LEGOLAS (Script Series) Episode #1 Scenes 14-20 – The Troop

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The three, Baras, Tarag and Narbeleth ride toward the sound of the wolves chasing the dog. They have bows and arrows in readiness, then spot the wolves and the dog is barely ahead of the lead wolf. It is Narbeleth who shoots first and kills the lead wolf, rides astride the dog, bends wya over almost off her horse and scoops up the tiny-being off the back of the dog, the faery, LILAC, and swings back up onto her horse, throwing the faery to the back of her head.

Grab my hair! Hold tight!

And she heads for a large log and the horse leaps high to clear it and throws Narbeleth up off its back; the faery SCREECHES, but both land safely back down onto the horses back.

Are you still there?

The faery is holding on for dear life and in a tiny voice answers:

I’m here! You maniac!

Meanwhile, Baras and Tarag have shot and killed two more wolves and the rest of the pack has run off.

Narbeleth returns to the two Elves waiting for her and Tarag has the puppy in his arms…and its leg is bleeding some.

You got Lilac I see.

LILAC: (seeing the dog)
Oh, he’s safe! I’m so glad!

NARBELETH: (annoyed now at faery)
Ouch! You little imp! Stop yanking on my hair!

She tries to get a hold of the faery but it scurries to the other side of her head.

Quit it! Get on my braid and stay there!

The faery does but warily, it obviously doesn’t trust Narbeleth much.

The two Elves laugh lightly and the puppy whines.

BARAS: (eyeing the dog)
He going to be okay?

Yes, the bite isn’t bad. We’ll fix it when we get back to camp.


Everyone there is glad to see the riders return with both the faery and the puppy.


She takes the faery from Narbeleth’s braid.

I bet you were frightened to death!

October scared me more than those nasty wolves! But…she did save me.

You should not have gone off into the woods with that dog.

She walks off with Lilac, conversing softly.

See that? She never even said thank-you!

I’ll thank you for her.

It’s not the same!

She walks off grumbling to herself.

Tarag, Brui, Gladellon, Elanor, Alfirin, Baret and Mira are tending to the dog’s wounded leg.

LEGOLAS: (to Baras)
Well? Were they regular wolves or some Dark Handicraft of the Enemy?

Regular wolves. They put up no fight. We got three. The rest ran.

LEGOLAS: (ponders)
Still, it’s not a good sign. See if the Troop wants to continue on to the lake tomorrow, or if they want to return back home.

Baras nods and goes to each, to see what they would like to do.

Legolas goes and sits by the river bank and stares into the water. He is not happy about the wolf pack being in that area. Baras joins him again.

They want to go on to the lake.

So be it…but we’ll now be more watchful. Sad it is that even this northern part of the forest is becoming dangerous.


That night Legolas and Baras are standing watch while the others rest or sleep. Legolas is facing in one direction and Baras in the other. Legolas sees something and squints his eyes for a more focused look; it’s a soft sprinkle of pale blue light and he murmurs:


He slowly walks over to the place he saw the apparition but sees no one.

LEGOLAS: (softly so hopefully Baras doesn’t hear)
Menelya? Is that you?

BARAS: (turning)
Legolas? Who are you talking to?

LEGOLAS: (walking back)
No one…it’s nothing.

Baras can see Legolas is bothered about something but doesn’t question further.


The whole Troop is in the lake swimming naked except for Legolas and Tarag, who are standing watch, and Mira, who sits so she cannot view the nude bodies in the water.

LEGOLAS: (to Mira)
You sure you don’t want to go into the lake for a swim?

MIRA: (embarrassed)
I cannot. They are all naked, are they not! Even Baras and Narbeleth? And they are brother and sister!

Why do you have a problem with being naked in front of others? You know what the body looks like? What shame is in it? Are our bodies evil?

No…but it is not proper in my society.

LEGOLAS: (looks at bathers)
Your brother doesn’t seem to mind being naked with the others.

Baret does not much care what others may think of him. I do.

LEGOLAS: (looks back at her)
You say you are from Esgaroth? I know many, many Edain there who do swimming naked in the Long Lake.

Well, not from Hayvale where…
(stops short)
Not everyone in Esgaroth swims naked.

LEGOLAS: (suspicious again)
Hayvale? Where is that? Is that where you and your family are really from?

MIRA: (embarrassed)
I should not have mentioned that name.

You may as well tell me the truth. I already suspect your not really from Esgaroth.

MIRA: (hesitates)
It was my fathers wish that we say we are from Esgaroth. Hayvale is a very small hamlet two leagues from Long Lake. My father was of the thought that he would better influence the King if we were from the lake city.

Truth is the best influence. Lies only damages reputation and trust.

They you will tell your father?

It is my duty to tell him. But it confuses me why to lie about such an unimportant thing? What if you are from a small hamlet? If your father is the wood craftsman he claims he is…does it matter where he lives?

Not of Baret and myself…but it was important to my father. He has long desired to come here but scared to say he was from the back-woods. He doesn’t like going to Esgaroth because they seem so modern to him. It would make him happy to work here, to make furniture here…

Then Tarag approaches and has a grim look on his face.

TARAG: (to Legolas)
Sorry to interrupt, but look over there.
See that low dark cloud?

LEGOLAS: (peers off; frowns)
Ai…what else can happen on this trip?

MIRA: (peers off)
I don’t see any dark cloud…

Legolas stands and gives two ‘gathering’ WHISTLES…all the noise from the Troop in the lake stops…they come to shore immediately and start to dry off and on their clothes. Their horses have also come close up by from the whistle. Mira becomes scared.

What is it? Tell me!

Legolas ignores answering her.

Baras is first one dressed and comes up quickly pulling on top of his tunic.

What is it?

TARAG: (points)
Over there.

Baras looks, and frowns.

Then Narbeleth comes up.

Well? What?

LEGOLAS: (in Sindarin)
Glamhoth. Naro-herth!

She immediately turns and goes off shouting orders in Sindarin, and the Elves hurry even faster to get dressed.

Baret comes up.

BARET: (confused)
What’s going on? Why is everyone talking Elvish? I don’t understand Elvish!

I don’t mean to frighten you and your sister…but we have sighted an Orc host that way…
They are on the move. Their black breath makes a low dark cloud…but why are they marching at noon-day? This is most unusual.

MIRA: (scared)
Are they coming this way?

No, but we best get you back to the safety of the Caverns. We are too few to make a battle. The cloud is quite large. There may be as many as a hundred or more.
(gazes at Troop)
The Elves have saddled your horses already…we must go.

So he strides off and they all follow, and in a few moments all are mounted and ride off.

Erinelleth carries the faery on her shoulder and Gladellon carries the puppy in a cloth sack hanging off his waist.

They are going through the forest along the river when Legolas pulls to a halt and so the others do and they all listen. Baras rides up to Legolas.

Someone is crying for help. Not an Elf or Dwarf…must be Edain. A young male voice. Can you hear him?

Yes, and he sounds like he’s in much pain, much distress. Shall we go see, or continue on?

LEGOLAS: (ponders)
Go see. Take Narbeleth with you.

Baras turns and waves to Narbeleth to come forward and she does. They get off their horses and go off into the woods with bows ready in hand.

Baret rides forward.

What is it?

Someone crying in the woods.

I hear no crying.

LEGOLAS: (irritated)
Well, I do. Go back to your position.

He reluctantly does.

Baras and Narbeleth creep through the woods, bows in hand, toward the crying. They come upon some dead bodies of two men which have had their arms and legs chopped off.

Butchered by that Orc horde, I’d say.

Took just the limbs to chew on their march, looks like.

The crying is not very far away…coming from under a huge old dead tree that has a lot of its big roots exposed. They peer into the darkness of it carefully and see the young boy with their Elvish-eyes hiding between the roots.

Hello there? Come on out, now…we are Elves…we won’t hurt you. Are you injured?

You’re Elves? How can I know that?

Did you ever hear an Orc talk Westron this well? Come on now, we need to be away from here!

I’m bleeding! My head is cut and my leg is cut!

Drag yourself out here, boy, and we’ll help you!

In a few moments, LYMON drags himself out to the edge of the tree roots and Baras and Narbeleth help pull him out of the rest of the way. Lymon is a boy of about sixteen but is short and thin, and he is all dirty and bloody. They check his head would and his leg.

You’ll live…we’ll fix you up when we get back to our Troop.

They get him to his feet and Baras literally picks him up in his arms and carries him; Narbeleth picks up Baras’ bow and follows behind keeping watch for trouble.

The Troop sees Baras, Lymon and Narbeleth emerging from woods and Elanor and Alfirin get off their horses with leather medicine bag and hurries up to the front of the line.

Mira gets off her horse.

Tarag yells at her:

Mira! Hold! Get back on your horse! and you stay on yours, too, Baret! Stay alert!

Erinelleth, Brui, Gladellon make no move but stay watchful with bows in hand.

Legolas gets off to get a report.

Two men slain, bodies had limbs chopped off. The boy hid under tree roots.

Legolas bends down by the boy who is still crying but more quietly now.

My name is Legolas, we are Silvan Elves from Greenwood…or Mirkwood as it is now called by many. What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Lymon…we came from…east of the big forest…we are called Northmen by some…we got separated from our group and have been wandering…the Orcs came upon us suddenly…they killed my father and my uncle! They took my mother and two sisters! I was scared! I ran and hid!

No shame in that. You are no match for the likes of Orcs. You were lucky they did not find you or would have slain you or taken you for a thrall.

You say they took your mother and sisters?

Yes! What will happen to them?

They would be better off dead.

LEGOLAS: (stands/frowns at her)
Narbeleth, go mount up. Your words are ill-spoken at this time.

She strides off to her horse, irritated for being chastised.

What did she mean? Tell me!

One can always hope for some saving grace…but first we need to get you and the other Edain-folk back to my father’s Caverns…then we shall see what can be done…Baras will carry you on his horse.

So Baras mounts up and Legolas lifts the boy up and puts him in front of Baras.

Legolas and the other two maidens run back to their horses and mount.

And the Troop continues on the way.

It is dusk before the Troop arrives from under the eaves of the forest and they can see the Caverns in the distance, and now of a sudden, they are flanked by Silvan Elf guards and they are at first happy to see the group until they see all have bows in readiness and see the wounded boy…then they become concerned and one rides up beside Legolas.

Legolas, what happen? Who is this boy?

His family was attacked by an Orc horde…ride ahead and tell my father we’re coming…and to double the guard at all points…there may be other hordes about…

The guard rides off in a hurry.


NOTE: You can read more about the character “Menelya” in my SAFE HAVENS stories soon to start.


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