LEGOLAS (Script Series) – Episode #1 The Troop Scenes 1-4

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TIME: Third Age, year 1075


LEGOLAS is riding through Mirkwood with his “troop” of friends: there is BARAS and his sister NARBELETH; three male-Elves, BRUI, GLADELLON and TARAG; also, three elf-Maidens, ELANOR, ALFIRIN and ERINELLETH. They are all dressed in tunics and all are riding horses bareback and using no halters or reins. They all carry bows and arrows and knives, and Tarag carries a sword, also. They talk and laugh as their horses prance along and appear to be a merry group. They all ‘look’ to be about thirty years of age, but are in fact much older since Elves do not ‘age’ in looks once they reach maturity.


They come to northeast edge of forest and you can now espy the Caverns of King Thranduil and the gate-keepers wave as the Troop passes over the bridge and ride into the outer courtyard of the Caverns and more Elves wave to them, and one comes running up who is one of the King’s MESSENGERS.

Legolas! You are late! Your father has Atani guests! You must go to the private dining hall, they are already eating!

BARAS: (to Legolas)
Go! I will tend to your steed!

NARBELETH: (to Legolas)
Will we see you later?


He hurries off.

TARAG: (to Baras)
Wonder what men are here?

We will know soon enough!

They say something softly to the horses in Elvish tongue and walk off, and their horses follow behind with no further urging.


Legolas quickly washes his face and hands and a young Elf-MAIDEN SERVANT hands him a cloth to wipe with, then he hastily leaves.


THRANDUIL is sitting at the head of a long wood table; a man, MISTER EDMOND is seated on his right side; the man’s daughter MIRA is seated to his left side; the man’s son BARET sits by his father. The man looks to be about fifty; the son looks to be about twenty; the daughter looks to be about eighteen. She is pretty, wearing a dress, and seems ill-at-ease, her eyes downcast most of the time.

Legolas strides into the hall.

LEGOLAS: (to his father)
Sorry I’m late. We rode further than intended.

You always ride further than intended. Sit and meet our guests.

Legolas sits by the girl.

This is Mister Edmond…his son, Baret…and his daughter, Mira.

Legolas gives them all a polite smile.

This is my son, Legolas Greenleaf.

The guests in turn, give him a polite smile.

LEGOLAS: (grabs a fried chicken leg)(to Mr. Edmond)
Do you come alone? The region is dangerous now outside our realm. Where do you come from?

He takes a bite off the chicken leg and chews.

We come from Esgaroth.

Legolas stops chewing for a moment and thinks on that then swallows.

I know that place well. I do not recall seeing any of you there.

Mr. Edmond and his children are silent.

Thranduil senses something amiss, and changes the subject.

THRANDUIL: (to Legolas)
Mister Edmond and his children will be with us for a few days…maybe longer…while we discuss some business. He makes furniture…so…I will leave his son and daughter in your charge. Perhaps you can take them for some rides with you and your friends?

LEGOLAS: (politely)
Of course, but we have planned a camping trip for a couple of days along the Forest River.
(to Baret)
Do you like to camp out?

That would be much to my liking but…what of Mira? One lady among us?

THRANDUIL: (laughs)
She will be fine! There are several maidens who travel with Legolas. And the Elves are trustworthy. No harm will come to her.

Legolas eyes the quiet girl.

What say you? Would you like to camp? If not, we will find other things to do around here?

MIRA: (softly)
I will camp…but I am not very handy in the woods…I am best in a house and…

Not to worry. The troop will take care of all needs…and all my friends understand and speak the Common Speech as well as I.
(to Mr. Edmond)
Then, sir, it is well with you that she might go with us?

Since your father vouches for you and your friends…it is well with me.

Then it is settled!

He takes another bite of chicken, but he has reservations about this family.

(to be continued)


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