Legolas’s Mermaid – Chapter 5

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Legolas jumped out of the stream, his muscled body tensed, ready for action. He ran through the trees past a startled Aragorn, and into the tiled bath room.
“What’s that….that…..thing?” asked Gimli emediately.
Filleree was down at the bottom, clutching the axe, shaking with fear. Her eyes searching the pool, looking for a way out.
“Uh, Gimli, i meant to tell you…. i found her on the beach see, and she was really hurt….” said Legolas.
“Am i supposed to accept another one of your pets?”
“The dragon was only a little hatchling. She was too young to fend for herself.”
“That dragon was too much of a nuisance! Always setting things to ice! I nearly died the time she frosted the kitchen floor!”
“How was I supposed to know she was an ICE Dragon?”
“I have been the good one here! Have you ever wondered why I haven’t been back to the quarry?”
“You have been good? I am the one helping the creatures in this world!”
“I have been here to help you get over yourself! The Fellowship is over! The Ring is destroyed!”
“I know Gimli. It is hard to grasp. I had never felt so needed. So alive. I had a purpose.”
“It’s time that you go back to wherever your kingdom is.”
“NO. I will not go back! I do not want to rule a kingdom, marry some elf princess, and live in utter sameness! I already lived the boring life of an elf prince. It is time for me to live as others do not!”
“The time will come Legolas. The time will come when you have to go back.”
With that final warning, Gimli stalked out of the room. Legolas waited for his footsteps to die away before breathing.
“That was quite an impressive fight!”
“Aragorn! Since when do you eavesdrop?”
“I heard Gimli scream just like you. And like you, I was caught unaware. Maybe you should get dressed.”
Legolas looked down and blushed a deep scarlet to the tips of his ears. He walked into the garderobe and selected some clothes to wear.
“Now tell me. What are you going to do about Filleree?”
“We should go outside to talk of this.”
Aragorn nodded and stepped out of the room. Legolas led the way down to the creek. Following a path only used by animals, he led Aragorn to the center of the creek on an islet.
“I intend to marry her.”
“I see. Did you know that she cannot live on land? You cannot live in water.
There is no compromise.”
“Yes there is. She can live in the pool and I can live in the bath room. We could live together happily.”
“You cannot reproduce with a mermaiden. She needs her owm kind.”
“She will learn to love it here. You will see!”
“Legolas, you are blinded by infatuation! Can you not see how thin she is getting? Can you not see the dark circles under her eyes? Can you not see?!”
“She is just not used to our food yet. I am sure that a tiled floor is not too comfortable to sleep on.”
“Legolas! Listen! Look! Filleree is wasting away!”
“She is perfectly happy here! She hasn’t complained at all for two weeks!”
“That is because she barely talks! You are a blinded fool!”
“Blinded fool?! I am no blinded fool!”
Legolas turned away and ran to the bath room. Filleree was sitting on the edge of the pool. The axe was still clutched in her white hands.
“Legolas. I must tell you something.”
He nodded his consent and she continued.
“It is a prophecy made many many years before I was born. Some say that it is pure fable, but I know the truth.”
She took a shuddering breath and paused. Her thin, bony body shook with each breath.
“It is about me, the prophecy. It also holds you in its grasp.”


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