Legolas’s Training – Chapter 1

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Do frogive me, if the story dosen’t really follow the real history of middle-earth, as I don’t know when the Rangers first began protecting borders of certian areas, much less where they first began protesting.
A figure, with a slime form, raced through the paths of Mirkwood. Towards the elven city.
The figure reached the boundaries of the elven foundations, and was stopped by the elven guards assinged to protect the borders.
“Halt”! The leader ordered, holding up his hand. “What business do you have in Mirkwood”?
The figure reached into their saddlebag, and pulled out a scroll. And handed it to the leader.
He read over it. “you two”, he said, pointing to two of his men. “Take this Ranger to Lord Thranduil”. he handed the scrollback to the figure. And the two elves, he had pointed out, jumped onto their horses.
They led the Ranger to the elven city, and up to Thranduil’s
palace. The two left the Ranger with two of the palace gaurds.
Who took him to a meeting room. Then went to inform Thranduil.
In a few minutes, Thranduil walked in with a young elf. Who was happily carrying a brand new, golden bow.
The figure handed Thranduil the scroll. He took it, read over it , nodded. And said “welcome, Ranger, protector of the
Boundaries of Gondor. What might your name be”?
The Ranger pulled back their hood, and unwrapped the scarf, that covered Their face. Allowing a long, purple braid to fall to the floor. It was a woman! No! It was an elven woman.
“I have benn sent, by the leader of the Rangers, to answer to your requests”, she said. ” My name is Sally. Granddaughter to Lord Celeborn, and Lady Galadriel, of Lothlorien”.


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