Legolas and Aragorn’s Nightmare come true – – could one of their most dangerous enemies have returned?

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Chapter 1.
You Have Got To Be Kidding!

There was no sound in the great forest of Mirkwood. There was no breeze that made the leaves on trees rustle. There were no elves singing their calming songs. In fact there were no elves in sight at all. In a room surrounded entirely by windows, a fair faced elven prince was just waking up. Legolas blinked several times as his bedroom swam in and out of focus. He sat up on his bed and put his face in his hands. He struggled to remember why he had been laying unconscious on his bed. Suddenly images flashed past his eyes. He saw his wife, Lessian being carried away by a tall man with a long black coat and black hair, he could see himself fighting, but was defeated by a single blow. Legolas suddenly jumped up and looked out one of the many windows in his bedroom. Not a single thing moved. He put on his belt, sheath with his sword and tunic and ran down the stairs of his palace. He stopped as he saw a still figure lying at the bottom of the stairs. He rolled the body over and Aragorn’s rugged face looked towards the vine covered ceiling.
“Wake Aragorn Wake!” Legolas yelled shaking Aragorn. Like Legolas, Aragorn took a while to come around.
“Where am I?” he asked as he finally opened his eyes properly.
“In my castle Aragron, Arwen and Lessian are both gone,” Legolas said standing up. Aragorn’s eyes opened wide with fear and surprise. He quickly stood up and stared into Legolas’s eyes, as though he was hoping he would tell him that he was in a dream.
“Where are they, who has them, what happened?” Aragorn asked all at once.
“I do not remember I was unconscious when I finally woke” Legolas was clearly just as terrified as Aragorn.
“Do you remember anything?” Aragorn asked.
“Yes I remember seeing Lessian carried away by a tall man with black hair and wearing a long black coat,” Legolas explained. Aragorn’s eyes suddenly opened very wide.
“What?” Legolas asked realizing that Aragorn must have remembered something.
“Who, that we know, has black hair, black clothes and knows of Lessian?” Aragorn asked.
“Only one person that I can think of, but he is dead,” before Legolas could dismiss this suspect any further.
“Have we not killed this man before?” Aragorn but in.
“You cannot possibly think that it is Frantra again,” Legolas said smiling at this proposal.
“There is no other man that knows of Lessian,” Aragorn said trying to convince Legolas of his opinion. Legolas just looked at Aragorn with surprise and kept shaking his head.
“No, I will not believe it,” Legolas refused. Aragorn gave up for the time and suggested that they try to find any clues to where who ever it was had taken their wives and made every elf in Mirkwood disappear.

The cold wind and the whistling breeze flew past as Legolas and Aragorn rode through the forest. They had been riding blind for five hours with no clear sign of where anyone had been. Even Aragorn could not find a trace to follow. They rode in silence when Aragorn suddenly stopped his horse and dismounted. He picked a shining object from the ground and stared at it.
“What is it?” Legolas asked walking up behind Aragorn..
“A pendent from a necklace,” he said handing it to Legolas. Legolas looked blankly at the pendent, then closed his fist around it and put it to his heart.
“What is wrong Legolas?” Aragorn asked seeing a tear roll silently down Legolas’s cheek.
“This is Lessian’s necklace that I gave to her exactly one year after we were married,” Legolas explained.
“That is good my friend, that means we are getting closer,” Aragorn said, confused as to why Legolas looked very worried and afraid.
“I know but look,” Legolas said handing the pendent back to Aragorn. Aragorn looked very closely at the pendent as saw exactly what was worrying Legolas. There was blood on the back of the pendent. Legolas once more placed his sword over the blood and the reflection was blue.


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