LEGOLAS (Script Series) Episode #1 (Scenes 27-32) – The Troop Time: Third Age, year 1075

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Baras and Tarag have finished reporting to Legolas and the group. They wait while Legolas ponders a plan.

This is how it seems to me the best way to do this feat. Since there are one hundred and twenty-one Orcs counted and only thirty-six of us, plus Baret, we need to shoot with great accuracy. Our biggest problem is getting the female Edain out alive, as once we attack, the Orcs will surely try to kill them before we can get to them…so…we need to rescue them at the very same moment we attack.

BARET: (astonished)
But how can we possibly do that?

TARAG: (frowning at Baret)
Be quiet and listen.

The captives are each tied to a separate tree with rope and each has three guards…so I want nine achers to kill all of the nine Orc guards at the exact same time…and I want three strong Elves to run forward at that time to cut the rope bonds and carry off the captives…and with the carriers, I want nine others to go hither to protect the carriers and their charges…and at the same time as all this, the rest of us will attack the main host…
Now, I know you will all want to stay until every Orc is slain, but our main mission is the rescue of the captives…so when they have been carried to safety and put upon steeds…we will then retreat and come to guard and guide the woman and her daughters back to the Caverns…so…even if we do not kill every Orc, we shall certainly put in a good dent. Questions?

The Elves ponder, then one tall and thin one, MEREN, speaks up.

Lord? Are these women skinny or fat?

There was a soft ripple of laughter but stopped when they see Legolas is not amused.

LEGOLAS: (looks to Tarag and Baras)
Well? You saw them? Speak!

The daughters are…thin…the mother? We will need an Elf with muscles.

Then that deed will have to go to my brother, Celarion!

An Elf, CELARION, steps forward and he is six-foot tall and very muscular.

I am willing! And you, my brother, Meren shall carry one of the daughters…and my cousin, Taen shall carry the other! By your leave, lord?

It shall be as you suggest! And what nine shall volunteer as their protectors?

Every Elf hand is raised.

Since all are willing, Celarion you choose your nine, but I insist three of those be Baras, Tarag, and Narbeleth…also, pick two to stand with the free horses so they do not scatter.

Celarion starts choosing who he will for the jobs.

BARET: (to Legolas)
Then I shall be among the ones who attack the horde?

LEGOLAS: (pauses)
You are brave to even be here, Baret Edmond. Yes, you will be among us, and may the Lady of the Stars, Elbereth, watch over you…as we shall, too.
(to all)

They all mount up, bows and arrows in hand, and Tarag pulls forth his sword and rides up by Legolas to his left side, and Baras rides up by Legolas to his right side. Narbeleth rides alone behind them. Brui and Gladellon flank Baret. Then the thirty Elves ride behind.

Their horses walk quietly; time seems to have stopped as though their host was an apparition, and the very air about them wavers and wrinkles as they ride.


The Elves who will be the captive-carriers and nine protectors and nine archers who are to kill the Orc guards leave their horses and the extra ones with the Elfs sitting the horses…and they creep up close to trees as they can where the captives are tied. When they are in place, Baras lifts a long stick up in the air…and at that moment the rescue and the battle begins.

The archers stand and shoot the nine Orc guards…

The three carriers and nine Elf-protectors run forward…the carriers cut the ropes and quickly pick up the captives…the girls SCREAM not understanding what is going on…but eh mother has already been tormented and much dazed and is dead-weight and even Celarion has to struggle to throw her over his shoulder, but finally does…

The nine protectors and nine archers are shooting at the horde at random at the Orcs fast approaching them and Tarag is ready with his knife and sword…the carriers make good their getaway but have a way to go before they will reach safety…

The resto of the Elves has attacked the main horde and kill many Orcs…

But Baret, after he got up close to the Orcs froze…to the point where he just sat there on his horse, terrified…and Brui and Gladellon had to save his life several times in those few minutes or he would have been slain…finally an Elf rides up and takes hold of Baret’s horses’ halter and yells something in Elvish at the horse and the horse races off with Baret out of the battle…but the Elf receives a blow to his leg by an Orc while doing it…but swings around, draws his knife and throws the knife into that Orcs face, killing it…then rides off to battle some more despite his injury.

Finally, Legolas and the ret hear a SHRILL WHISTLE from Baras that the captives are mounted…so Legolas gives out another type WHISTLE and the Elves battling fall back in retreat…

Legolas is the last to leave the field, making sure all others have gone safely…and he counts twenty Orcs left (who are confused and subdued by the sudden and fierce battle)…then Legolas rides off swiftly to join the others already on the trail.


They stop to give the mortals a rest. The girls are thankful now, knowing the Elves are their friends, but the mother is in bad shape, and moans deliriously. The mother if IONA. The older daughter (14) is SHEILA. The younger daughter (9) is MARTA.

LEGOLAS: (to Sheila)
What is your mother’s name?

SHEILA: (tears in eyes)
Iona. They did something to her but we could not see. She screamed and sceamed…

What is your name?

Sheila…and my sister is Marta.
(some tears roll down cheek)
They killed my father and my uncle and my brother, too!

Not your brother. He is safe.

Oh! He is safe?

She breaks down crying.

Lymon? My brother is not dead?

He is with my father. He has some wounds but he will be fine.

Then Legolas realizes the mother has stopped moaning. Tarag walks over to them and speaks some Elvish to him softly.

What? What has happen?

LEGOLAS: (pauses)
Your mother has passed on. She is in pain no longer.

Sheila SHRIEKS and runs to her mother and sobs over her body, but Marta sits quiet and that worries Legolas.

You suffer greatly little one…but you hold your grief within. Most times, it is better to release it so healing can begin.

Marta just stares off toward her mother and sister.

I am glad Lymon is safe.

But she does not cry; she is traumatized.

Next day, they arrive in outer courtyard and many Elves come to happily greet them and gaze at the two girls who are flanked by Baras, Tarag, Brui and Gladellon.

Thranduil and Mr. Edmond come out to greet them also.

THRANDUIL: (to Legolas)
So! You had success!

We lost the mother. She died on the way back. We made a mound grave for her.


Cuts and bruises. All have returned.

Orc count?

We left twenty standing. I felt my first concern was to get the Edain females out safely.

Well done, son.

The younger daughter is in shock. Both girls will need attention?

Of course!
Bring the girls into the halls!

He and Legolas stride off and Baras, Tarag, Brui and Gladellon lead the girls into the Caverns (as the girls now seem scared with so many other Elves about and they cling to these four they now know.)

Meanwhile, Mr. Edmond found Baret standing with Narbeleth and sees his son is downhearted and the reason why.

Baret! I am not ashamed of you! So you didn’t kill any Orcs! I am just glad you are here!

I was terrified!

It happens! This was your first battle. You know how they are now…it will go better in your next one!

And your first time? Did you freeze?

NARBELETH: (solemly)
My first time? I was ten years old. The realm was under attack. There were hundreds of Orcs and a Balrog…my parents were slain. My brother, Baras…he was in a different place than us…the Orcs saw me and would have killed me or made me a captive…I decided quickly I would rather be dead than a thrall…so I picked up my fathers sword and my mother’s knife and I killed five Orcs that day…I could still have been killed but some Elves came to my rescue…I was covered in Orc-blood…wounded but alive…I have been killing Orcs ever since.

Baret, some can kill and some cannot! I have long wanted you to learn my trade seriously. Would you now do this? There is no shame in being a man of a respectable craft. Please consider this? Please!

Yes, father…now…I shall consider it seriously.

They walk off.

Celarion approaches Narbeleth.

He is much discouraged?

Like his father just told him, some can kill and some cannot.

CELARION: (eyes her)
You will drink and sing with us tonight?

Not tonight. Tonight I just want to go to the roof and dream.

She walks off.

Baras now walks up to Celarion and has two wind jugs in hand.

Where is my sister off to?

Dream land…on the roof.

BARAS: (holds up jugs)
Then drink with me! Seems I am alone!

Of course, Baras. Would be an honor.

Baras hands him one of the jugs and they walk off.


The whole Troop is weary and have sundered apart to find somewhere to unwind. Baras, alone once more, has wine jug and Legolas approaches him.

Where’s Narbeleth?

Up on the Caverns roof.

Legolas peers up the hill roof over the Caverns and then sees her with Elvish-eyes.

She’s alone?

BARAS: (smiles)
Nay, she has her fantasy-lovers ever near.

He takes swig of wine then hands jug to Legolas.

BARAS: (tipsy)
Go, make her happy. You don’t very often.

What? A night of wine, stars, and romance?

Why not? You are her favorite fantasy, are you not?

That is no secret…but she pursues me too hard.

Be honest, my friend, I know you care for her more than you would have anyone guess. Would it hurt you to unbraid her hair this night and give her some delight?

Seems to me I did that not so long ago?

Then why do yu even ask where she is?

You’re drunk.

Baras smiles, bows and walks off swerving slightly, and starts to sing something ribald in Elvish.

Legolas ponders a moment, then heads off with the jug up the hill.


Legolas finds Narbeleth laying on her back on the grass, hands under her head, looking up at the twinkling stars. He sits beside her and uncorks the jug.

What star are you wishing upon this night?

NARBELETH: (hesitates/says seriously)
Do you love me? I sometimes see a soft, loving spirit in your eye…then you drive it away.

Legolas ponders, takes a long swig of wine and wipes his mouth with back of his hand and lays on his back beside her putting his hands under his head as she has.

Ask me when we step ashore Tol Eressea.

NARBELETH: (sits up/facing him)
Explain yourself.

LEGOLAS: (hesitates)
I will not marry while I tread Middle-earth. If I live to see Avallone…then I will take me a wife. Do I need explain any further?

Are you saying I have a chance for your love? Are you saying that?

I’m saying I will not commit my throth to no one as yet. If you sunder there when I do…who knows what my mind and heart will direct me to do?

And when will you sunder there? A thousand years from now? Two thousand?

I know not. But I will be given a word or a sign…and then I shall know it is time.

And I must wait around and count endless stars and endless blades of grass until you get your feet planted on the Uttermost Western shore? And just maybe you’ll choose me?

You are getting upset. Calm down if you wish to discuss this.
(holds jug out)
Have a drink. Have two or three!

NARBELETH: (grabs jug)
I will drink the whole jug if I want to!
(takes swig)
Tell me right now. Yea or nay! If I stick with you, are you going to marry me if we make it to Tol Eressea?

I cannot say yea or nay! I do not know!

But…truly…I do have a chance?

Yes…but you do so often irritate me and…

Narbeleth flings her arms about his neck, jug still in hand, and give him a sensuous kiss; the jug falls to grass above his head and spills and runs down into his hair but he makes no effort to move. She finally releases his mouth.

Now, warrior-maiden, you got to wash my hair.

She gets the jug and pours the rest of the wine onto his neck and tunic and he still doesn’t move, and she throws jug away.

No, Prince of Mirkwood, I got to give you a bath!

Only if you can get my clothes off.

SQUEALING, she starts to wrestle with him trying to get his tunic off but he’s too strong for her and he gets on top of her, pinning her arms above her head and she don’t mind a bit, especially when some wine drops from his hair onto her face and he licks it off her cheek.

I like this game.

Some more wine drops off and falls close to her mouth and he again licks it off…then begins to give her a wet kiss…

Just then Poppy’s swarm of faeries fly low over them in a circle of sparkling array of colors and Narbeleth sees them and shoves Legolas off and stands up and yells at them:

Poppy! You *** snoopy faeries! Get out of here! Be gone!

The faeries swoop off.

Legolas begins to chuckle and she yells at him:

It is not funny!

But he laughs only harder and she drops down and sits on him and they embrace and roll off into some taller grass…a SCREECH come from Narbeleth and a rabbit scurries fast away from the tall grass, they you can hear more laughter from both Legolas and Narbeleth.

And at a distance you can now hear Erinelleth starting to paly the harp and sing something beautiful in Elvish…

End of Episode #1

Script Series continues with: The Pricker Patch


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