Legolas’ Mermaid – Chapter 4

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Filleree swam around restlessly. She was healing fast, faster than normal.
`Probably because I’m immortal, with the exception of starving to death…’ she thought.
She hated being trapped in. There wasn’t enough room to actually swim. Filleree’s life in the sea was so much better. No walls or tiles to stop you from being free. No elves convinced that you are not going to get well for months. No eyes to linger on you more than necessary.
Filleree shot to the surface. It was so clean and clear up in the air. Her gills folded against her neck. She breathed in deep through her nose. The air had many scents. Sweet and bitter, pleasant and unpleasant, known and unknown. The smells of this world mixed together into one.
Filleree hopped onto the tiles and slid to a window. She reached out, expecting to reach all the way out. Her tapped against something hard, smooth, and nearly invisible. What was it? Was it the legendary glass that is only dreamed of in the sea?
Her train of thought stopped short. How beautiful it was here! There were too many bright and vibrant colors. Some she had never seen before.
As she looked about, she caught sight of Legolas. He was half dressed with a cloth around his waist. He was well sculpted and well formed. His abs were well defined, his arms muscled. He would be envied of most mermen if he were a mer. No mer was as well sculpted as he.

Legolas walked in the early morn to the chattering creek. The walk was quiet and peaceful. No one would disturb him. Filleree wouldn’t. She was probably too scared to go to the windows to see out. Besides, she was asleep when he got up.
The water was crisp and cool. Almost too cool to bathe in, but what would it matter? It was natural spring water, from the depths of the earth. Legolas stretched and yawned. It was too early for him to be up. He never got up before the sun.
He took off the towel and stepped in.

Legolas had slipped behind the trees. Why couldn’t she see him? It frustrated Filleree. She breathed in again, this time smelling a new scent. Water! Not sea water, spring water. Why hadn’t Legolas mentioned the spring water? It probably went out to the sea. If only she could get to it!
To be in the sea again! The cool water rushing past her as she swam; the startled schools of fish; the mazes of coral! The list went on and on. She could see her family again, and play with Sea Wren, her merdog.
Thinking of Sea Wren made her sad. Ever since she found her abandoned, cold, starving, and about to be eaten by sharks, she and Sea Wren had made a special bond. Filleree thought of how ragged her silver fur had been. After a bath, warm food, and plenty of loving, Sea Wren seemed like a whole new puppy. Her fur was silky, the nails on her four paws were clipped, and she even wagged her tail a little.
Dreaming of Sea Wren, she fell asleep on the window seat.

Filleree awoke with a start. What was that noise? A door creaking, soft padding footsteps. Filleree slid back to the water and slipped in. Her heart was beating fast. She raised her head above the water and watched.
A short figure was bustling about in the other room. She knew it was male instinctively. He had a long braided beard and carried an axe on his back. His clothes were different than those worn by Legolas and Aragorn. He lumbered here and there, doing this and that.
The figure walked towards the bath room. He carried towels in one arm and a bucket in the other. He took the towels and deposited them on a low bench. The bucket he carried to the pool. Each step was a warning for Filleree. She lowered herself down into the water. She looked up just as he looked down.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! LEGOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!,” he screamed as he hurled his axe at her.


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