Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf and the balan – Chapter 5

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After Aragorn was bandaged by Gandalf Legolas went back to his chamber alone. He sat on his throne and sighed. Then he heard a voice a cold chilling voice that sent chills down the elven king’s spine. It said, “so you are quite the fighter”.

Legolas recognized the voice straight away. “Terran did I not tell you that you were not welcome here?”

“I thought you were joking,” he said innocently. But Legolas was in no mood for his games.

“What do you want?” he asked wishing that Terran would just leave.

“I just thought that my orcs would let me see your skills so I knew what I was up against” he said.

“Your orcs?” said Legolas eyes lit with flame again.

“Yes I guess they just wanted a new leader,” Terran said with a hint of cheekiness in his voice.

“Your orcs harmed one of my friends,” said Legolas trying to keep calm it was one thing to harm him but it was quite another to harm his friends.

“Oh I am sorry,” Terran said sarcastically. Just then Aragorn and the others came through the door and saw Terran. Gandalf looked at Legolas his fair face was filled with rage. Gandalf ran over to Legolas to calm him down. Meanwhile Terran was simply delighted to have more people around. “I do not believe we have met” Terran said to Gimli.

“Gimli do not talk to him,” said Aragorn. So Gimli said nothing.

“Another silent one” said Terran disappointed. He turned back to Legolas.

“I do have my work cut out for me after seeing your skills” he said. Then disappeared again. Aragorn and Gimli ran over to Legolas. Gandalf was still trying to calm him down. “Legolas in all the time I have known you I have not seen you this angry.,” said Aragorn.

“Aragorn, you do not know how Mirkwood elves feel about Terran” said Legoles his voice still filled with anger at the mention of his name.

He took a deep breath and said “I am sorry but I must leave and calm myself.” and with that he left.

“I have never seen him like this” said Gimli worried about his friend.

“Should we go find him?” asked Aragorn

“No he needs his space” answered Gandalf


That night Legolas was not at dinner. “I wander where he could be,” said Gandalf. So after dinner they set out to find Legolas. They had searched all through the castle and the grounds but they could not find Legolas. “The last place is the Forrest,” said Aragorn. As they were heading out of the Forrest Gandalf heard a fair and gentle voice nearby. “I can hear someone” he said. They stopped and listened “I can hear it,” said Aragorn.

“So can I,” added Gimli

“Where is it comming from?” asked Aragorn.Gandalf stood silent and listened. And said “its comming from up there” pointing up at a huge tree.

“I can’t climb that, “said Gimli

“I will, “said Aragorn knowing that Gandalf could not either.

He grabbed the lowest branch and made his way up. When he reached the top he found Legolas sitting singing quietly to himself. His knees were resting on his chest and his chin upon his knees.

“Hello” said Aragorn.

Legolas looked at him and simply said, “You found me.”

“I was not aware you were hiding,” said Aragorn, wondering why his friend was by himself.

“Not hiding,” Legolas said. “Thinking”

“About what?” asked Aragorn sitting beside his friend.

“About how Mirkwood’s fate rests in my hands and that if I fail all that my fathers made will turn to ruins.”

Aragorn looked at his friend’s fair face it was laden with worries and confusion. “Will you come down? Gandalf and Gimli are very worried about you?” asked Aragorn hoping that he would.

Legolas nodded and got lightly to his feet. He climbed down with amazing skill. Then Aragorn came down.

Gandalf and Gimli were happy to see Legolas. “Why were you up there by yourself?” asked Gandalf

“I had some thinking to do “answered Legolas.


Suddenly the ground shook madly birds flew from uprooted trees. Then a blinding light shone from the ground and a black ball rose from the ground. “The balan,” Legolas said to himself. The ball broke in half and an elf came out. He was tall slender dark and his eyes were glowing red. Aragorn, Gandalf and Gimli were amazed at what was before them. Legolas however was not. He had braced himself.


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