Legolas’s Last Love

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“Come friend, how longer till we get to your caves?” Legolas asked quietly. Gimli and Varin, his newly married wife, moved on. “Elves! They can’t keep quiet for two minutes.” Varin said loud enough for Legolas to hear. Varin didn’t like elves she was convinced that they killed her family in Khazad-dum. ” If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a billion times it was orcs not elves.” Legolas gritted through his teeth. Varin took Gimli’s hand and said something in dwarfish that made Gimli’s smile turn into a frown and made Legolas jump. “Varin if you don’t stop this
I’ll …I’ll …I’ll never take you here again.” Gimli roared. Varin whimpered and cuddled close to Gimli.
“Oh, wow! Gimli, if I had to live in a cave I’d choose this one.” Legolas told his blood brother. Gimli smiled proudly, “Varin and I are going to live here. This is your surprise Varin.” Gimli’s new wife frowned. “What?!?” she screamed. Gimli just smiled. “Yeah, we’re moving here and Varin you can’t do anything to change my mind.” Gimli said proudly.
Legolas left Gimli and Varin that day. He could tell they needed to talk. He hopped on his horse, “Noro lim.” He galloped away and headed home. The turquoise sky was now turning a pinkish color. Legolas made a sharp turn to dodge a tree. He cursed in elvish. With the sky turning pitch black Legolas needed to find a place to turn in. Since Minas Tirith was close he made another turn and was on his way to see yet another old friend.
“Uncle Legolas!” cried a young voice. “Alassea! How’s my favorite niece?” Legolas hugged Aragorn’s daughter. “When will you teach me more stuff on archery?” Legolas smiled, “When your old man will get over the time your brother shot an arrow that kinda um…hit an…a…hit something of most importance.” Alassea giggled. “Are you here to see mommy and daddy, Uncle Legolas?” “Yes, and to see my favorite niece.”
Alassea lead Legolas to her father. “Daddy, guess who’s here? It’s Uncle Legolas!!!!” Aragorn, who was sitting in a chair head resting his head in his hand, looked up excitedly. “Legolas, how are you?” Aragorn said hugging his friend. “I’m tired. Been with Gimli all day. Varin too. Boy , can that girl give you a migraine.” Aragorn laughed,” That’s true. How long will you be staying, my friend?” Legolas who didn’t want to upset Alassea and Aragorn said, “Three days max.” So for three days Legolas chatted with Aragorn and Arwen and taught Alassea archery.
Legolas thanked Aragorn for his hospitality, hugged blood brother’s daughter, and rode off. Dodge left…Dodge right…stupid trees. Legolas slowed down to a trot. Home is a couple miles ahead, he thought to himself. I can’t wait to see dad, Aranel, Ireth, and…Mithryn. Mithryn was one of the commanders of Mirkwoods elvish army. Legolas was in L-U-V- Love, but Mithryn thought he was a pampered-palace brat.
Legolas ran inside and was greeted by Ireth and his brother, Aranel. ” I thought you were going to be seeing Gimli and Varin only for a day,” his brother’s wife said. Legolas eyed her. He knew that Ireth and Mithryn were best friends. ” I stopped to see Aragorn and Alassea,” he said. Again he eyed Ireth, this time for being nosy… Legolas went to sleep as soon as his head hit his pillow and was awoken by Mithryn and Ireth talking.
“But why don’t you like him? I can tell he likes you,” Ireth was saying. Mithryn , who was in a bad mood, was telling her one friend,” He’s a pampered-palace brat. Who would ever like him?” Ireth blushed. She used to like Legolas when she was younger. “I’m sorry Ireth. I forgot you used to like hi..” “Its no problem. I love Aranel now! Why don’t you like Legolas?” Ireth asked once more. ” I just don’t like him. I will never love that pampered-palace jerk.” But deep down in Mithryn’s heart she loved him. And she wasn’t going to let anyone know!

To Be Continued.


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