Legolas and Antira – Chapter 9 (We must understand)

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“Yes Faramir. I am alright! But now we must tend to the wounded.” Antira said as she tried to get up.

But as she tried, the pain in her stomach got worse and as the pain in her stomach got worse her head ached more than it ever did in her whole life!

“Antira. . .you are a wounded! I will take you up to your bedroom so you can rest.” Faramir finished.

Antira did not hesitate to tell him what she wanted.

“NO! I will not go up to my room! I will try and help even if I die of pain trying to get to the spot where they lay! I love these people and I will not watch them die at my hands!”

So as she got up, she stumbled a bit but as Faramir tried to help her, she pushed him away saying

” I can do this on my own. I am a grown elf and I am not going to give up on my friends. Even if that means I must give my life for theirs.”

When she got over to them, she was just about to fall over when Legolas awoke. She told him to hold his breath and he obeyed. He was not going to fight against someone who knew more about healing than he does!

As he held his breath, she quickly pulled the arrow out of his shoulder and healed him. But when she looked over at Aimuna, she looked as pale and as cold as a mortal could get.

Faramir took her pulse and concluded that she was still alive but if they wanted to save her they must hurry! She was almost dead!

They tried everything that they could do but it did not help.

” She might not live Antira. You understand that don’t you? At least you tried. She cant blame you for that.”

With sympathy in his eyes, Legolas finished his sentence and just sat there quietly waiting to see what she was going to say.

She did not answer for a few minutes when she finally said

” Yes Legolas. I know the consequences of the beating. I know she may die. But for right now…lets just bring her up to my room to rest until we find out what her future may hold ( life or death ).”

As they picked her off the ground, Antira felt tears slide down her face.

“Antira please do not cry. We will do everything in our power to prevent her fate. You know that don’t you? Well we must hurry! If these beatings are to sever, we might not be able to help her.” Faramir finished hurrying her up the stairs to Antira’s room with the other 2 following him as fast as they could get their feet to move.

When they got to Antira’s room, they laid her down on the bed under the covers. They sat down were ever there was a place to sit. 1 hour passed. Then 2 hours. then more and more. Finally after 7 hours of sitting and trying to help Aimuna, she regained consciousness.

She sat up but the bruises were too bad. She fell off the bed when she tried to get up. Legolas rushed over and helped her sit up. Faramir right behind him asking if she needed anything.

Faramir kept her company while Legolas ran out of the room yelling for Antira.

He rushed down to the kitchen to see if she was there. As he flung the door open, she fell to the ground spilling the tray of food that she had prepared for Aimuna.

Legolas bent down and helped her clean up. Luckily the food was not damaged and they brought the tray upstairs.

When they got to her bedroom, Antira put the tray beside Aimuna on the night table when Aimuna weekly opened her eyes and began to talk very slowly.

Aimuna said “Antira, I love you and I know that you are my best friend in the whole world. But, sometimes, you just have to let go and I think that this is my time to let go.”

Antira had tears running down her face. She knew what she was saying. She was saying that she was going to die.

“Aimuna! You cant! You wouldn’t! I wont let it happen! I cant let you go! Its not right! Don’t leave me!” Antira said sobbing.

Legolas and Faramir just watched by the doorway and were filling like they were just about to cry.

“Antira-” Aimuna trailed off as her voice faded and started to cry.

“Aimuna, do not cry. I will be back before you know it.” Antira said with a small laugh as Aimuna smiled a weak smile as they relived one of their most greatest obstacles. Saying goodbye.

“Aimuna, you have served our family well.” Antira said

“I bid you goodbye Antira. You are a great friend. Goodbye.” Aimuna said as her eyes finally closed forever.

Antira now crying into Legolas’ shoulder, thought of all the happy times that she and had had with Aimuna. And as they bided farewell to Faramir that day to rejoin the Fellowship, she felt stronger. But not stronger in the body…..but stronger in the heart for now she knew that Aimuna would never be hurt again.


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