Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf and the balan – Final Chapter

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They reached Gimli’s room Legolas went in and had a look at the wound. “Aragorn you must get a plant from in the Forrest called entina hurry” ordered Legolas. Aragorn realizing the seriousness in Legolas’s voice set out strait away. “So what’s wrong with him?” asked Gandalf who had been waiting for them in the room. “The sword that cut him had poison on it an elvish poison and it can be healed.” Legolas answered. “How?” asked Sam as Merry walked through the door? “With that plant it will be able to dissolve the poison in his skin” answered Legolas. “What’s going on?” asked Merry. Pippin took him to the side and told him all of the things Legolas had told him and what was wrong with Gimli. Then Aragorn came back and gave Legolas the entina he had picked. Legolas tore it up into very thin strips and laid them across the wound Legolas laid his shirt back down and stood up and walked away. “I have never seen him like this before he usually quite happy” said Pippin. “There is something I have to ask him” said Aragorn and went to get Legolas. He found him walking to the front door. “Wait” Aragorn called as he was opening the door. Legolas turned and saw Aragorn so he stopped when Aragorn caught up it?” to him he went outside and Aragorn followed him. “I have a question I have wanted to ask you,” said Aragorn. “What is asked Legolas. “Why did you not kill him when you had the chance” he asked Legolas looked slightly shocked. “How did you know?” he asked. Aragorn smiled “Merry told me. He said. Legolas sighed “I only fight fair he was at my mercy and if I had killed him I could take no pride I that so I will fight him when he is on his feet and has as much chance as me of winning” he answered and Aragorn now understood and felt suddenly an enormous amount of respect towards Legolas. Then he noticed Legolas draw his sword “what are you doing?” he asked. “I can feel his presence,” he said. Then turning to Aragorn “run leave I do not want you hurt as well” he told him. “I will stay by your side,” he said drawing his sword. Legolas knew that Aragorn had made up his mind and not even he could sway him. Then they saw him come from the forrest. “Hello again” he said in his usual menacing tone “and hello again to you” he said to Argon. “I must say King that your skills were impressive but they will not get far now,” he said in a threatening tone. To Aragorn’s surprise Legolas’s eyes were the same no flame had appeared. Terran had his sword in hand. “No helpers” said Terran pointing at Aragorn. Legolas turned to him “go this is my battle” he said. So Aragorn sheathed his sword and walked away but stopped at the doors because Gandalf and the hobbits came out and saw Legolas and Terran facing each other. Gandalf started toward Legolas but Aragorn stopped him. “Let him be” he said and Gandalf stepped back.

Terran was wasting no time he swung for Legolas’s head but he dodged it and went for Terran’s throat. Terran raised his sword to block Legolas and pushed the elven king back. Terran went for his arm and managed to cut his shoulder. Legolas took the opportunity as Terran raised his arms to strike again and he sliced his chest deeply. Terran dropped his sword and grabbed his chest. Legolas picked up Terran’s sword and held it to his throat. “Are you going to do the same thing your father did?” said Terran looking into Legolas’s eyes. “Show a weakness”. Legolas showed no sign of killing Terran. “The only weakness my father ever showed” said Legolas his voice calm “was pity and he paid for showing mercy on you”. “And do you have the same weakness?” asked Terran showing no sign of fear. “Yes” answered Legolas. “So I will not impale you upon my sword” he said throwing down his sword. Gandalf, Aragorn and the hobbits could not believe what Legolas had just done. “You are weak,” said Terran. To everyone’s surprise Legolas was smiling. “I have not finished yet,” he said still grinning “I will impale you upon you sword” and with that Legolas skewered Terran with his own blade. There was a look of shock on his face then he fell to the ground.


Aragorn walked over to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled into the face of the elf. Legolas put his hand on Aragorns shoulder. Then Terran disappeared in a cloud of black smoke, which drifted into the Forrest. The hobbits and Gandalf rushed over to Legolas. “I really thought you going to let him go” said Merry. “Me to” agreed Pippin. Legolas looked down at the hobbits “mercy only comes to those who have accepted it” he said. “Now he’s talking in riddles like Gandalf” said Sam. They all laughed and went inside.


Legolas was sad to see Aragorn and Gandalf leave but the hobbits planned on a long visit. Pippin wanted to learn more about elves of Mirkwood as did Sam. Frodo and Merry had been begging Legolas to teach them archery. He had defeated Terran without any of Mirkwood knowing that he had come back he was now truly the king he wanted to be.



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