Legolas’ Love Chapter One – Look out for Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in the near future!

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Chapter One

“I am and elf, a prince of Mirkwood, but I am lonely. If I am royal, and have everything I could ever want, like the sweet smell of nature, and my beautiful bow, Lady Galadriel had given me!” muttered Legolas. “Then why am I not happy!”

Legolas sat down underneath an old oak tree, in the lands of Lorien, where he was visiting the Lady of the wood. As he was pondering on the thought, he shed two tears that rolled down his face, and fell into his lap.

“Why do you cry Master Elf.” Said Galadriel, she had sneaked up behind him. She was wearing a beautiful gown; it looked like if was made of the finest white diamonds. Her hair was yellow blonde, and she had gorgeous light blue eyes.

“I am lonely.” Legolas finally said.

“You miss your friends, and you want to be with someone. Am I right?” She said looking thoughtfully into his eyes, as she did so she wiped away the tears that had been steaming down his face.

“Yes milady, it’s just not the same without them!”

“And I know how hard it must be to not have anyone to care about!” Lady Galadriel said as she bent over to sit on the grass with him. “I will tell you this, Frodo has returned from across the sea and he will be here by early afternoon!”

Legolas’ face brightened with excitement, as he looked up he started smiling! “The news has made my day!” Legolas said smiling! “Thank you, Milady.” And with that he kissed her on the cheek, and walked away!

* * *

“Legolas, is that you?”

Legolas turned around, it was Frodo! He had come back.

“Frodo, you came, the Lady told me of your return just the night before!” Legolas walked over to Frodo swiftly, and bent over and gave him a huge hug! “How are you, how was it the Gray Havens? What was it like!”

“I’ll tell you after you tell me of what you have been up to in the passed years!” Frodo said.

Then they both walked from Legolas’ Room, up in the trees, and down to the courtyard, where they had some pieces of waybread, and red wine!

Frodo told Legolas all about the Gray Havens, and what it looked like. And Legolas told him about his adventures before he came to Lorien, and told him of what he said to The Lady!

“It’s getting dark, think we should turn in for the night Legolas?” asked Frodo, Rubbing his eyes!

“Yes, I am a bit tired myself.” Said Legolas. “Goodnight my little friend–till the morning!”

“Till the morning, my elf friend!”

Then they walked away in separate directions, and towards their own rooms!

When Legolas was walking up that stairs, he said to himself, “For now I am cured of my loneliness, except, I want to be loved!”


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