Legolas,Aragorn,Gandalf and the balan – chapter 4

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A floating spirit was drifting towards them “Terran” said Legolas quietly. The spirit had ruby red eyes and a face that sent chills down Gandalf’s spine. “Who are you?”Asked Aragorn rather shakily. Before the spirit could answer Legolas did “he is the sprit of the wizard that was banished… Terran”. Terran smiled and said, “that is right elf”. His smile was evil and menacing. “And I do not need ask who you might be” he said gleefully “for you are the first born son of Thuranduil, are you not?” Legolas went slightly pink with anger that this thing would dare mention his father’s name. “I am,” he simply said not wishing to talk to it. Then it turned to Aragorn and Gandalf and said with a menacing tone “who are you?” Neither of them said anything for they could tell by the look of anger on Legolas’s face that he was not one to talk to.

“The silent type are we?” Terran asked. He turned back to Legolas “well my little elf what might your name be?” Legolas knew well not to talk to him but he knew that if he did not Terran would stay until he did.

“Legolas” he said. Terran smiled “so you will talk?” Legolas knew that when Terran lived in Mirkwood he was known for playing mind games with anyone who would talk to him. Aragorn and Gandlf looked at him as if to say do not talk but Legolas did not look at them. “Your father was very proud too” said Terran.

Aragorn and Gandalf were stunned when they saw flames appear in Legolas’s normally Sapphire eyes. They had never seen their friend like this though his face was not red his heart was flaming as were his eyes.

“It would be one of the more wiser things you have done to hold your tongue,” said Legolas very calmly.

“Are you saying that I have not done wise things in my life?” said Terran now very angry. Aragorn hoped that Legolas knew what he was saying. “That is precisely what I am saying,” said Legolas still calm but his patience wearing thin. “I hope you do not make the same mistake your father did by angering me” said Terran now calming down a little.

“The only mistake my father ever made was only banishing you and not killing you” declared Legolas firmly. Gandalf was becoming hoping that Legolas would not let his anger take over his common sense. “the biggest mistake your father made was turning his back to me so I could kill him” said Terran happy to see that this made Legolas shake with rage. “LEAVE THIS PALACE AND IF YOU EVER COME BACK I WILL NOT BE SO MERCIFUL” Legolas demanded. Terran smiled and left. Aragorn and Gandalf were in utter shock to hear their friend for they had never seen him so angry. Legolas turned away and sat in his throne with his head in his hands , talking to Terran had caused him great pain. Aragorn slowly approached his friend and knelt at his side and grabbed his shoulder. Legolas looked down at his friend. “Legolas, he will come back” said aragorn sadly.

“I know he will” said Legolas exhausted “i must do something before he awakes the balan”

“what will the balan do to Mirkwood?” asked Gandalf who had come to his side.

Legolas sighed and said “it will do nothing to Mirkwood it will give him the power to take his full elf form and then I must try to defeat him or Mirkwood will belong to him and my people will become his slaves forever.” They looked up at their friend he still looked angry. “he was trying to mess with your mind you know that” said aragorn trying to comfort his friend. Legolas looked at him and said “I know I was not thinking about that I was just thinking that it is a shame you must leave so soon”. His friends looked at him in question. “why must we leave” asked Aragorn .

“I will not let you stay when this is happening” he said.

“we will stay with you to what ever fate you may meet ,you have fought with us through everthing we have been through now we must repay you” said Gandalf. Legolas knew his friends would no changer their minds. He was indeed gratful but now he had more to worry about for he would rather die than see his friends die in front of him being at his side.


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