Legolas’s Mermaid – Chapter 2

by May 28, 2005Stories

She screamed on and on. Not once did she pause for breath. Legolas looked on, waiting for her to finish so he could talk to her. Finally she stopped and collapsed onto the ground, gasping for breath.
“What is your name?” he asked.
She replied in her own language, a stange singing sort of reply.
He tried again, this time in elvish.
“What is your name?” he asked.
She sat up and looked up at him startled.
“I am Filleree,” she said in elvish.
“I am Legolas. Where is your home in the sea?” Legolas asked gentlemanly.
“My home is at the bottom where the grass is blue, the birds are fish, and the sea is your domain,” she replied.
“How did you get washed up onto the beach?”
“I was attacked by sharks on my way home. I tried to escape, but they followed me. I don’t remember how I got here. I blacked out when one of them bit me.”
“It will be getting dark soon, so I’m going to take you up to my home.”
“No, return me to the sea. I need to be in the sea!”
Legolas looked at her. He noticed every detail about her. He noticed how her eyes looked at him pleadingly, how she was sitting up, how her tail curved gracefully, her thick red hair, her…
He stopped. he had to stop thinking of how she would look if she were his.
“I can’t let you be out there alone. You might die while tying to get back to your people. No, I won’t risk it. You’re coming with me,” Legolas said.
“Very well. But you must take me back sometime,” Filleree said.
Legolas picked her up gently and walked off to his home.

Legolas put her in his white tiled bath off of his chamber. He never used it. It was 12×15 ft. and 13 ft. deep. The water was crystal clear, but cold since he liked cold baths.
“I hope you like this bath. I never use it. I prefer to bathe in the stream out back,” he said as he put her in.
Filleree swam about, looking around her. She dove down to the bottom and pushed against it. She swam back to him satisfied.
“I like it fine enough. I’m used to huge spaces, but this will have to do. I hope you know how to feed a mermaid,” Filleree teased.
“If you would tell me what you eat, I can see if I can get it foe you. I have to very careful though. Gimli doesn’t know about you. He might want to throw you back in the sea,” Legolas said.
Again he was noticing her beauty.

“What have we got here, Legolas?” asked a voice behind him.


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