LEGOLAS (Script Series) Episode #2 – The Pricker Patch

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THRANDUIL and LEGOLAS are showing Mr. EDMOND, BARET and MIRA a plot of land about 500 yards from the main entrance to the caverns. The plot looks overgrown with prickle-bushes; large stones and boulders; but there are a few living trees trying to survive including a lone great willow. Some Elves with bows stand back and are the King’s body guards; Thranduil wears a sword in sheath at his hip; Legolas also carries his ever present bow.

THRANDUIL: (to Mr. Edmond)
Are you sure you would rather build your dwelling out here, rather than living in the comfort and safety of the Caverns?

You are very gracious to make us that offer, King Thranduil, but I do believe it would be better for us, and for your people as well, if we had a small place of our own. If danger comes, we are still close enough to find refuge in your Caverns.
(looks about)
It does need work…but in time I think we can clear the land and make a suitable home and shop…don’t you think so, Baret? Mira?

BARET: (frowning)
Yes, perhaps…but you’re right, it will take work.

MIRA: (smiling)
Well, I think it will make a marvelous spot to live. Look at the trees, still beautiful and that great, old Willow! I bet we could entice some of Poppy’s faeries to come live in it!

Now Mira, let’s not get involved with those creatures…but I’ll allow you a pet dog perhaps if it can be trained.

Faeries or dogs, we have plenty of both about.
(to Legolas)
I would you assist the Edmond’s in this project, son. Get some Elves to help them with clearing the land and the building of their dwelling.

Oh, sir, I do not want to impose…

Nonsense! Why should just you and your children do all the labor when I have Elves who can also help? While you are here making furniture for me, you shall have all your needs met!

Father? I would be glad to help the Edmond’s but you have also given me charge of the three Edain orphans and…

THRANDUIL: (frowns)
Legolas Greenleaf. Since when can you only take on only one responsibility at a time?

I’m not complaining…exactly…nor refusing, but…

Good! Because I do know what you are capable of handling!
(to Mr. Edmond)
Excuse my son. He is a fine and intelligent boy with a sensitive and gracious spirit…
(eyes Legolas)
But he is a star-gazer and not much of a dirt-digger…
(to Mr. Edmond)
But he will find you Elves suited to the work…
(to Legolas)
Isn’t that right, son?

Yes, father.

Thranduil gives him a nice smile and Legolas manages to give a small smile back.

THRANDUIL: (to Mr. Edmond)
Our sons grow up too quickly, Mr. Edmond…
(to Legolas)
I will grieve much the day he sunders from me…but it will come to pass. He knows well how to take orders but he is also a born leader and already shows much wisdom…except perhaps in his still childish passion for wine, games and maidens…

Legolas bends his head, embarrassed, but swallows the shame he feels for he knows the words are true.

THRANDUIL: (to Mr. Edmond)
I will come and bless your dwellings and plot of land when all is ready for you.

Mr. Edmond bows head, and Thranduil strides off with his bodyguards.

Mr. EDMOND: (to Legolas)
He is a fine king and father…though outspoken.

Yes…and he is even more stern than you might believe and to be feared when provoked to wrath and forgets no injustice.

The words confuse the Edmond’s but they dare not question further.

I shall go find some help for you.
(eyes plot)
We call this the Pricker Patch. It was left untouched because there dwelt there a large, fell spider, which we slew, but the memory lingers yet. But you will be surprised what it will look like when we get it homely. Do not begin work on it until I bring the Elves. They will torch the bushes then the work can begin.

Legolas gives them a smile and strides away.


Where’s the rest of the Troop?

Brui, Baras and Tarag went to find some worms…we are going to take Lymon fishing.

And Narbeleth?

The Elves don’t answer. He frowns and looks one to the other.

She went off with Celarion, Meren and Taen…to their tree flet we guess. They just got off guard duty and…

Legolas swears in Elvish, and strides off toward the outer courtyard.

What is he so angry about? Narbeleth…is Narbeleth!

Legolas rides his horse into the woods then up to a certain tree and jumps off. He can hear LAUGHTER and peers upward into the tree.

LEGOLAS: (crossly)
Narbelth? Are you up there?

The laughter stops.

VOICE (Celarion):
Legolas? Come on up!

Is Narbeleth up there?

VOICE (Celarion):
No, she’s gone to the quarry. Is something wrong?

LEGOLAS: (ponders)
Who did she go with?

CELARION and MEREN climb down the rope-ladder.

CELARION: (concerned)
She went with Taen. Is that a problem? Do you wish for us to go fetch them back?

Do that. Then you two and your cousin come to see me at the Caverns. I have a job for you three to do.

Of course, whatever you desire…but Legolas, it is obvious you are upset that Narbeleth is with Taen?

She is suppose to be with the Troop caring for the Edain orphans, not off on some *** frolic. that is what I am upset about.

And he jumps back up on his horse and rides away.

NARBELETH, Celarion, Meren and TAEN come striding in. Only Erinelleth sits there playing her harp, but stops upon seeing them.

NARBELETH: (angry)
We were summoned? Where is he?

In the foyer. He wishes to see you first alone, Narbeleth.

She strides to the door. The three Elves look uncomfortable. Erinelleth begins to play her harp again.

Legolas is seated behind small table, and has paper and quill pen and vessel of ink before him, but puts pen down upon seeing her.

She sits on a stool before him.

You embarrassed me.

We all get embarrassed at times. You did not have my leave to go off to the quarry or anyplace else. I assigned you a duty.

I got bored. I am no child-sitter! Especially for ones of the Edain. The maidens did not need my help.

You deserted the duty I gave you. Am I simply to just forgive and forge this?

You are too much like your father, you know that?

LEGOLAS: (scowls)
You speak words you may soon regret. I know it is hard for you to take orders at times, so with us all, but obey we must. Apologize for your rudeness, and beg that I will not punish you severely for quitting your duty.

NARBELETH: (calms down)
I was wrong, all right? I beg forgiveness. I will accept whatever punishment you deal me.

LEGOLAS: (calms down)
Then hear this. You will be assigned to the team I have chosen to help the Edmond’s clear the plot of land my father has granted to them use of to build a dwelling and a shop. Celarion, Meren and Taen are to be the team. Celarion will be the chief and you will all obey him there as you would me. You will work as they work, and rest as they rest. When the sun sets you may then rejoin the Troop until sunrise when the work will once more begin. This is my judgment and your punishment.

NARBELETH: (angry again/but controlled)
And where is this plot of land?

The Pricker Patch.

NARBELETH: (makes face)
That land is worthless!

But we shall make it into a lovely garden.

We? And what will you be doing to help create this treasure?

Me? I will be bringing you cool water to drink and a cloth to wipe your sweat away.

You can be cruel when you want to be, Prince of Mirkwood.

As you already stated…I am the son of my father?

NARBELETH: (still angry/controlled)
Then, lord, if you will not change your judgment, I ask for leave, so I can go battle the pricker thorns and the snakes and whatever else has plagued that patch these thousand years.

You have my leave…send in Celarion and the others.

Narbeleth starts for the door but turns before opening it.

I know you, Legolas. You may be angry because I left my duty, but more angry are you that I went off with Taen. And now you place me within his reach from sunrise to sunset? You have a twisted mind where I am concerned, have you not? You must feel much torment in your gut, wanting me much but still too proud and stubborn to claim me? Suffer then, for I will frolic with others until the day you place your ring upon my finger.

And she leaves.

Legolas looks down at the paper then at the quill pen then picks up the pen and flings it at the door like it was a dart…and it sticks into the wood.



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