looking out, over the surroending land. He made his way to her side, and sat down.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”Sally asked, staring out, over the land.

Legolas lookedout. He could see lands beyond Mirkwood, it was beautiful. Far off, in the distance, he saw, what looked like, golden woods. “What’s that place called”? He asked, pointing it out.

“That is Lothlorien, the Golen Woods. The realm of my Grandparents, Lord Celeborn, and Galadriel, Lady of Light”. Sally answered.

Legolas looked at her, she was undoing her braid, allwoing her free purple hair to flow with the wind. He noticed for the time how unelven-like she looked. Her hair was longer then it was suppose to be, usally a females hair would end at their mid-thigh, but Sallys hair ended near her ankles.And her hair was an unusally purple.

“Why do you look like that”? He asked.

“Why do I look like what”?

“Your hair is purple, and longer then it’s supose to be. Isn’t that unusal for an elven maiden”?

Yah, I guess it is”. Sally said, shrugging. “No one’s ever made a big deal about it. But, if you really want to know, my mother was exposed to a Rainbow crystal. See, what a Rainbow crystal is, is a magical crystal, which is sometimes used to give gems their colour. Anyway, my mother was exposed to a highly powered, when she was carring me and my twin sister, mind you. The Rainbow crstal changed our looks. My twin turned out to have green hair, and green eyes, I turned out like this”.

“You have a twin sister”? Legolas asked.

“Yes, her name is Katie. She sailed to the Undying Lands about seven years ago, with my parents. I miss her”.

Intresting”. Legolas looked back at Lothlorein. “Are we going to visit those woods”?

“Properly not. As much as I miss my Grandparents, I don’t think I’ll be taking you there”.Legolas’s face turned into a looked of disappointment.

Sally looked at him. She suddenly had a vision, for she had the power of foresight. She saw, what looked to be, a future Legolas. He looked handsome, yet he also looked sad. The vision ended, and Sally blinked. What had she just seen.

Legolas saw this. “What? Do I have something in my hair, or something”? He began checking his hair.

“No”! Sally laughed. “No, you don’t have anything in your hair”. She looked back in the direction of Lothlorien, and hit Legolas on the back. “I think you’ll make a fine student”. She said.

Legolas smiled at her. “You really think so”?

“Yes”. The sun slowly disappered behind the hills, in the distance. Stars stared setting in the twilight sky, throwing everyone into a peaceful sleep.


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