Legolas’s Training – Chapter #3: Horrible Orc Den

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Sally led the way down the trail, that benet east, torwards the Lonely Mountains. Sally stopped in a clearing, and waited for Legolas to catch up.

“You okay”, she asked?

“Yah, just a little homesick. Where are we heading”?

“We will be heading to Rivendell. But, first I’m going to take you to the realms of Men”, Sally answered. “Hey, if you would like to quicken the pace, I can carry you on my back. I’ll get us out of these woods in no time”, Sally suggested.

Legolas nodded. Sally bent over, allowing Legolas to jump onto her back. She stood, balanced herself, and then began to sprint down the trail. By noon Sally had ran out of Mirkwood, and had turned south. She ran until nightfall, getting, at least, four or five legends away from the path, that they had left Mirkwood on.

Sally let go of Legolas, who landed on his feet behind her. “How did you do that? Running without stopping”? He asked, bewildered.

“Training and practice. You’ll learn how to do that, in due time. It’s getting late, and we should be getting to bed. We will have to be up early, tomorrow, to begin your training. Come”. She walked up to a nearby tree. Legolas came up behind her.

Sally sat down, and leaned agaist the trunk of the tree. “Find an area to sleep”. She said as she crossed her legs, and wrapped her cloak about her.

“Legolas pulled a blanket from his pack, lied down a few feet away from Sally’s feet. He covered himself with the blanket.

Night slowly fell, and a pale moon shown in the sky. It became extremely cold. And, even with his greatest attemps not to, Legolas began to shiver.

Sally saw this. “Are you cold”?

Legolas nodded, sheepishly. “Come over here then”. Legolas stood, and walked over to her. Sally opened her cloak, and patted her crossed shins.

Legolas sat down on her crossed legs, and wrapped the blanket around his legs. Sally then wrapped her cloak about him. He instantly felt warmer. “Now, go to sleep”, Sally wispered into his ear.

And, almost immedately, he fell asleep.

A few hours later, Sally was awoken by one of those feelings, that she got when someone was near. She carefully nudged Legolas. He woke up, and looked up at her. She was putting her hand on the hilt of her sword. Legolas pixked up his bow, and an arrow.

There was a rustle in the bushes. Sally and Legolas, were up. Legolas’s bow nocked with an arrow. Sally’s sword was drawn.

“Come out”! She shouted. there came another rustle from the bushes. And out stepped two young boys and a girl. They looked frightened by the elven weapons.

Legolas put his bow away. And Sally put her sword back into its scabbard. She walked out into the moonlight, so that the kids could tell what she was.

“See? I told you they were no Orcs”, one of the boys demanded.

“What are you children doing out her”? Sally asked, looking at their raged clothing. “And dressed so thinly”?

“We have been making our way to Lord Thranduil’s city. That’s were the elders were heading. But, just last night, Orcs raided our camps. Takingpeople hostage, and killing the others”. The girl, who looked like the oldest, said.

Sally nodded. “Can we have your names”?

“I’m Nela. This is Nen, and Rutin”. The girl said, pointing out who was who.

“I’m Sally, Princess of Lothlorien. And this is, my student, Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. Was there any elves in your group”?

“Yes, an elf from… Well, I don’t really know where she was from. But, if I remember correctly, her name was Mica”.

Sally’s eyes grew wide. “Mica”! She looked at Legolas. “We have to rescue her”.

“I’m not going back in there”, Nen objected!

“Who said you were? I need you three to go, and have Lord Thranduil inform Lord Elrond, of Rivendell. Do any of you know how to usea sword”?

“Yes, we were taught by the elder, when we were young. It would come in handy, but we don’t have any swords”. Nela answered.

Sally picked her pack up, and pulled out three long knifes. I know there just miniature swords, but they can protect you”. She handed each of them a sword. She also pulled out three cloaks, and wrapped them around the freezing children. “Go now, and do try not to delay”. She pointed them in the direction they needed to go. They ran off.

After they were gone, Sally and Legolas went back into Mirkwood. And began looking for the Orcs. It didn’t take long to find a way to get to them. Because Sally, and Legolas, walked right into a hunting party of Orcs. Who held nocked bows three inches from their faces. Their weapons were taken, andtheir hands were bound. They had been captured.

Sally and Legolas were lead to the Orcs den, and up to their leader.

“Ah! More wonders of Mirkwood. What’s this? Two elves? A child and a women no less? What were you doing, wondering off of the paths of Mirkwood”? The leader demanded, leaning forward, blowing nasty smelling breath in the twos direction.

“Just looking for that foul thing Lord Thranduil smelled. And it wouldn’t surprise me if it had been your breath”. Sally answered. The Orc, standing behind her, whipped her across the back, with a horrible Orc whip. Blood began to seeping out of the wound.

“Take them away”? The Leader ordered. Sally and Legolas were taken to a cell-like room. There, on the floor, lie many people, from all over Middle-earth.

Sally spotted Mica lying on the floor, and rushed over to her. “Mica”? She asked. “Are you alright”?

Mica slowly looked up at Sally. “Sally” How did you get in here”?

“Long story, too long to tell right now”. Sally looked around. “Where were you heading to”? She asked the question, although she already knew the answer.

“I was leading some people to Thranduil’s city. We stopped to set up camp, we were about a one day trip from our destination. Then they came, Orcs overwhelmed us. I helped the childern escape. But I doubt that they made it out of Mirkwood”.

“How many were there”?

“There was a girl and two boys. I told them to make their way to Lord Thranduil’s city”, Mica answered.

“They made it out. That’s how we got here in the first place. We heard that you were in a group of people, who had been captured by Orcs. And we immediately came to your rescue. I sent them off to inform Lord Thranduil. Now don’t you worry about them. Let us worry about how we’re going to get out of here. They toke our weapons”.

“Well, I guess that you will have to put your hand-to-hand combat skills to good use”, Mica laught lightly.

“Legolas, I have a plan. I’ll distract the guards, while you get everyone out of here. Make sure to pick up our weapons at the exit. I saw one of the guards put them next to the door, outside”.

“But they are armed. How do you think you can distract them long enough to get everyone out of here”? Legolas objected.

“I am not completely disarmed. I still have that knife your father gave me”. She pointed at the knife, that was still tucked in her boot. “You have to little faith in my skills, young one. Orcs are stupid, and would not have thought to check my boots for weapons”.

“It’s still going to be dangerous”, Legolas protested. “How are you planning to defeat an entire den of Orcs with just one knife”?

“I’m not. I’m going to take the sword from the first Orc I kill”. Sally stood, and walked over to the entrance of the cell. She sat down on the floor, and began to calculating her attack.

Soon, she stood back up, and made her way back to Legolas, and Mica> “There are only ten guards, out in the hall. It won’t be hard to mow them down> That will give you some time to get everything out of the cell. I will then begin making a gap out of this filthy den. You’ll need to have everyone out of close on my heels. Because that gap won’t last long. Come, now. Get everyone on their feet. Pair the weeker ones with the weaker ones. Hurry”. Sally and Legolas began helping people to their feet, and pairing the stronger ones with the weaker ones.

Sally walked back over to the entrance to the cell, again, and squatted down. “When are you going to start the attack”?

“In a minute. I need to calculate this so that we break out of here at the exact moment the sun comes up. That way we may have a chance that the surviving Orcs won’t follow”. She explained. “I’llneed you to see to it personally that Mica gets out of this den. If I don’t make it out, then you will have to lead the people to your fathers kingdom”.

“What do you mean ‘if you don’t make it out’? You’re going to make it out”.

“I may have to stay behind, to buy you and those people some time”. Sally stood back up. “Now come, I’ll start the diversion now. You will need to get everyone out to safety”.

Sally pulled the knife out of her boot, and stepped out of the un-barred cell. She quietly walked up behind one of the Orc guards.

She grabbed the Orc by, what little hair he had, his hair, pulled his head back, and slit the Orcs throat. He fell to the ground, dropping his Orc blade. Sally bent over, and picked up his sword, then turned to face the rest of the Orcs, who were now charging her.

She lunged forward, Orc blade singing, as she swang it in a beautiful dance. Within eighty seconds, Sally was stepping over the bodies of her dead foes, “Now comes the tricky part”. She bent over, picked up another Orc blade, and threw it to Legolas. “Your first lesson, from me, is to use any weapon that is available to you, even if it is an Orc blade”.

“But I don’t even know how to use a sord. Father hasn’t taught me how to yet”.

“Just hit the bad guy with the sharp end, and try not to hot your allie, while your at it. Luckily for you, you properly won’t have to use it much. Because I’m going to be doing all the lling, well, most of it anyway. Come, we must hurry”. Sally began to rush forward, Legolas, and the group of people, not far behind.

As they made their way to the surface, Sally heaved down dozens of Orcs. Legolas only had to kill four, luckily. Soon they began to reach the exit to the den. Sally cut through the small line of Orcs guarding the exit. Then rushed out, just as the sun peaked over the horizon. Sending lushes, golden light over the land.

Sally saw her weapons, and threw down the Orc blade. She thendrew her faithful sword Ranger sword, Oiolosseo, Queen of the Sae. She then picked up Legolas’s bow, and quiver of arrows, handed them to him. Then picked up her remaining weapons, and pulled them on.

She turned to Legolas, who was carrying Mica in one arm, and the Orc blade in the other. “Get out of here. Get the people to your fathers city. I’ll hold them back”.

“I’m not going anywhere. I wil not abandomfreinds or mediators to death. I was taught that much”, Legolas objected.

“I promised your father that you would be save. If I let you stay, then I will be breaking my promise. I’ll be alright”. Sally turned to face the Orcs, who were chasing them.

Legolas didn’t do as he had been told. Instead, he turned to face the charging Orcs. He held Mica up with his left arm. Putting his body inbetween the Orcs and Mica, holding his sword up with his right arm.

The attack came; Sally and Legolas mowed down Orc after Orc. But the Orcs soon Legolas into a corner. Sally noticed this; she leaped forward, sword gleaming in the early sunlight.

The Orcs tightened their defencesbetween her and Legolas. Driving Sally back, into a wall, and pinned her there. They soon disarmed legolas of his weapons, and took him and Mica captive. Sally saw this, and missed an attack.

An Orc blade slide past her sword, and struck her wrist. She cried out, dropping her sword, and falling to her knees, culching her wrist. the Orcs pulled her to her feet, bound her hands, and took her, Legolas, and Mica back into the den.


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