Legolas’s Training – A Journey begins

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I know that Sally dosn’t sound like an elven name, but I like that name, and shall keep it the way it is.

Thranduil, and the young elf, stared at Sally.

“You’re a Ranger”, the young elf sried!

“Yes, why? Does this surprise you”?

“Yes! It surprises me very much”.

“Well, I guess it was useless to leave my post, in Gondor, if this is how I am treated”. Sally began for the door, but Thranduil blocked her way.

“Wait! Please forgive my son; he is not use to female warriors. Anyway, I summoned a Ranger to take my son, and train him in the ways of others. If you would be willing, then please take him. And train him in the ways that he will need to know”.

Sally looked at the young prince. “So this is your son. I thought that even he would have learn Sally, the only women to fight against the Dark Lords armies. And almost fell next to Gil-Galad”.

“Well, I have heard of the women, but no one seems to know of her name”, the Prince ammited.

“Well, now you Know”. Sally turned back to Thranduil. “I can take him. But he will have to learn my way, and no one else’s. Understand”?

“Yes”,Thranduil answered.

“Now, befrae I do anything else, I’d wish to learn of the Young Princes name”?

“It is Legolas”, the young prince answered.

“Well, Legolas, we shall soon be leaving. Go and pack for a long journey. I’m going to take you to just about ever location, in Middle-earth. Now go, and prepare youself”. Legolas went off to pack.

“So, how long will you have my son”?

“As long as it takes. Three, maybe four years, at the most, it is hard to tell. But the time will be worth it”.

“It had better be. I’m leaving him completely in your hands. No on else shall accompany you. So, it’s your job to protect him”, Thranduil warned. “If anything happens to him, then I’ll have your head”.

“I understand. If anything happens to him, it will be after the enemy has stepped over my dead body. Which is very unlikly to happen. For I know what it is like to trust someone else with children that you have rased. For I have raised my freind’s children, after he, and his wife, were killed”.

“Good. Is there anything that you require”?

“My horse is worn, from the long trip over the mountians. I wish for her to stay here, in Mirkwood, while I train the young prince. Her name is Earenlen”.

“You can leave her here, we’ll take care of her, until you return. And you can call my son Legolas”.

“I know, but it is funnier to call him Prince. Oh! Did he recieve the two bone-handled knifes yet”?

“No, why? Do you wish for me to give him them”?

“No, I’ll give them to him. But he has to earn them first. Now, escuse me, I have to talk with the prince”.

“I will lead you to his room”. Thranduil lead Sally up to Legoals’s room. Legolas was rushing about. Thranduil left the two to talk in private.

“Well”, Legolas said, after a minute of silence. “I don’t know what all to pack. This is the first time that I’ve left Mirkwood”.

“Really. well, you,ll need…” She listed a ton of things that he would need. He was soon ready to go.

He led the wat to the center of the city. There were elves, from all over the city, gathered to watch their prince leave.

Legolas walked up to his father. “Farewell, father”.

“Farewell, my son. May Lady Sally teach you more then you could learn from any elf, here in Middle-Earth, could teach you. May your journey be a good one. And may you be a better warrior. Take this quiver of arrows, so that you can put your bow to good use”.

Legolas took the quiver from his Thranduil. “Thank you, father. He pulled the quiver on.

“And, Lady Sally, this is for you”. Thranduil held out a knife, that had a dark, wood-handle. It was in a black scabbard, that had golden writing on it. Sally pulled the blade out, it was gold. “I thank you for taking my Legolas”, Thranduil said.

Sally nodded. “Thank you, Thranduil”. She tucked the knife into her boot. “Come, Legolas. It is time to leave on this quest”. She turned, and walked away, torwards the entrance of the city. Legolas slowly followed.


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