Legolas,Aragorn,Gandalf and the balan – chapter 7

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Aragorn grabbed the tree but missed Legolas as he fell. Gandalf caught him. Terran turned to Aragorn as he looked down at his friend. He turned to face Terran his face was full of anger. Terran simply waved then dissapeard. Aragorn climbed down the tree as fast as he could Gandalf had laid him on the ground blood was gushing out of the wound. Aragorn tore some of the material off of the bottom of his shirt and wrapped it around the wound.

“Will he live?” asked Gimli very worried. Aragorn looked at him grimly then lowered his eyes ” I don’t know” he said his voice filled with sadness. ” There must be something we can do to increase his chances,” said Gandalf. Aragorn shook his head and picked Legolas up he was Very light. They took him to his room ” there is nothing we can do for him but hope” said Aragorn and they left for their dinner but no of them were really hungry they were to worried about their friend. In the middle of the night Aragorn got up and walked to Legolas’s room. His friend was still as they left him Aragorn sighed and got a chair to sit by him. ” I wish you could hear me” he said he reached out and grabbed Legolas’s hand. It was quite cold but not freezing. Then Gandalf walked in he was surprised to see Aragorn there then he smiled ” worried to?” Aragorn looked up he did not notice Gandalf enter. ” Yes I hopped he might have moved but he has not” he answered. ” Come we should leave him be” said Gandalf motioning for Aragorn to come with him and go back to their rooms. Aragorn let go of his hand and followed Gandalf out.


The next few nights Legolas had not changed his condition. On the fourth night Aragorn went back to see him. He held his hand ” I am so sorry if I had not gone up the tree you would not be like this its all my fault” he said.

“Now Aragorn I won’t have you blame yourself,” said a voice. Aragorn raised his head and looked at Legolas he had woken up. Aragorn could not refrain from giving Legolas a hug. He stayed with Legolas the whole night but he had fallen to sleep in the morning when he woke he saw Legolas had too. ” Will you help me up?” he asked. ” Of course” said Aragorn he told Legolas to put his arms around his neck. Then he gently pulled him to his feet. Legolas had his arm around Aragorn’s neck he needed the extra support. When they reached the dinning room Gandalf and Gimli were overjoyed to see that their friend was all right well nearly all right. Aragorn helped him on to his throne.


After breakfast Gandalf and Gimli went for a walk around in the Forrest and Legolas and Aragorn went for a walk around the grounds. Aragorn could not help but feel guilty about his friend’s condition Legolas could sense this. ” I told you this was not your fault,” he said putting his hand on Aragorn’s shoulder. Aragorn stopped and looked at Legolas. ” It is if I had stayed where I was you would not be hurt” he said lowering his head. Legolas put his hand under Aragorn’s head and lifted it. ” I would have been hurt worse if you had not come for I could not fight with the way my leg was” he said his bright eyes twinkling I the sun. Some how looking into Legolas’s kind face he felt better and less guilty. ” You are very forgiving my friend” said Aragorn. Legolas smiled ” there is nothing to forgive”. They walked back inside and found Gandalf and Gimli sitting in the kitchen they had worried looks on their faces ” what’s wrong?” asked Legolas. Gandalf and Gimli looked at each other. ” Nothing” said Gandalf. Legolas went up to his room. Aragorn sat down with Gandalf and Gimli. “”Aragorn we saw Terran” said Gimli. Aragorn was shocked.

“You said that there was nothing wrong to Legolas” he said. ” We did not want to worry him,” said Gandalf. ” What did he say?” asked Aragorn. ” He said that next time he met Legolas he would not be so lucky and that you were very lucky he did not kill you,” said Gandalf. Aragorn was speechless ” if he attacks Legolas soon he can not defend himself he is still to weak from before,” said Aragorn. For a while no one said any thing then Aragorn looked up ” we must tell Legolas” he said. ” If Terran does attack he wont be ready for it and he might be killed”. Gandalf nodded. ” I know we have to”. Then Legolas came down and saw all of them looking worried ” what is going on?” he asked knowing something was wrong.

Aragorn looked at his friend’s face then told him to sit down. Then they told him everything that had happened. Legolas just sat there he appeared to be staring at something then he closed his eyes and mutters some form of elvish then he opened them. ” Are you alright?” asked Gimli. Legolas simply nodded and stood up and walked out the door into the garden. “I think I should make sure he is ok,” said Gandalf. Aragorn and Gimli stayed sitting. Gandalf saw Legolas heading towards a small river running past the palace. Legolas sat down on the bank. Gandalf walked down to him. He sat beside him he looked into his shining eyes they were filled with different emotion anger, confusion, exhaustion and pain. ” You never had so many worries,” said Gandalf. Legolas just sighed ” I have been alive for many years Gandalf and I have never felt so much fury as I do now” he said staring into Gandalf’s eyes. Gandalf stared back into Legolas’s shappire blue eyes

His eyes alone said how he felt. Gandalf could not hold his gaze it was so piercing like he was staring into his heart. He looked away. Legolas stared into the river he stood up and brushed himself off then helped Gandalf up. Just before they reached the doors Aragorn came out of them. ” I was just comming to see you two,” he said smiling guiltily. Legolas did not smile ” you are lying” he said seriously he could tell that Aragorn was not telling the truth. Aragorn’s smile faded ” I did not think I could fool you Legolas,” he said. ” So what is it?” asked Gandalf. Aragorn took a deep breath and turned to Legolas ” its Gimli” he said. Legolas’s eyes widened without a word he ran past Aragorn and into the palace. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Gimli cut across the chest he ran to Gimli. The cut was not deep but it was bleeding badly. Gimli was conscious he tried to say something but Legolas told him not to say anything and save his strenth. Gandalf took him upstairs to his room. Legolas turned to Aragorn ” what happened?” he asked. “Terran arrived and asked where you were and Gimli said that he would never say and Terran got mad and tried to kill Gimli but he managed to block him with his axe before he could kill him he must have gotten angry and left and I was chasing him incase he did find you that is why I was outside” Aragorn explained.


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